American educrats teach diversity trumps unity

The concept of America as a “melting pot,” where people of many ethnicities came together as citizens to joyfully celebrate the uniqueness of being proud, assimilated Americans, embracing our remarkable history as their own — is regrettably out of style.  Today, to the detriment of this country, multiculturalism and diversity take center stage.

To a large extent, the far-left education establishment has aided in this destructive trend, teaching relativism, and instilling the idea that no culture is superior to any other when comparing systems of morality, law or politics. The theoretical concept that all cultural beliefs are equally valid and that truth itself is relative, goes hand-in-hand with the implementation of Common Core Standards, which are alive and well and being implemented by the administrators at Fort Collins High School in Colorado.

When the student council at Fort Collins High proposed a day to celebrate the United States during next week’s Winter Spirit Week the students opted for “’Merica Monday“ —- and requested their classmates dress in patriotic colors. Their proposal was promptly dismissed by administrators who deemed “’Merica Day” celebrations offensive to the school’s “international” students.

The Coloradoan newspaper reports that students suggested a compromise in “My Country Monday,” which would allow students to celebrate any country they chose. School administrators originally turned that option down, also, but on Monday agreed it was okay since Principal Mark Eversole ultimately told students he thought it was a good way for students to show pride in their country of origin.

One senior said she thought the school’s decision was hypocritical, given that students celebrate the Mexican cultural holiday of Cinco de Mayo. She also believed prohibition of “’Merica Monday” was an affront to students and their family members who have served in the Armed Forces.

According to this analysis in US News & World Report, Fort Collins High has 30% minority enrollment and over a quarter of the student body are considered to be “economically disadvantaged.”

More to the point, they are “educationally disadvantaged” with this type of contemptible instruction.

Todd Starnes, writing for Fox News, has written an excellent commentary on this topic.

3 Responses to American educrats teach diversity trumps unity

  1. MacBeth says:

    I’m offended by the term “‘Merica Day.” Are these kids so intimidated that they are unable to use the word “America?”

    The motto on the Great Seal of the United States reads, “E Pluribus Unum,” translates to “Out of many, one.” That cohesiveness which inspires pride in the United States of America is also grounded by a unifying language … English!

    Celebrating “diversity” is adverse to what this country is all about.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    This seven-page report in the Coloradoan newspaper reveals that this poor excuse for a Principal, Mark Eversole, did not report sexual abuse cases involving a teacher and numerous students at the school for two long years, purposely hindering the investigation. Why is this sexual abuse enabler still earning a salary in the field of education?

  3. American Dad says:

    So besides being a liberal fool, Mark Eversole also provides protection to sex abusers? What a swell guy. I wonder why the parents didn’t rise up and protest his disgusting inaction as he protected this pedophile?