AZ AG Tom Horne issues statement

“An impartial, nonpartisan judge announced last week that the campaign finance allegations against me were without merit and I was cleared of all charges.

Many people advised me to settle, and while that may have been the politically correct thing to do, I could not, in good conscience, admit to something that I did not do.

I’m disappointed by the biased coverage by the liberal media in this case. It’s clear that they were more interested in attacking me than reporting the facts. As proof of this I point to the many front page stories that essentially announced my guilt, with headlines more appropriate to another Pearl Harbor attack. And even after I won, the Republic chose to write an editorial that made it sound like I lost, so deaf are they to facts.

To my primary and general election opponents I say this: I hope you’re ready because despite all of your tawdry attempts at character assassination, I have never stopped protecting Arizonans.”

Seeing Red AZ covered this matter in this earlier post,Vindication for AZ Attorney General Tom Horne.” His spot-on analysis of the liberally biased media reports and strong challenge to opponents in this message, make it a worthy read.

Check out Tom Horne’s unmatched credentials here.

6 Responses to AZ AG Tom Horne issues statement

  1. ZOO says:

    Locally, the re-election of Tom Horne is another line in the sand. On my edition of the primary ballot, he is only one of three Republicans I will vote for – and that does not include the nauseating lineup in-waiting for LD 28. If the COC/party hack crowd barnstorms the primary and installs Brnovich and Ducey, (ala McCain and Flake), that will be the signal to walk – and that is on the assumption that the GOP House doesn’t fire the starting gun with amnesty.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      You’re right on target with your observations. The establishment RINOs are pushing both McBrnovich and McDucey, In both cases, the result will be the same if these elitist phonies are successful in the primary. Janet Napolitano’s liberal gal pal Felicia Rotellini is waiting in the wings and will decimate the very marginal Bronovich. Far leftie Fred Duval is licking his chops at the prospect of defeating McDucey and reclaiming the governor’s office.

      DuVal has taken great pains to try to characterize himself as a “centrist,” “moderate” and “bi-partisan,“ when in fact his roots are deep within the far left wing of the democrat party going back to his days as senior aide to AZ Gov. Bruce Babbitt.  DuVal worked behind the scenes on instituting Arizona’s Medicaid program (AHCCCS). He was the Deputy National Campaign Manager of the Clinton-Gore campaign, and was then rewarded with a post in the Clinton administration.

      AHCCCS has long been a nightmare. Even the extremists at the Arizona Republic came out last year against the outlandish pay hike from $375,000 to $500,000 to the already wealthy real estate heiress Betsey Bayless as she was preparing to retire as the director of this taxpayer funded indigent health-care system . The board justified her hefty increase by saying she “works very, very hard.” The one who actually did the heavy lifting she was so extremely well compensated for at each of her previous posts as well as this one was her trusty right hand man, Warren Whitney, who followed her to every government job she’s ever held.

      Conservative Republican AG Tom Horne actually does the job for Arizonans. But as far as the Arizona Republic is concerned that’s reason enough to hammer him on a nearly daily basis. I’m glad to see that SRAZ is supportive of Horne’s efforts. Good call!

  2. Delilah says:

    I am more than upset with what has happened to Tom Horne. This was cooked up by McCain same as he did JD Hayworth to ruin his political career. Brnovich is a Brewer/McCain Candidate and anybody who did not know that is not thinking. I am appalled at the support for Brnovich coming from many conservatives I know, and Tea Party members. You can talk to some of these people till the cows come home and they are so busy passing judgment on Tom instead of realizing he is innocent till proven guilty. Remember Sarah Palin and what she is still going through.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Tom Horne is doing an outstanding job and has my vote and those of my considerable family. As I go door-to-door gathering petition signatures, I talk about his many accomplishments and the attempts of the newspaper to harm him. We need to get that message of Horne’s superior job out to combat the slobbering McNews coming from the AZ Repulsive. The funny thing is, I find few of the households I contact still get the newspaper.

      It would be impossible, I know, but wouldn’t it be interesting to get the number of liberals vs. conservatives who subscribe to this rag. I’ll bet the former outnumber the latter by a wide margin.

    • ZOO says:

      The “tea party” has demonstrated that it has an equal number of fog brains as the establishment GOP, especially when it comes to illegal immigration which is far from their focus. They are now getting credit (or scorn) for just about everything ‘conservative.’ The non-homogeneous nature of startup chapters can hand out “T” endorsements to just about anybody and mislead voters, allowing RINOs and would-be Democrats to infiltrate.

      Horne has a McCain bullseye on his head for his fight against La Raza classes and protecting Arizona voting requirements, and anyone who doesn’t believe that is a fool. This lecherous gangster will stop at nothing. And anyone who denies McCain’s mission to recreate state government in his own image is a political mongoloid.

  3. Angie says:

    The majority of Arizonans know Horne has an outstanding record in the years he’s been AG. The criminal element, and the RINOS are not happy with that. This time they are fighting for the office. But he has the vote of the conservative majority. The RINOS must be out out of the GOP if the don’t accept the Platform. They’d make good Democrats. Let them go!