Jeff Flake: AZ Republic admits McCain protégé loses support


Despite 30 % approval rating, Flake’s deceptive actions earn compliments from McCain

In a front page assessment of Jeff Flake’s first year in the U.S. Senate, the daily newspaper is forced to acknowledge that Arizona’s junior senator’s “moderate path over the past 12 months, has enraged his supporters and surprised his critics but also left him in the middle of an uncomfortable crossfire between the right and the left.”

The article, complete with a large photo of the bottle-blonde streaked Flake, pensively holding his chin while a blurred specter of mentor John McCain peers from the background over his left shoulder, hits the mark. Flake’s trademark smirk is gone.

Reporter Dan Nowicki earns an A+ for his forthright review of Flake’s numerous blunders, which Nowicki refers to as Flake’s “less-than-graceful debut in Capitol Hill’s upper chamber.” His low approval ratings are also included in the review.

The Flake/McCain duo recently incurred the ire of Center for Arizona Policy’s President Cathi Herrod over their duplicity in voting  for S. 815 the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), when their pre-election answers to the faith and family-based group’s questionnaire didn’t match the reality of their senate vote. Sen. Dan Coats (R-Indiana) was the single principled member to speak for religious freedom and against the bill.

An end-of-year survey conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research Inc., sharply illustrated Flake has lost favor among Arizona voters — as have McCain and his on-again, off-again chum, Barack Obama.  In the poll of 600 “likely” Arizona voters, well over half — 57 percent disapproved of the job Flake was doing as senator — while only 30 percent approved. McCain fared even worse with 58 percent disapproving of his performance on the job he has held for decades.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, a former 2012 Flake high dollar supporter, did an about-face, as it ran ads criticizing GOP lawmakers who opposed using the appropriations process to cut funding for Obamacare.  Flake was hammered in the worst possible way — by being compared to McCain. (Watch the linked ad.)

Flake fell from grace in the eyes of a mammoth, nationally respected, conservative organization, Family Research Council.  In 2010 the group called Flake’s vote to pass Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,  ahuge disappointment,”* noting Flake’s “weakness” in being swayed from the GOP and voting “aye” on the stand-alone repeal. Chastisement this strong from a group that previously touted “celebrating Jeff’s 100% record on our last scorecard,” is not insignificant.

Last April, we exposed Jeff Flake as Sen. Vacillator for his unconscionable waffling on universal background checks. The Arizona Republic called him a “coward” for his change of heart.

It’s happened before, as we pointed out inOops — Jeff Flake’s crown slips as he sinks to mere McPolitician,” when, as an unwavering amnesty-supporting congressman, Flake did an about-face to win conservative votes for the senate seat he so blatantly coveted. At the time, editorialist Doug MacEachern called Flake’s change of heart on legalizing millions of illegal aliens “jarring.”  Imagine our surprise as the Republic declared the vacillating Flake to be a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman” — for emulating John McCain’s border fickleness during his own 2010 senatorial campaign.

Arizona’s two coreless senators will do or say whatever it takes to stay in Washington, D.C.  They represent nothing else….certainly not Arizona voters.  Seeing Red AZ has dedicated a category to each of them. One is called McStench and the other Jeff the Flake. As you scroll through, you’ll notice the articles often overlap, as do the two men.

Add another disappointment. During Jeff Flake’s 2012 senate race, the Family Research Council removed its harsh criticism of him.


15 Responses to Jeff Flake: AZ Republic admits McCain protégé loses support

  1. goodyearconservative says:

    I’ll admit Jeff Flake did some bad things in the house (advocating for Amnesty, repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell). But he did a lot of things to, he voted to replace the Paul Ryan budget (which balances in 40 years) with the RSC budget (which balances in 10 years) he’s also voted for a lot of tax cuts and some really good spending cuts. Freedom Works has given him a 100% grade every year while he was in the house, now he’s down at 85%.

    However when he got to the Senate, he started to turn into John McCain jr. I mean look at the Jeff’s senate record he voted for gun control, the pork filled amnesty bill (even though Flake and McCain claim they are against Washington pork) to send weapons to Egypt (which they could use to hurt Israel) oh and he’s also voted for the Ryan/Murray budget which replaces the spending cuts we fought so hard for with job killing tax increases and makes cuts to vets benefits.


    • Delilah says:

      Flake was always being groomed by McLiar and McKyl. I do not understand why you would say he did some good things, he betrayed each and every one of us with his “Strive Act”, and now with his membership in “The Gang of Eight”, please try and remember that at the polls.

  2. Tomfoolery says:

    Of course McCain approves of the job Jeff Flake is doing. They are both doing the same “job”…. on us! These two deceivers lie in tandem.

    In large part I blame the election of Barack Obama on the fact that the Republican Party fielded such a miserable old fraud as John McCain as a challenger. It was a redo of the Dole presidential race against Clinton. Too old for the presidency, both Dole (then 73) and McCain (then 72) thought it was their due. They were both wrong! The American people have suffered for their vanity.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Like his McMentor, “Jeff the Flake” has become adept at trickery. He grins like an idiot while sticking a knife in our backs, doing exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on. Club for Growth still adores him since they are supportive of amnesty and Flake was integral to McCain‘s alignment with the Gang of Eight Dems on the pro-legalization of illegal aliens. Watch them. They are still hard at work on this huge effort. Now even teary Speaker John Boehner is onboard. He’s hired McCain’s longtime illegal immigration strategist as an advisor!!

    What Club for Growth did to conservative Wil Cardon was unconscionable, but they knew Flake would support their Chamber of Commerce backed scheme to bring in millions of low wage illegals to compete with jobless Americans. Flake should be ashamed, but like McCain and Kyl before him, his arrogance takes precedence. I know what a snake Flake is. He represented what was then CD 6 (where I live) when he was in the US House.

    The bad news is six year senate terms give mostly disinterested voters a long time to forget the deception. Keep up the good work exposing the flagrant dishonesty., SRAZ!

  4. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    We explained Mr. Flake’s positions and voting record in the Campaign in 2012, however he continued to be untruthful with the public and the party and press went along with him. This is a result of Lessor of Two Evils Kool Aid dispersed during the Primary and not allowing candidates equal time on air and that’s how we get these guys. If the GOP doesn’t begin to Re Elect None Of Them who betray us with votes and legislation but give us spin while running then no wonder many of the young I’ve spoken to at some College Campuses don’t believe US in the GOP. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Although you had an insignificant base of support, your entry into the US Senate race was beyond destructive and vapidly foolish. Neither you nor Jimmie Lee Deakin had the slightest hope of winning. Neither of you could generate the funding or support necessary to mount a formidable challenge, yet your entries negatively impacted the candidacy of conservative former Congressman JD Hayworth. Local Tea Party supporters don’t contribute, and money is needed to wage an effective campaign. Air time and mailers cost money. I was and remain extremely disgusted with such ego based attempts that undermine those who have worthy credentials.

  5. Collene Canter says:

    Please quit doing the work FOR the Dems. Anymore of the mudslinging and you will alienate the far righters ( like me) to not even want to listen to your diatribes about our own party. Please stop and listen to yourselves and take up your disagreements w. Our re pubs. By just joining the dems! If you don ‘t you will alienate me. Believe me you cannot get the PURFECT candidate and some of what the rhinos are doing irks me too but we need Mano y Mano constructive criticism I our Repub. Party. And you can remove my name from you list. May God bless you and lead us all to holiness.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:


      We advise you to visit our “About” page, in which we make clear that our name “Seeing Red AZ” is derived first and foremost from Arizona’s unique scenic beauty. It also refers to our reactions to the sometimes unfathomable way we are dismissed by our elected officials. Topping each page are the words “Conservative political views from a red state.”

      Conservatives who are deceptively made to think they are supporting other conservatives only to realize they were being conned by left leaning Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) in our own party, have every right — actually an obligation — to express dissatisfaction. Many of us have worked diligently within the Republican Party framework for years only to be given a footprint on our rears after elections take place. The future of this great country matters to us and we want to ensure liberty to those who follow us.

      Open your eyes. Speaking up is not “mudslinging.” It is a show of force. If you can’t recognize that basic concept, you’re fooling yourself and asking for more of the same. Politics is a rough and tumble exercise, but we all need to be alert and raise our voices when we’re being deceived. Silence is submission. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.”

      Finally, we can’t remove your name from our list, since no list exists. You must have signed up to ”follow” our posts. This contains information you can use to “unfollow.”

      • Harris Shirley says:

        Collene, there are Conservatives and Progressives, not much else I’m afraid. Any elected Republican who violates the Party Platform of what it means to be a Republican is simply a “Progressive Republican” (for example, Juan McCain). Progressives seek cradle to the grave government; Conservatives favor the values of John Galt.

    • Army of One says:

      You’re very naïve if you think this site or any of us here are doing the work of the democrats. Exposing liberals within our ranks is akin to exposing traitors. Infiltrators are sent in to disrupt, create disorder and cause harm. They are removed to allow orderly function and honesty to prevail. You need to take your Teddy Bear and get into your crib. It’s way past your bedtime.

  6. Delilah says:

    Thank you Dennis for telling Clair what he needs to be told. He is again trying to pass himself off as a winning candidate, there is no day in hell he is going to win any thing. Instead of his ego getting in the way of a Conservative who could possible win and using his radio program to lend support he takes votes away and muddies the water.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      Clair is an annoying knat that distracts and siphons off votes from real candidates. For Clair its all about his ego.

  7. Night Owl says:

    Thanks for exposing the real Jeff Flake. He needs to be a one termer. McCain and Kyl pulled every trick in the book to get this lightweight elected because he is one of them. They are all liberals running as Republicans. I won’t be deceived any longer. They support democrat issues and call their efforts “bi-partisan.” They vote to confirm far left Obama appointees to various government posts and federal judgeships. We would get exactly the same from any democrat. What’s to be gained by keeping this status quo?

    Who do we have who would be a strong conservative challenger to the Flake? Such a person could generate a lot of support. Flake’s polling numbers are in the toilet.

    • Jay Pelton says:

      I am glad to see so many other conservatives express the same feelings I have about Flake. He is a disappointment.

  8. Jackhammer1941 says:

    How is it we keep getting saddled with these fake republicans? I know I’m not going to agree 100% with anyone including my wife but where are the real US Senator’s who represent Arizona? fake and stain don’t even come close!