Why Jeb Bush will never be President

Illegal invasion of U.S. given green light by Jeb Bush and his cohorts Flake and Bolick 

Education Week makes no bones about the Scottsdale summit where “deal making” and “money moving through the education market“ featured Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor amorously eyeing a 2016 presidential run, called for more guest worker programs and a path to amnesty for all of the country’s illegal aliens. 

Speaking at the sold-out, three-day event known as “Davos in the Desert at the Phoenician Resort on Monday evening, Bush stuck to his one-note tune that the United States needed “robust guest worker programs” and an expansion of H1-B visas for the high-tech industry,” even though the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers has been outed as a myth. He also disingenuously called for a “tough but fair path to legalized status” for all of the country’s illegal foreign nationals and an end to immigration quotas. 

Breitbart reports that Bush declared that it was not an “American value to have 12-13 million people living in the shadows.”  Count on the fact that no one called Bush out on the shopworn estimate in use for the better part of a decade. Immigration Counters has a number at least twice that figure based on multiple data sources.

This third Bush aspirant has called the illegal invasion “an act of love and actually said the issue “shouldn’t rile people up.”  As if on cue, John McCain’s doppelganger Jeff Flake agreed with Bush, praising him for having “the guts to say it.” 

Even establishment Republicrat Karl Rove, who has taken his losing battle of bashing conservatives on the roadconceded that Jeb Bush was not artful (sly enough) in those remarks. At the conference, which was co-hosted by Arizona State University and GSV Advisors, Bush made no reference to those prior comments, though he has previously defended them.

John Ellis “Jeb,” is a Bush too far.  Strongly influenced by his Mexican-born and reared wife Columba whose father was a “migrant worker,” his border positions raise even greater concern than the pro-amnesty Bushes who have occupied the Oval Office.

Watch the two disturbing videos of Jeb Bush and his co-author Clint Bolick in this post, “Another Bush? Thanks, Jeb, but we’ve had enough,” for an idea of his stance. They actually call for amnesty before  giving any thought to closing down America’s dangerously porous border.  The duo recently wrote “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution,” the hardcover of which can now be purchased on Amazon for exactly what it’s worth: $2.78.

It’s not much of a surprise the liberal Washington Post has written about Republicrat Jeb being “drafted” for a presidential run. 

11 Responses to Why Jeb Bush will never be President

  1. EV PC says:

    Make no mistake. Jeff the Flake would be first in line angling for a VP post and Clint, the Jeb Bush Bowl lick, would hope for a Cabinet post. Glad that nightmare won’t come to fruition. Jeb ain’t going nowhere.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    If the Republicans nominate another Republicrat, the party is dead.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      There is no doubt that’s true, VINO AZ. We conservatives have had our fill of the posers who run to the right to con us and govern to the left. No wonder there is such a backlash toward incumbents. I never thought I’d be disgusted with Trent Franks, but he has lost me with this same Jeb Bush rhetoric about illegals “coming out of the shadows.” I was stunned to hear Newt Gingrich give that bogus line during his half-hearted presidential race. He lost me during the debate. My grandparents were immigrants–LEGAL ones. I reserve the term “immigrant” for people who enter lawfully and respect this country.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    If you liked the deception from Papa Bush and Dubya’s pro amnesty stance, you’ll be enthralled with Jeb’s vantage point. He speaks fluent Spanish, has a Mexican born wife and his handsome lawyer son is moving in political circles and was just elected to the land commission position in Texas. They want a decades spanning dynasty. We can’t let them succeed.

  4. Brandy Baron says:

    Bushes should be waxed, not elected.

    • Rambling Rose says:

      I missed your comment before I posted (below), Brandy. It made me laugh out loud. Two great laughs today.

  5. Annie O. says:

    I hope we can stop them, but I’m concerned that too many
    conservatives tell me they are fed up and quitting, which is just what
    the elites and McRINOs are hoping for. Apparently our current
    group of patriots don’t match up to previous generations. Can’t decide if I’m more disgusted with the Dems, McRINOs or the quitters!!

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    Let’s talk about Jeb Bush’s “Act of Love” for helpless Terri Schiavo, and the character of this “man who would be King.”

    Mr. Compassion was the governor of Florida when his state judicial bench ordered the torture and murder of Terri Schiavo, a young woman who had been hospitalized by her so-called husband under very questionable circumstances. He wanted her killed, while her real family fought to save her and care for her.

    Mr. Compassion hid under his bed at the governor’s mansion, and allowed Terri to be tortured and murdered, while the state judge ordered his minions to fight off the care of her family. Mr. Compassion didn’t want to hear their cries of anquish, or watch Terri struggle for life while she was being murdered. What a guy!

    Oh, by the way, Mr. Compassion’s big brother was hiding under the bed at the White House in DC at the same time. What a pair!

    …and now there’s more of them being cultivated in Texas. What a tragedy!

    God bless Terri Schiavo and her family, and all of the helpless innocents. God bless America.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thank you for the memory jogger containing this crucial information regarding Jeb Bush’s shameful inaction in the Schiavo case, LEO. His “compassion” is selective. Terri Schiavo was unable to vote.

  7. Doc says:

    SRA…Please forgive this off topic but On Point intrusion but I felt this one important & relevant here: