New poll: McCain’s 2016 reelection prospects dim

Poll shows dismal outlook for McCain’s reelection in 2016

It’s no secret many Arizona Republicans hold John McCain in disdain. He has been formally censured by elected GOP precinct committeemen at district meetings across the state, in Maricopa, Apache, Cochise, Gila, Mohave and Santa Cruz counties

McCain was further humiliated in the national press as elected state committeemen assembled at the annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party and overwhelmingly voted to censure him. Two weeks earlier, Maricopa County Republican elected precinct committeemen also voted to censure John McCainThat resolution, expressing deep dissatisfaction with Arizona’s senior senator, passed overwhelmingly — by a vote of 1,150 to 351.

Now, substantiating the votes against him by intra-Republican Party elected activists, is this latest Rocky Mountain Poll, of over 700 interviewees, which indicate McCain would likely face a tough race if he were to run for reelection in 2016.

McCain’s numbers in the Behavior Research Center’s Rocky Mountain poll showed his job approval at a dismal 37% rating of ‘Excellent/Good.’  His ‘Fair/Poor/Very Poor’ rating was a stunning 56%.

Junior Sen. Jeff Flake, McCain’s obedient underling, fares not much better among those surveyed. His inability to connect with more knowledgeable voters  — those over 35 — poses a hefty problem. Fifty-six (56) percent of male voters in that category cast Flake’s performance as “fair to very poor.’

About 20 percent of those surveyed rated Flake’s performance “good,” up from a bottom-dragging 17 percent last summer. In fact, last April Flake was found to be the nation’s most unpopular senator by a Public Policy Poll —  grabbing the unenviable label from Mitch McConnell. (Watch Senate Conservatives Fund video under link.)


7 Responses to New poll: McCain’s 2016 reelection prospects dim

  1. State Committeeman says:

    These poll numbers should be exhilarating to viable challengers. I would love to see the cocky McCain run again and be beaten by a conservative challenger. That would be the fitting icing on his RINO political cake.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      I agree!. I’m proud of the fact that Republican elected leaders throughout Arizona have repeatedly voted to censure McCain. I’m doubly proud of the fact that I was one of them!

  2. Pima Pal says:

    Jeff Flake next! He’s John McCain’s younger evil twin. We need to dump him in his next race or it will be increasingly difficult, since he’ll have super heavy, liberal lobbyist funding that will be impossible for a challenger to match. That’s how McCain was able to beat conservative JD Hayworth. As i recall, Hayworth was outspent nearly 10 – 1.

  3. Vince says:

    After the state GOP censured him, McCain sneered that the action would only serve to encourage him to run again. In truth, he never had any other intention. He has nothing else than being an antagonist to motivate him. They’ll haul him out in a box with his fingers still clutching his desk.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    This all may be an exercise in not-so-amusing musing. By 2016, Obamao may have sent Congress home for good, having taken over everything himself. It will be a piece of cake for King Obamao, since the McTwins and the AZ4 and so many of their DC party-partners have obediently fallen in line with him. It doesn’t look like they will ever do anything to try to stop him. They have surrendered their Constitutional authority to him, and ceded their power of the purse. Now they just take up space and make the party circuit, and hand the bills to US.

    …and not a primary challenger in sight.

    God bless America.

  5. kelly says:

    I can’t wait until they both are gone.Thanks to their actions and especially their votes on EUC, I will change my republican status and register as a dem

    • East Valley Voter says:

      True conservatives who are fed up with McCain and Flake don’t register as DimocRATs. They dig in and work against these RINOs. You’re either a fool or a liberal…..which are actually one and the same! One thing for sure, you are no Republican. Neither is your issue of continuing to extend unemployment instead of encouraging people to get up and get a job, or, heaven forbid, jobS. My dad worked two jobs throughout much of my childhood in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. That self reliance seems to be a novel concept today as more and more people want their neighbors to pay for them.