Who is AZ Guv candidate Christine Jones?

Resumé padder, pretender extraordinaire

Gubernatorial wannabe Christine Jones has arrogantly claimed (video link) a career as a prosecutor in Compton, California, where she tried drug cases.

At a recent press conference, Jones acknowledged to Channel 3 News she was never a prosecutor, but was a ‘certified law student.’ Jones showed reporters an ID badge that identified her as a volunteer law clerk for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office from 1994-1997.

Here Christine Jones is outed for what is fittingly called herAir Farce.” She is quoted as saying.

“I went off to be in the Air Force and I met a really nice guy at church who was also in the Air Force and he and I got married and then I got out, he stayed in.”

The facts are somewhat different.

According toWho is the REAL Christine Jones,” the Department of Defense has no record of Christine Jones, or any of her other aliases, ever serving time in the military.

Jones is quite a trickster, getting out of something she was never actually in.

As we’ve previously noted, as a key high dollar bundler for John McCain, conservative poser Jones generously donated to the campaigns of Democrats and RINOsNow the former Go Daddy honcho who has never evidenced any interest in the Republican Party in any meaningful way, arrogantly wants the state’s top job.

Would you hire her?

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5 Responses to Who is AZ Guv candidate Christine Jones?

  1. Delilah says:

    I did not know Jones was a John McCain bundler, but I do know John McCain was one of her closeted donors. Also there is, ok it is no longer a Tea Party, AZ Freedom Alliance jumped the gun with one debate and decided to support and endorse her. They should withdraw their support. I look at the Governor’s race and what do I see, John McCain’s hand in most of it. There are only two I can be sure of that McCain does not support, Andrew Thomas and Al Melvin, with a possible runner up of Bill Bennett. The rest are all in for McCain and the Party Elites.

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    You’ve got to give her credit for an oversized ego. Having done nothing in the AZ GOP, she now wants the state’s top job! This woman should write fiction. She’s got a better resume for that than leading the state.

  3. ZOO says:

    Jones’ campaign site reflects the big dollars she is pouring into the effort. There are “featured videos” for each of the issues she addresses. Under “fight illegal immigration” she begins with the standard ‘seal the border’ then aptly stands on ‘enforce existing laws.’ However, this does not translate to a couple of TV spots I’ve seen where she dismisses the issue with an aloof ‘defend the Constitution.’ (?) Perhaps she has been ‘assigned’ the task of splitting the vote between Melvin, Thomas, and herself to ensure McCain clone Doug Ducey emerges at the top of the crowded house field.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    Good information here. I didn’t know much about Christine Jones. Now I do. I was offended when she was given the microphone at the state GOP meeting by Tom Morrissey and allowed to pontificate about herself. I heard she had made a substantial donation to the state party to get access to the mic. Rumor? I don’t know. But it sure made no sense to me. As a longtime precinct and state committeeman I had never heard of her and had never laid eyes on her before that day. I actually walked out because she was so full of herself and I had heard enough.

  5. Annie O. says:

    Well, of course, she’s lying her way through the campaign….McLame is her mentor.
    I think she’ll draw more liberal, never-pay-attention folks who think it’s ‘cool’ to vote for a woman. More likely to pull from Smith and Ducey?