Tobin makes friends in Mexico, forfeits them in CD 1

Viva Tobin!!

The left-of-center Christian Science Monitor tag teams with the even further left Associated Press on this report that does no favors for the candidacy of Andy Tobin, currently in a tough battle to win the CD 1 primary.

Tobin’s disregard of his constituency is reaching epic proportions. He’s so busy making regular expeditions to Mexico that he’s neglecting the very voters he needs to connect with and retain. As an example, Pinal County, with the most Republican voters in CD 1, held its annual county fair this weekend. The other two candidates for the Republican nomination, Rep. Adam Kwasman and Gary Kiehne were there gaining crucial support from voters.

Tobin, arrogantly misjudging the dynamics of this primary, was in Mexico City with a pro-amnesty contingent —- including liberal Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Glenn Hamer, president of the AZ Chamber of Commerce —- connecting with a different constituency at a “binational cocktail party,” according the article in the Monitor. Not only did Tobin personally skip the Pinal County opportunity, but he had no presence whatsoever. No staff. No booth, No table. No literature. He obviously doesn’t think those Pinal County Republicans are worth his time.

But in Mexico he was singing a more congenial tune, trying to distance himself from his vote for SB 1070. “We’re just like you are,” he was quoted as saying. “Mexicans and Arizonans want the same future for their children. We’ll be here a lot more frequently, and we’re here to continue to make friends.”

No wonder Sheriff Joe Arpaio has endorsed Adam Kwasman for Congress.

Since Andy Tobin continues to disregard Congressional District One Republicans, perhaps he’s counting on his new south-of-the-border friends to ensure his election. In the meantime, he’s got establishment elites such as John Boehner fundraising for him, while the other candidates are connecting with the locals.

As he partied through Mexico, Tobin also neglected his legislative duties —- allowing the budget negotiations to fracture in the House last night as the reliable RINO contingent once again joined Democrats to block the Republican budget recently passed by the Senate.

Political watchers are witnessing Tobin unravel at breakneck speed.

5 Responses to Tobin makes friends in Mexico, forfeits them in CD 1

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    After being censured, Tobin is already damaged goods. His lack of leadership abilities were front and centered last night as evidenced by the disarray in the budget negotiations. He has no control over the caucus because those RINOs who bolt to join the Dems are in his camp.

  2. Kent says:

    This makes me seriously wonder what Tobin is thinking, or IF he even does.

    • Slim says:

      My first wonder was, Why does the establishment recommend campaigning in MC? — What do they know?
      — Perhaps they assume the campaign is a given? In that case, this would be more a campaign for the future campaigns, and message to all that citizenship will be given, and that the RNC is finally focusing on the CD1 seat, in a sick sort of way.
      — Perhaps they know that current illegal votes are more valuable than authentic ones, for our district?

  3. ZOO says:

    Another well-constructed look at the inner workings of Arizona Republicrats by SRAZ. If you are in CD1, you should pass this on to family and friends to stop Tobin in his tracks. Tobin in a 3-way with Stanton and Hamer should seal the deal. This is nauseating.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks, ZOO. It’s difficult not to be appalled at the arrogant dismissal of Republican voters and the lack of dedication to the state legislative district job Andy Tobin so valued during the previous campaign season.

      As Speaker, Tobin should have been leading the state GOP caucus, instead of traveling outside the country and making promises to foreign leaders while the our budget was kicked to the curb by traitorous RINOs who joined with the Democrats.

      But in his head, Tobin’s already in D.C., playing on the larger stage and canoodling with amnesty-bent Boehner in the process. He needs a reality check. Primary election early voting begins July 31, 2014. That will be the time to give it to him.