John McCain: Unfavorite son censured by home state GOP

We’re “mad as Hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore” — Peter Finch in the classic film “Network”

Saturday was another bleak day for Sen. John McCain, as he was again the object of growing internal Republican fury exhibited in the overwhelming voice vote in favor of censuring the longtime politician for a litany of grievances, including a “record [which] has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States.”  He has been in Washington since 1982.

From the onset the air was thick with anticipation as the specter of John McCain dominated the annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party — as yet another resolution to censure him grabbed the attention of the 1,210 state committeemen, who were called to elect Party officers* and consider a group of resolutions. The statewide total of elected state committeemen is 1,688.

Most Arizona GOP grassroots activists only know the haughty McCain as an image on their flat screen, since he is disinterested in attending gatherings over which he has no control. Junior Sen. Jeff Flake was also noticably absent.  Other state elected officers including the Republican Governor, Attorney General, U.S. Representatives, AZ House and Senate leaders, GOP intra-party leaders and popular Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio  appreciate the meetings as an opportunity to engage with the committeemen — who are the only party officials directly elected by Republican voters. 

Just two weeks ago today, Maricopa County Republican elected precinct committeemen gathered in Phoenix and voted to censure John McCain. That resolution, expressing deep dissatisfaction with Arizona’s senior senator passed overwhelmingly — 1,150 in support with only 351 opposed.

State committeemen are elected from among precinct committeemen within legislative districts statewide. Their names initially appear on primary election ballots.

Supporters of the resolution had to collect 200 signatures of state committee members before the resolution could be debated or voted on today as they bypassed the usual procedure required for resolutions to be heard.

Members of the Santa Cruz County Republican Committee recently voted to censure Sen. John McCain. They joined Maricopa, Apache, Cochise, Gila, and Mohave counties — all of which have passed Censure Resolutions.

Similar action has been taken by Republicans in South Carolina against Sen. Lindsey Graham, John McCain’s longtime doppelganger.  That censure resolution, which passed by 78%, cites 30 examples of Graham violating the Republican Party platform.

This film clip from the Hollywood classic “Network” describes the frustration of Arizona Republicans. Peter Finch won a posthumous Academy Award for his performance portraying television anchorman Howard Beale who had also had his fill.

*In the staggered term elections, former AZ Senate President Russell Pearce was easily reelected as First Vice Chair of the State Party. Second Vice Chair is Parralee Schneider. Assistant Secretary is Deborrah Miller and Assistant Treasurer is John Stevens. Alberto Gutier won reelection as Sergeant-At-Arms by 100 votes after an endorsement by Sheriff Arpaio.


19 Responses to John McCain: Unfavorite son censured by home state GOP

  1. Maggie says:

    Love the video, since I’m also as mad as hell to have McJerk representing our great state.

  2. ZOO says:

    It’s a few censures late, but some of the credit here must go to Seeing Red AZ. SRAZ has been relentless in their ongoing reporting of McCain’s escapades for as many posts as most of us can remember. The reports have been fact-based and absent of mainstream media doubletalk and cover up, something readers can find nowhere else. How ironic that just a few weeks ago SRAZ was criticized for ‘repetition’ in its reporting on McCain. Undying perseverance has moved a mountain.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks ZOO.
      Yes, we have been relentless in exposing the façade that houses the liberal McCain. But it is the voters who have the ultimate voice. Let’s hope they boot this poor excuse for a Republican out if he chooses to run again. An unceremonious ouster would be a fitting icing on his retirement cake.

      You’re right, our pursuit of McCain was part of a wagonload of criticism thrown our way by a former and prolific commenter, who appeared angered by not being able to take over this site. It was with mixed emotion that we ultimately removed that person since many points were well researched and logically presented. It was the accelerating level of volatility, not our differing opinions, that caused the termination.

      We move on.

  3. Orion says:

    What I’d like to know is how this universally detested and arrogant man keeps winning elections. It’s infuriating! I moved here from California to get as far away from liberals as possible. McCain is not what I was hoping for. I knew the name but not his staggering level of dishonesty and bunking with the far left enemies, both nationally and globally. The extreme summers I can take. McCain’s lack of respect for his constituents and ease of lying to us is far more difficult to handle.

  4. theprecinctproject says:

    Watch the video of the debate here:

    Here’s a link to the AP coverage:

    Thank you.

  5. Bobbie Watts says:

    Let us not forget,John McCain helped a lot in bringing the F-35 to Luke. DoD is proposing the closure of all US Commissaries where most active duty members shop. this is a much appreciated benefit for our enlisted. John McCain is the man to stop this. Censure makes the Tea Party feel good, but it hurts the men and women of the Military which John McCain fully supports.

    • East Valley PC says:

      “Censure makes the Tea Party feel good?”
      I’ve never been to a Tea party meeting in my life, but I can’t stand the lying hypocrite McCain. You are obviously unaware that the people who voted today as well as those who voted for censure at the Maricopa County meeting are elected precinct committeemen and women who are active in the REPUBLICAN Party. Some of the large number of REPUBLICANS at the meeting may attend Tea Party meetings but I would venture to say that the overwhelming majority are simply grassroots REPUBLICANS working tirelessly during election cycles to get the vote out and Republican candidate’s information disseminated. We attend monthly REPUBLICAN district meetings and hear from REPUBLICAN elected officials on the issues. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. That puts you in good company with your RINO friend John McCain.

    • Doc says:

      Bobbie- Perhaps you should DO YER HOMEWORK before you type here. ?senator? mcStain just voted to ROYALLY SKREW EVERY SINGLE VETERAN…PERIOD. Yet he touts and RUNS ON… his military service. DO NOT EVEN COME HERE & talk about what mcStain can do for America’s/Arizona’s Service Members. He’s a NATIONAL DISGRACE. As for closing Base Commisaries…everybody here KNOWS what to do. Callin’ mcStain’s office will gitcha’ exactly…doodley-squat…

    • Fought For My Country says:

      Watch this, Bobbie Watts. It tells very clearly how much McCain has “cared” about the military. He’s all for himself!

    • Malaine says:

      We were life long Republicans who moved to Arizona ten years ago. Watching Mc Cain upclose and personal has been a sad awakening to how corrupt he is and we eventually had to remove ourselves from the Republican Party. How could Republicans in Az continue to support John Mc Cain? Censoring him is the best thing that has happened since we moved here. You may get back some old Republican voters if you continue to move in this direction

  6. 1776 says:

    The same resolution won by a wide margin at the Maricopa County meeting two weeks earlier as a ballot issue with a published count of the vote. The question was whether the sentiment state-wide would be stronger, weaker or the same. The state party took a voice vote; I believe to spare the Senator the embarrassment of actual numbers depending on the the outcome. Judging from the sound level of yea vs. nay, with plaster flakes falling from the ceiling on “yea” and nearly audible crickets under the “nay”, the state-wide sentiment eclipses that in McCain’s home county making it evident that most of his dwindling support within the Republican Party resides in Phoenix. Maybe the rest of the state isn’t too happy that he’s completely forgotten that “dang fence.”

  7. Andre Leonard says:

    John has always failed Arizona and the nation. Sad that it has taken this long for his own party to realize he is a RINO.

    At age 78 and with too many years in congress that bore no fruit, John typifies our national obsession with proven non-performers.

    Twice the GOP has offered up John as a presidential contender. Twice John was soundly defeated.

    War mongering and rhetoric will be John’s only legacy. He needs to retire now to begin to enjoy this legacy.

  8. Doc says:

    Sorry…my blood pressure got up there for a minit…ANYWAY…Here’s th’ LAME-EST COVERAGE on this important action by none other than……

    …oh…and SRAZ…just a heads-up: th’ attached clip of “I’M MAD AS HELL…” useta’ be part of th’ opening to mcStain lackey barry young’s morning radio show…is he still on th’ air? By th’ way, I FULLY CONCUR with ZOO on his assessment of your coverage of this abomination of a senator that we’re apparadently STUCK with…YOU ROCK!!!

    • ZOO says:

      “Like father like son” Doc. Here is an equally lame ‘report’ from FOX-owned Phoenix affiliate KSAZ. The MSM is already at work doctoring the event, the reference(s) to “liberal” has metamorphosed into “insufficiently conservative.” No wonder FOX and Daily Kos are engaged to be married.

      What a difference two weeks and some state unity makes. After the MCRC action, Google news source reports spewed and sputtered for a couple of days to a total of 16. Tonight, it’s 89.

      The incalculable damage that McCain (and Flake) has done as amnesty auctioneer seemingly could not be any worse. The real message today was to the AZ4. They had better learn what “no legalization under any circumstances” means……and in spades to Trent Franks.

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    Whoa, “supporter of the military”??? Not McTraitor. The only support he ever voices is in campaign ads, not from the floor of the Senate.

    Today we’ll ignore the reports about McTraitor provided by brave American POWS who managed to survive years of torture in the Hanoi Hilton and other camps and managed to return to US. On second thought, no we won’t. Let’s not forget the disputed military history of Juan “I’m a POW” McNasty. Many POW veterans returned from Vietnam describing how they, while being beaten and tortured, were forced to listen to brainwashing tapes made by McNasty for the NVA.

    After the American surrender, Congress put together a 2-man special commission to investigate the status of POW’s in Vietnam. The commission was Juan ”POW” McNasty and John F’ing Kerry (who served in Viet Nam). [I’m sure you remember John F’ing Kerry as the Naval Reserve officer who wounded his own escape from duty in Vietnam, publicly trashed his fellow soldiers who were still there and fighting, and then reportedly met in Paris with NVA to strategize an American defeat, and is now enshrined as a Friend of the Victory in the Vietnamese War Museum] This two-traitor commission studied and studied, and reported that there was “no credible evidence” that there were any POW’s in Vietnam – and this was AFTER the new Vietnamese gov’t had tried to ransom back our remaining POW’s for $1.5 Billion. “No credible evidence??”

    And then, in years to follow, McNasty attacks the female relatives of POW/MIA’s for seeking answers from his congressional committee.

    In 2000, after McTraitor was spanked in the Republican presidential primary, he slunk back to his wife’s Sedona (AZ) estate to hide and meet with dimocrat AlGore campaign strategists to defeat Bush. In November, when AlGore sued the military to disenfranchise the military absentee votes of deployed soldiers in Florida, McTraitor hid in silence. No support there.

    In 2004, McTraitor met with reps of John F’ing Kerry at the Sedona estate, and volunteered to be Kerry’s running mate. When Kerry sued military absentee voters in November to exclude their votes, McTraitor again hid in silence. McTraitor supports the homosexualization of the American military, military gay pride marches, military drag queen festivals on American bases, persecution and expulsion of military chaplains, court martials of straight American soldiers, and unisex training and uniforms. He supports the cutting of military budgets and pay and veteran benefits, sits silently while obamao unilaterally disarms US, and supports the cutting of the A10 Tank Killer air fleet which real soldiers and veterans are struggling to preserve. No support there, not from Juan McTraitor. And oh by the way, McFlake is a traitor clone.

    The American military, and US, deserve better. God bless our real military heroes. God bless America.

  10. PV PC says:

    I was at the meeting. There was palpable jubilation in the room when the vote was taken. The few McCain supporters point to the fact that the censures have no legal teeth. True. But they sure get the message across! The blogosphere is filled with news of this GOP uprising. The fact is John McCain is NOT a RINO. He’s a liberal Democrat and needs to be exposed as the rat in the GOP pantry.

  11. Doc says:

    Then there’s THIS from th’ Washington Post:

    “McCain spokesman Brian Rogers declined to comment on the censure. But former three-term Sen. Jon Kyl told The Arizona Republic ( ) that the move was “wacky.”

    “I’ve gone to dozens of these meetings and every now and then some wacky resolution gets passed,” Kyl told the newspaper on Saturday. “But most people realize it does not represent the majority of the vast numbers of Republicans.”

    …UNBELIEVABLE that this p.o.s. former ?senator? would even make a comment!!! MISTER Kyl…I believe true Constitutional Conservatives KNOW FOR A FACT who’s “wacky”…(hint…go look in th’ MIRROR, bud…)

    …arrogant, irrelevant slacker….

    …and then there’s THIS FINE COMMENT from AZGOP Spokesperson Tim Sifert:

    The resolution to censure McCain was approved by a voice-vote during a meeting of state committee members in Tempe, state party spokesman Tim Sifert said. It needed signatures from at least 20 percent of state committee members to reach the floor for debate.

    Sifert said no further action was expected.

    -2 comments if you’ll indulge…1-1776 NAILED IT! WHY didn’t they take an ACTUAL VOTE?!?! Saving mcTraitor (Thanks, LEO!) the embarrassment? REALLY??? He surely doesn’t mind embarrassing & making UTTER FOOLS OF ARIZONA CITIZENS AND VETERANS, does he?

    …and 2-EXACTLY WHY won’t their be any further action Mr. Sifert? As an elected PC, I believe that this should be JUST THE START OF THE ACTION(S)! I’ll bet you a COSTCO sized bottle of “Maker’s Mark Whisky” that I’m NOT th’ only Arizonan who feels this way!!! And next up, mcFlake needs th’ SAME TREATMENT!!!

    Conclusion-U.S. Citizens are L-E-A-V-I-N-G th’ Republican Party in DROVES!!! Why? Well because our own party is KILLIN’ OUR COUNTRY! We don’t need th’ dim-0-crap socialists help, (and THEY KNOW IT, TOO!!!) OUR OWN PARTY’S MERRILY DRIVIN’ US DOWN TH’ ROAD TA’ HELL INNA’ HAND-BASKET @ BREAK-NECK SPEED!!

  12. Delilah says:

    You can not make change from the outside. Join the party and take out the Liberals.

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