GOP establishment meddles in contested primaries

Boehner emulates Jon Kyl

House Speaker John Boehner is coming to Arizona at the end of the month to support two Republican candidates who have contested primaries. This invitation confirms the details of the high dollar soiree.


Though seen by conservatives as divisive, Boehner is a prominent figure within the establishment wing of the Republican Party. The fact that the Speaker is openly playing favorites before primary voters have had an opportunity to select their nominee is exceedingly troubling.

Boehner’s efforts on behalf of squish union and amnesty supporter Andy Tobin over conservative state Rep. Adam Kwasman in the CD 1 primary isn’t much of a surprise to political observers, though it underscores the chasm within the party. Tobin’s lack of support of key Republican principles by withholding crucial legislation and the misuse of the Republican Victory Fund caused him to be censured by both Maricopa County and Pinal County Republican leadership.

Boehner should stay out of contested primaries and focus his efforts on helping Republicans win their General Elections in Districts 1, 2, and 9. Instead, he emulates the intra-party meddling of former Sen. Jon Kyl, who has even gone so far as to engage in recruitment of a weak challenger to conservative Attorney General Tom Horne.

The time has come to view the endorsements of establishment elites with the suspicion they deserve.

12 Responses to GOP establishment meddles in contested primaries

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    This intrusion is par for the course. McCain and Kyl have said they deplored pre-primary endorsements even as they’ve engaged in them. The best sign that voters are paying attention is the fact their endorsements have meant little. That’s why they concentrate on fundraising. Although he gave lip service to pro-life issues, Kyl hosted fundraisers for liberal, pro-abortion Maine Sen. Susan Collins 3000 miles away from her home state, here in Arizona!! These McRINOs, Boehner included, are frauds.

  2. ZOO says:

    Speaking of chasm, the McEstablishment Republicans are also backing 2012 retread and ‘reform’ concubine Wendy Rogers in CD 9. This deck-stacking ensures an amnesty madre in place – regardless. Silly country clubbers; they’re turning my ballot blue.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      We’re no better off with footballer Andrew Walter, running in Congressional District 9.
      On his “immigration issues” page, he describes his Chinese wife’s family’s route to becoming citizens and doing his best Señor John McAmnesty doubletalk imitation, says this:
      “I favor a step-by-step approach to immigration reform that begins by acknowledging we are a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.
      Any meaningful, responsible reforms must include border security, overhauling and streamlining the legal immigration system, increased access to work visas, and a genuine discussion about the legal status of those who are here. This issue is about people, not politics. It’s time to have an honest debate about immigration reform.”

      I’ve never seen Andrew Walter at any GOP events or even heard his name until he decided to run for congress and I sure don’t buy his vantage point on immigration. I’m the grandson of immigrants who were thrilled to get in line, work hard and take whatever time it took to become English speaking, assimilated American citizens. My thoughts of Andrew Walter’s BS? in a word: Phooey!

      • ZOO says:

        The Rogers’ website drivel is equally revealing:

        “… America is a beacon of freedom and opportunity around the world, and must remain so. We should be a nation where law-abiding people can look to chase the American dream, without waiting a decade or more. But we must be able to control our borders, to protect our sovereignty, to protect our communities, and to defend our nation from those who would do us harm…”

        ‘Speed up legalization, and – oh yeah – secure that danged border.’ Reading between the lines, “law-abiding people” would be defined at those who twerked across the border, but aren’t yet in federal prison. Not even a whisper about inland enforcement.

        Until recent ‘endorsements’ of Rogers I thought Walter was the Mc-candidate, Matt. Maybe the strategic formula is 2 x Mc = CIR. Irrespectively, there’s a green card in the woodpile.

        The unknown ‘nowhere man’ quarterback was obviously coaxed into the fray by some operative cognizant of the Sinema/ASU connection’s true impact. Tempe’s alumni are a dime a dozen, but few would fit the malleable mold with the double-edged appeal of immigrant in-laws and a flair for ‘jock-u-larity.’

        So far it appears “9” McGOPers don’t care if they get the 50 yard line seat, they just want THE vote – when that time resurfaces – again.

    • Fed Up says:

      The message is clear. By aligning with John Boehner both Tobin and McSally are exposing their amnesty bent. Boehner has hired Rebecca Tallent, John McCain’s chief amnesty advisor and director of “immigration policy” to help him navigate the amnesty related death of the GOP. I’m seriously ready to reregister. What’s the point of working my ass off for Republicans who comport themselves as, and most importantly, aid, Democrats in increasing their numbers?

  3. State Committeeman says:

    Meanwhile McCain is raising $$$$ for himself in DC, Phoenix and points in between, in case he “decides” to run for yet another term. I hope he does. No amount of money will reelect that lying old fool. At long last, Republicans are on to him. The sting of statewide censures by Republican party activists were a colossal embarrassment. So now he’s trying to look invincible. His charade no longer plays with us.

    • realist says:

      McShame wants to remain in the senate in case his like-minded friend Hillary is elected POTUS. He’s as sick as the Clintons and their minions.
      I hope you are right and the GOP voters pound that ole fool with the biggest loss in history!

  4. Delilah says:

    McStain wants to retire but have the Congressional delegation beholden to him so he can control the state. He also has two in the Governors race, Christine Jones and Doug Ducey.

  5. Harris Shirley says:

    McShame is making a final play as is his governor Jan Brewer who’s also trying to once again flip our state budget through her proxies Heather Carter and Brophy-McGee. It has been reported that Speaker Tobin lost control of the budget and the “medicaid brigade” once again is attempting to team up with the Democrats to roll Arizona –

  6. Harris Shirley says:

    The ownership of this establishment should get one of his crack reporters down to the Legislature and survey the battlefield.

  7. just me says:

    Don’t forget Trent Franks lending himself and one of his staff members to support the Montgomery, Ducey and Brnovich cabal……

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Good point. Trent has disappointingly sold out to the McCain cabal, even throwing conservatives a curveball on amnesty. I view that as a clear signal he’s angling for the senate seat when McCain retires. Egos being what they are, Trent might have a long white beard when that time comes.

      Let’s hope Arizonans aren’t foolish enough to reelect the state’s senior embarrassment, if the often censured Johnny Mac wants another bite of the apple.