Amnesty advocates threaten reprisals against GOP

Brassy illegals and their cohorts wage war on Republicans

Reporter Dan Nowicki’s Page One article in the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) carries a headline with the fierce warning, “Migrant activists threaten political payback.”

The “migrants” are actually illegals aliens, led by their radical activist promoters, who make a living in their quest to undermine our country. But Nowicki adheres to the new AP Stylebook standards, which no longer sanction the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or the use of ‘illegal’ to describe a person.”

The two-page report, based on this provocative press release, forewarns of retaliatory actions aimed at unseating Congressional Republicans who have failed to give the gift of amnesty to our nation’s estimated 30 million invaders.

Kudos to Nowicki for his honesty in describing the Campaign for Community Change as “left-leaning,” though “extremist” would have been more accurate.  The following is a quote from Kica Matos, the group’s director of the antagonistically titled “immigrant rights and racial justice” division.

Persuasion only goes so far, and now, with Speaker Boehner casting doubt that he can actually deliver immigration reform, FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement) is switching tactics from persuasion to punishment,” said Kica Matos, director for immigrant rights and racial justice at the left-leaning Campaign for Community Change.

“So, let me just be clear about one thing: From now on, any lawmaker who does not support comprehensive immigration reform should expect relentless and constant confrontations that will escalate until they agree to support immigration reform.”

Matos said the group will target Republicans in their home districts and in the halls of Congress. And the political retribution will even extend to potentially vulnerable House Republicans in swing districts with significant Hispanic populations who already are on the record as backing immigration reform.

“No Republican is safe,” Matos threatened.

This boot-quaker of a warning led to a Google search which turned up a New York Times wedding announcement, revealing that the issuer of intimidation and her husband, both lawyers, met at a Washington D.C. conference of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. And wouldn’t you know — both claim to “share a passion for, and are driven by, a sense of justice.”

That “passion” just doesn’t extend to American citizens, who have every right to expect adherence to the constitutionally enshrined laws of the land and respect for our sovereign nation’s border.

6 Responses to Amnesty advocates threaten reprisals against GOP

  1. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Might I be the first to suggest that concerned and motivated Conservatives launch a “Matos to Mexico” Campaign? We could even take a page out of the “New Alinsky Handbook,” and show up at the Matos’ front door!

    • State Committeeman says:

      Grand Idea, Southwest Cincinnatus!

      Another thought: In reading the press release link I see the names of Republican US Reps who are targeted for challenges. Not one of our AZ Four made the list. I would have felt better if they had. At least I’d know they weren’t sending stealth signals that they’ll cave on this destructive amnesty after the November elections.

      I intend to call their offices today and attempt find out where they stand. I’m getting damned tired of weak responses from staffers. I want answers! I hope others here at SRAZ will join me in calling.

      Our Republican CD’s contact information for Gosar, Franks, Schweikert and Salmon is here:

  2. Fed Up says:

    Let’s remember that THESE are the invaders and the mindset they display toward the USA. Watch this video and commit it to memory. I have seen other illegals and their supporters here in Phoenix trample on a large American flag they laid on the ground at the state capitol. They instructed their young children to walk on it as well. It was a disgusting display by illegals who claim they have the right to be here.

  3. American Patriot says:

    So illegal aliens have had enough of what they call inaction on giving them our country soon enough to suit them and that incites them to challenge congressional Republicans? This should be a loud and clear signal to those squishes in our delegation that caving in to terrorist demands never works.

    We are being terrorized by those who have invaded our homeland and there are those supposedly representing us who want to give them citizenship? They will use other terminology, such as earned citizenship and work permits and tell us it’s not “amnesty,“ but it’s all the same. Now they are doing the dirty job in piecemeal fashion. Bit by bit we are being sold out!

    These Republican congressmen need to be reminded that regardless of whether or not they have the upcoming reelections behind them and feel they can surrender to the threats without retribution from the Americans who put them in office, these newly minted Democrats will NEVER support them. What they will have accomplished is ticking off those of us who previously elected them, PLUS increasing the size of the Democrat Party. Equally as egregious is they are legitimizing competition for fewer jobs that should go to our own citizens.

  4. Doc says:

    “No Republican is safe,” Matos threatened….RREEAALLYY? How about if America enforces immigration laws, & NO ILLEGAL ALIEN IS SAFE from th’ BOOT BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    It’ll be quiet up there in the Valley for sure – no protests for the AZ4. It’s no mystery where they hang their sombreros on this one; they endorsed AMNESTY a year ago.

    And then McFranks sprung out of the closet and held “prayer” meetings with illegals camping in his front yard. He apparently had signed on back in the 2007 AMNESTY attempt, but then just never mentioned it again until the campout.

    Nope, no secrets here. No support for AZ or US, and no demonstrations by La Raza people. Just lots & lots of silence. Oh, and no challengers yet for the AZ4.

    God bless America.