Lindsey Graham stung as censures of RINOs sweep GOP

Rebukes of Republican renegades gaining momentum

 A week ago today we reported on the passage of a resolution censuring Sen. John McCain  presented at the annual mandatory meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. It was overwhelmingly approved — 1,150 in support with only 351 opposed —  by the elected precinct committeemen (representing the county seat of Phoenix, and including numerous surrounding cities.

It turns out we were not alone.

Thursday night, the Pickens County, South Carolina GOP publicly rebuked Senator Lindsey Graham by passing a 30-point censure resolution. This makes Pickens County GOP the 7th Republican group that has passed similar resolutions so far in South Carolina.

 The censure resolution, which passed by 78%, cites 30 examples of Graham violating the Republican Party platform. The censure states: “Lindsey Graham has committed a long series of actions that we strongly disapprove of and hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”

Pickens County GOP Chairman, Phillip Bowers told’s Joshua Cook, “I have yet to talk to a single person who believes that an elected office is a life time job … we need to change them out, like diapers, they need to be changed from time to time.”

“… I can tell from the mood that the people were glad that we were taking a stand for our platform. The local representatives in the state house and the federal officers just trample on our platform. If they don’t agree with our platform … they shouldn’t run on our Republican platform and habitually ignore it. Is it really ethical to run as a Republican in PickensCounty, but then go to Columbia and consistently vote with Democrats? And you can look at their records. We have representatives at home that say they are Republicans, and go across the river down there and vote the other way.”

“We are going to have to start standing up and tell elected officials you’re either with us or you’re not – we need to clean it up,” he added.

 Read the rest of the article on Graham Support Crumbles: Pickens County is the 7th Republican Party to Censure Lindsey Graham

Listen to the interviewsafter John McCain’s shadow Lindsey Graham was censured. Graham was held accountable for his voting record and going against the Republican Platform.

The Pickens County Resolution to Censure Sen. Lindsey Graham can be read in its entirety here.

*Audio courtesy of the Greenville Post.


17 Responses to Lindsey Graham stung as censures of RINOs sweep GOP

  1. Seen It All says:

    Good to see that South Carolinians are getting as fed up with their weasel as we are with ours. John McCain is the subject of an overwhelming censure here in Arizona. We need to do the same to his sycophantic liberal liar Jeff Flake, who reverted back to his long held amnesty position after taking a breather from his actual stance just to get elected. Then he immediately joined McCain and Graham and a group of Democrats on the Gang of Eight, where they all pushed amnesty for our invading hordes of illegal aliens.

    • ZOO says:

      I think the remaining Arizona counties need to finish the job on McCain first. Yuma apparently will not be joining the growing list. Yuma County Republican chairman Jonathan Lines believes McCain and local disgruntled officials should have a chat.

      “…The best way to handle differences is by reaching out to the person, he said. If someone has issues with a politician, he suggests contacting the person directly…”

      Pure buffoonery! McCain has been well beyond reproach for over a decade, is despised by most of America, and this jerk thinks he can be talked down???

      • American Dad says:

        Thanks for the Yuma Sun link, ZOO.
        Yuma County Republican Chairman Jonathan Lines is a fool. His county has the highest unemployment in the nation, thanks in large part to the huge influx of illegals coming over his county’s border with Mexico. The idea of “reaching out” to McCain to address concerns is nothing short of lunacy. He repeatedly insults those who dare question him, even calling one person at a meeting a “Jerk.“ McCain and Flake recently held a CLOSED “Townhall” meeting, with only their own supporters present. We have no representation from these frauds.

        On the Yuma County Republicans Welcome Page Jonathan Lines states “the primary goal of the Yuma County Republican Central Committee is to elect Republicans to office.” Does he mean anyone who decides to put an “R” after their name or actual Republicans who adhere to the Party Platform?
        Read his mindless comment here:

      • Orion says:

        Throughout 2013 Yuma’s unemployment rate was between a staggering 32 percent and 33.2 percent! New Department of Labor chief Thomas Perez, the far leftist who waged war on Joe Arpaio from the Department of Justice before this Department of Labor appointment is jimmying the numbers more than this predecessor Hilda Solis did They have now “dropped “to 28.2 percent!

        These numbers represent mostly uneducated illegals who are accessing social services while sitting in their casitas eating free carne y queso and frijoles we the taxpayers provide.

        No, Mr. Lines. I will not take your advice and try to engage McCain or Flake. You need to wise up. They don’t want any part of us, or YOU either, for that matter. Regardless of your grand vision of yourself, you are nothing more than a low level bothersome gnat they are happy to swat.

  2. Doc says:

    All these censures are Great…but if Americans would just get a BASIC working knowledge of our CONSTITUTION, we’d never have to have ’em ‘cuz we woulda’ NEVER elected these liars & hypocrites in th’ FIRST PLACE…
    …just sayin’…

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    Here are McCain and his toady Graham advocating (in tandem with Obama, of course) on behalf of US support of Syrian rebels: Not a single drop of American blood should be shed for these Arab terrorists…on either side. Let these fanatical Muslims kill themselves off!

    Now watch as Fox News exposes the fact that the Syrian Rebels McCain and Graham want to aid have joined forces with Al Qaeda

  4. Maggie says:

    John McAmnesty, Lindsey McGrahamnesty and Jeff McFlake are all more supportive of legalizing criminal aliens than they are of American citizens. Can anyone tell me what the motive is for legitimatising people who have broken our laws and sucked us dry through accessing benefits they don’t deserve, while abusing our charitable system? Why should they be given work status permits and driver’s licenses to get to jobs that unemployed American citizens are being undercut on? Meanwhile Joe Arpaio is being hamstrung by the Obama administration in enforcing the law that is intended to protect Americans NOT illegals. Arizona’s food stamp requests (now renamed the Nutrition Assistance Program) are TWICE the national average, and illegals are the reason. And guess what? When signing up for benefits at the DES office, applicants can conveniently register to vote. It’s one stop shopping intended to turn Arizona into a Democrat haven.

    Thank you RINOS John McAwful and Flaky Jeff.
    The fact that these men are AZ’s US Senators turns my stomach!

  5. East Valley PC says:

    This same Swann blog has this earlier article detailing how a crowd of “over 200 Republican leaders” erupted in thunderous applause when initally presented with the resolution to replace Lindsey Graham:

    Bravo!! These actions against McCain and Graham need to be duplicated across the United States, but most importantly AT THE BALLOT BOX!!

  6. […] Lindsey Graham stung as censures of RINOs sweep GOP […]

  7. Teller of Truth says:

    During this interview,Republican Congressman Justin Amash (Michigan) says “John McCain and Lindsey Graham are increasingly on the fringe of the Republican party.” Obviously he’s not alone in his thoughts.

  8. Kent says:

    Graham has a $6 million campaign war chest. It’s a sure bet none of these challengers come close. Plus, there are too many of them, pretty much insuring Graham is reelected. I hope not, but I remain a realist. Remember it was McCain’s millions that beat conservative JD Hayworth, not the creep McCain.

  9. Wm T Sparky Smith says:

    Go to the website Tenn center for Self Governance

  10. Gary D. says:

    Nancy Mace for Senate
    Dear Friends,

    Lindsey Graham would love to make you forget. He wants to make you forget the frequency with which he sides with the progressive left. He wants to make you forget the numerous times that he betrayed his oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution and, instead, voted for big government and against your freedom. You can tell him that you remember his betrayal and send that message loud and clear by helping me defeat him in the primary. Can you spare $10 to help send Lindsey Graham home for good?

    I am running for the United States Senate to replace Lindsey Graham and put other career politicians on notice that we are ready to reclaim our government from elitists in DC who believe they know better than we do. I am not going to Washington to join the gang. I am going to Washington to stand up for the people of South Carolina, even when it means standing against the special interests and other big government Republicans.

    If you agree that our country and our freedom are worth saving, join the fight today by donating $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $2600!

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    South Carolina and Alabama are working hard to keep their state Republican Parties Republican. AZ Republicans should take a clue from their great & patriotic efforts regarding our own state McGOP.

    In San Luis, a small AZ border town very near to Mr. Lines’ Yuma, the legacy of McAmnesty/McFlake/McGrahamnesty will live on. The US Postal Service had to use tax dollars to erect modular buildings to house all of the PO boxes being rented by Mexican citizens living in Mexico. The boxes were necessary to provide American addresses for the welfare checks, social security checks, SNAP payments, voter registration cards and driver licenses and ID cards that are provided to these foreigners. This is only one little ol’ town along a long open border. Who do the feds work for?

    When was the last time that any one of the AZ4 called for an audit of SNAP, social security, AZ voter rolls, free cell phone service recipients, school registration lists – or anything? Funny, if they’re not posing for pictures or “praying” with illegal aliens, you just don’t hear from them.

    Good job, South Carolina. Good job, AZ counties that still have Republican boards.

    God bless America.

  12. Carol Fryer says:

    What gives me a double take is the fact that Congress conservatives are keeping someone like Boehner in the House leadership position and yet they censure these two? Is this a joke and all for looks? You know they arent serious and we werent born yesterday.

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