Rich Crandall loses Wyoming Ed Supe post

Even if they lived across the Valley or in the far reaches of the state from Mesa’s Legislative District 16, many Arizonans remember former state lawmaker Rich Crandall.  During one regular session Crandall was notorious for missing 254 out of 382 floor votes. He was one of the first RINOs to join with the unified Democrats in supporting OBrewerCare, the costly and unsustainable Medicaid expansion.  Crandall also made the infamous Benedict Arnold list after joining with the unified Dems on five major bills in 2011 

On August 13, 2013, the Republicrat lawmaker, with little commitment to his constituents, was removed from office by Senate president Andy Biggs for misrepresenting facts to angry constituents. He took off for Wyoming after his friend Gov. Matt Mead appointed him to run the state Education Department.

Now the Wyoming Star Tribune reports that former state Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill has been reinstated to overseeing operations of the Wyoming Department of Education after Laramie County District Judge Thomas Campbell issued an order Friday supporting an earlier finding by the Wyoming Supreme Court. The high court had ruled that the bulk of a state law that passed last year stripping most duties from the state superintendent of public instruction was unconstitutional. 

The back story to this saga? Mead and Hill are both seeking the Republican Party nomination for governor this year.

With Tea Party supported Cindy Hill back at her post, Crandall should be out of work. But Gov. Mead is quoted as saying,  “I have asked him to work in my office for an indefinite period of time in the transition process, so if there’s questions about where a particular project is, or challenges on it, that he would be readily available.”

Crandall is salaried at $205,000 a year —- just a tad over his $24,000/year + per diem salary as an Arizona state legislator.

Wyoming state government is not our concern.  We just hope they figure out a way to keep Rich Crandall. Arizonans don’t want him back.

4 Responses to Rich Crandall loses Wyoming Ed Supe post

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Ah the wonders of politics!!The Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee approved a resolution that supported the effort to repeal the state law that hijacked the authority of the state superintendent of public instruction. Gov. Mead approved the law during this past legislative session.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    This is the slick bill (Senate File 104) supported by Gov. Mead so he could appoint Rich Crandall to the newly established position of “director of the department of education.” Its sole goal was to transfer the duties from the state superintendent of education to Crandall. Nice trick, but it was rightly shot down by the courts!

  3. Scott says:

    My folks live in Wyoming and after I sent them a link to this post, my Dad sent me a link to this open letter to Gov. Mead from Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core, pleading with him to exert leadership against this fed ed scheme:

    They also sent this. Read this enlightening information:
    Matt Mead’s connection to Obama’s education take-over

  4. Casper says:

    Cindy Hill is running for governor of Wyoming as a pro-Constitution, pro-government transparency candidate. Unlike Mead and his hack Crandall, Hill opposes the federalization of our education system known as Common Core. She’s also spoken out against such overreaches in health care and energy policies.