Mexican cartels threaten assassination of AZ lawmen

The Sierra Vista Herald details the dangerous escalation of events during what should have been a routine traffic stop, resulting in an officer involved shooting death of Lauro Jesus Avechuco, 40.

Avechuco is alleged to have driven his car at the officer, precipitating the deadly incident.  In accordance with department policy, the officer, Justin Dannels has been placed on administrative leave until a joint investigation by Sierra Vista police, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI can be completed and reviewed by the Cochise County Attorney’s Office.

In most instances, the news report would stop there.

But in this case, Officer Dannels is the son of Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, and the incident has ignited “credible” death threats against the father and son from the drug cartels that control the area.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Sylvia Longmire, a Breitbart News border security expert and contributing editor, lives in southern Arizona. She is quoted as saying, “The region immediately south of Sierra Vista and Naco are predominantly controlled by the Sinaloa cartel. If credible threats are coming from that region, it is either from the Sinaloa directly, or from a criminal enterprise under the umbrella of the cartel.”

Longmire added, “Threats such as these bring increased scrutiny to the region and can interfere with the cartels smuggling efforts. If such threats did not originate with cartel approval, the issuer of the threats could find themselves in serious trouble with the Sinaloa Federation.”

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby provides the complete menacing report. As you digest the facts as they relate to the safety and security of our Arizona citizens and the lawmen who defend them, consider the cavalier attitude of the Congressional elite who are intent on pushing an amnesty bill that omits the volatile word ‘amnesty’ —- since it rings in as a miserable failure among focus groups. Remember when “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” was the reconstructed verbiage used by Sens. Kyl and McCain?  Today, the preferred terminology is “legal status” and it is always used in conjunction with a worthless pledge to implement “border security.”

August is the latest prioritized deadline to turn on the flashing neon welcome sign on our border and roll out the red carpet for the multitude of illegals that will surely follow the hordes of invaders already here. We wrote this warning on Friday.

Language is important. When the words “breaking up families,” “undocumented immigrants,”  “migrants” or the bogus figure of11 million in the shadows” are used, it’s time to burn up the congressional phone lines. We’re losing our country and those Republicrats we sent to Washington are enabling the takeover. Their incomprehensible efforts will also ensure the death of the Republican Party under whose banner they ran.

Will you be able to look your children —- or theirs —- in the eye if you do nothing?

7 Responses to Mexican cartels threaten assassination of AZ lawmen

  1. Kelly says:

    Another excellent and revealing post. Thanks, SRAZ!

  2. goodyearconservative says:

    I hope our two RINO senators and the AZ 4 read this article before they cave in to amnesty.

    We need to stop this talk of rewarding those who break ours laws and start enforcing our laws.

  3. LD 23 PC says:

    The difficult to admit truth is we are being screwed over by the very people we have supported and helped elect. They get their talking points to bring back to us in closed door DC leadership sessions. Trusting any of them is a fool’s mission. What I find so reprehensible is that they are increasing the numbers of the Democrat party as they knife us in the back. Who’s side are the members of congress on? For sure it’s not ours. We already know what AZ’s senators stand for, but I had hoped for much more from the AZ Reps.

  4. East Valley PC says:

    We’re in extremely bad shape when Mexican drug cartels are running huge swathes of the state of Arizona. And our congressmen want to open the doors to even more such criminals….my mistake….I meant to say “undocumented migrants.”
    The same is true with the so-called DREAMers, the Washington crowd has become so warm towards. There is no credible means of discerning who came in yesterday or might have been brought in by their parents 25 years ago. Face it. We have elected a boatload of people who put the furtherance of their own privileged lifestyle above the safety and security of law abiding American citizens.

    I echo fellow commenter Doc who often says reelect no congressional incumbents.

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    Thanks SRA. Remember, it is not just the public vote that counts. The floor votes in the House are very carefully choreographed. When the vote count is just right, some members are allowed to vote “no” even though they mean “yes.” Then they come back to the sheeple to declare “Well, I voted ‘no’ on TV.”

    Chuckie Schumer, in an incredible flash of honesty, described our AZ4 as the “vote no, pray yes caucus.”

    Behind the DC smokescreens they quietly work to push AMNESTY through, knowing it will pass if they are allowed to vote “no” on the floor. Then they can tell the little folk back home that they’ll try to make the best of it.

    Watch for any sign of public opposition to AMNESTY in the months leading up to this destructive event. That will be a true indicator. Brave patriots in Congress will be fighting it in the public arena, but the AZ4 will not be seen. They are unopposed in their primaries, so there is no incentive for them to honor the AZ constituencies. They’re the AZ4, and they know what is best for US. The AZ4 have “got their minds right.”

    God bless America.

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