AZ Republic gives Mormon bashing a thumbs up

Arizona’s daily newspaper, known to many as the AZ Repulsive, lives up to its name with the glowing review of “The Book of Mormon,” described as a “cheerfully profane musical.”

Though the newspaper calls the Tony Award winning theater production a “controversial hit,” it goes on to extol the content. 

Most often the term “controversial” is reserved for legislation or politicians the liberals at the daily abhor, but it was actually hauled out for this effusive review of the offensive play, referred to as “critically acclaimed.”

 Readers are told that the executive director of ASU Gammage, which is owned and operated by Arizona State University, claims, “We’ve been fielding hundreds and hundreds of requests for the show, so we’re very fortunate that it will be here.” Others want to know, “Why did it take so long?” and speculate the unexplained delay “has fueled rampant rumors that Gammage avoided scheduling the show because of its controversial content —- perhaps bowing to political pressure from influential members of the local Mormon community.”

If such pressure did exist, let’s hope it also came from segments of the faith-based community beyond the LDS Church.

According to the review, “The plot involves two missionaries from Salt Lake City sent to preach in war-torn Uganda. Woefully unprepared to face the violence and poverty there, they suffer a crisis of faith.

Satirical musical numbers include “You and Me (But Mostly Me),” a duet sung by chipper go-getter Elder Price and geeky companion Elder Cunningham, and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream,” which features a giant dancing Starbucks cup (a reference to the Mormon prohibition on drinking coffee).

There’s also a spoof of “Hakuna Matata,” the don’t-worry-be-happy anthem from Disney’s “The Lion King,” that is, from nearly any religious perspective, wildly blasphemous. Without question, much of the content is offensive to many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” says the newspaper report.

In fact, the so-called “spoof” is filled with “F-U God” references. 

Would a musical defaming Islam receive the same praise from the leftist newspaper? Would Muslim male characters portrayed as effeminate geeks receive rave reviews and awards? Though the Obama administration fabricated the underlying reason, tragic events at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya and death threats against author Salman Rushdie, who dared write a book critical of  Mohammad, provide the unambiguous answer.

This is the opening number. Side-splittingly funny, huh? At the conclusion, comes this raucous introduction from Neil Patrick Harris: “Welcome everyone to the 66th annual Tony Awards, or as we like to call it, Fifty Shades of Gay.”

And this is the measured response from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

5 Responses to AZ Republic gives Mormon bashing a thumbs up

  1. Chad Aaron Palmer (@palmerchadaaron) says:

    We had a lot of people ask questions about this musical when it played on broadway, my response then is the same today. “I served a two year mission in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and this play is just the opposite (from what I have read in reviews) to what happened to me and other missionaries who served around the world while in the service of our fellow man”. Godspeed the Truth.

  2. Standing Tall says:

    This vile “musical” is filled with anti-LDS bigotry. That should be enough to keep most of us away. Today the Mormons are fair game. Tomorrow, it will be Baptists, Catholics and Jews. I have a cousin who saw it in Chicago and was disgusted. We are not Mormons.

  3. Vince says:

    The newspaper has a pro-homosexual agenda. Randy Lovely is a VP who moved here several years ago with his boyfriend and made this issue a focal point. The glossing over of the Mormon bashing is despicable.

  4. Angie says:

    This Repulsive (poor excuse for newspaper) has more agendas than people know: Atheists, pro-gay, anti-GOP, pro-illegals, anti-rule of law, supports thugs in public office, maligns effective conservatives, ignores criminal actions by the city, support lawless Democrats, promote crude, socially unacceptable movies and stories. Makes martyrs of law breakers. I have examples of all those stories. I have not purchased a Repugnant paper for at least 20 years, but I get their dirt called news free, at the library, why? Only to let others know why they shouldn’t buy their trash. Is it any wonder their paper subscriptions are so low? I ALSO DO NOT PATRONIZE their advertisers! I hope many of them find out their businesses could do better with other media. “The Sonoran News” has an ethical staff and Editor. This Newspaper is in Cave Creek , they are lucky to have real news, without the biases, and the lies the AZ Repugnant disseminates. There will be no loss when they finally close. Hopefully soon. Make room for a ‘real’ Newspaper!

  5. Claire Voyant says:

    The review says that high demand is pushing the ticket prices up. In Portland, Oregon, where this show is running in July, tickets for the “few remaining good seats are running as high as $750.”

    I can think of a whole lot more I’d rather do with $750 than watch blasphemous fruits appearing in garbage passing itself off as entertainment. Leave it to the AZ Repulsive to give this a positive review.