AZ AG Tom Horne: The undeniable facts

Horne fights drug epidemic, safeguards Arizonans on wide variety of issues

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is committed to combating the drug epidemic in Arizona.  He changed budget priorities when he took office to emphasize dismantling drug cartels in partnership with federal and local law enforcement. This list of 15 shows a sampling of drug cartels that have been dismantled.

With an incomparable track record, Horne has made protecting Arizona families his top priority. Whether it’s working to provide protections from consumer fraud, or the drug cartels that threaten our way of life, he is fulfilling his pledge to safeguard Arizonans.

Attorney General Tom Horne’s numerous achievements on behalf of Arizonans can be seen here.  If you’re not familar with his tireless work, this impressive list will give you an indication of what he has delivered.

13 Responses to AZ AG Tom Horne: The undeniable facts

  1. Angie says:

    AZ Atty. General Horne has absolutely excelled in every issue he
    fought -for the good of Arizona. Everyone of the issues listed above have been successfully dealt with. Thank You AG Horne. You have earned the gratitude and vote of most Arizonans with your performance as AG. Looking forward to more of your successes for Arizona in the future.

    • State Delegate says:

      I, too, am quite happy with the job Tom Horne has been doing. He’s doing the job we elected him to do. The newspaper is giving him the same treatment they give Joe Arpaio, which is clearly because both men are strong conservatives. The liberals at the Republic were part and parcel in taking out Sen. President Russell Pearce and supporting an open borders RINO to replace him. If you’re liberal, pro amnesty, and / or flaunting a same sex union, you’re on the local press‘ A List.

    • ZOO says:

      The filth behind the fake “America-Post Gazette” are now stalking and attacking Tom Horne about twice a week. According to their latest poisonous diatribe Horne is a “RINO” and responsible for Common Core coming to Arizona, giving a pass to Huppenthal and Brewer. They then move on to use Bill “Amnesty Job” Montgomery’s endorsement of that Brn-o-vich as automatic justification to vote for him, as a ‘principled Republicans’ should. The verminous McEstablishment is pulling out all the stops, and it’s only May.

      • Villanova says:

        You called it, ZOO. The “filth” you refer to are committed Andrew Thomas supporters who have never gotten over the fact that the far better qualified Tom Horne won the Attorney General’s race. Their rage is so great they will even align with establishment toadies like Montgomery and the wretches at the AZ Repulsive to clobber Horne. He’s getting battered by two groups of nuts who hate each other. This ludicrous scenario brings to mind the old proverb, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      • ZOO says:

        Thanks for the info Villanova, I would have never made the connection. I still am at a loss to understand how Thomas supporters blame Horne or – what point it makes now. I will not surrender my respect for Thomas fulfilling his campaign promises as county attorney, but I am disappointed in his supporters. Horne and Thomas are fighting the same war.

      • Doc says:

        Brnovich is a DISGRACE!!

    • Laura L. says:

      AZ AG Tom Horne has been the best Atty. General Arizona has ever had. His list of achievements is huge and undeniable. He helped take the “hate” out of schools, he helped take down the cartels in AZ and h as been top of the line in stopping scams against the elderly and Arizonans in general. And these are just a “few” of his many, many achievements! You’ve got my vote, Tom!!! (When several of us brought various serious problems to the “previous” AG before AG Horne, he not only refused to take any action, he would not even refer us to anyone who could help (but that was because it was “his” duty and he wouldn’t do it!).)

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The fact that the McEstablishment recruited Mark Brnovich, a limited challenger whose job as director of state gambling hardly qualifies him for this post, tells me all I need to know.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Thanks for posting this information. Horne is being squeezed by the leftwing AZ Republic where the liberals running the newspaper have had their fill of Republicans holding all state offices and county posts.

    He’s also getting hammered by old supporters of the disbarred lawyer he previously defeated. The newspaper longs for the days of liberal Janet Napolitano and Terry Goddard. They’d even be happy to have RINOs such as Grant Woods back. But conservative Tom Horne is a bridge too far. In the end, after they throw a GOP primary bone to Bronovich, they’ll come out in full force for Felecia Rotellini, their actual pick for Attorney General.

    Bronovich is an establishment hack, long employed by Jan Brewer and recruited by the amnesty pushing McCain and Kyl crowd. Bill Montgomery is also playing ball with this suspect team, and wants to stay in their good graces to be first in line for the senate race when decrepit McCain is finally hauled out. Wait and watch.

    • Tucson Voter says:

      I have no doubt you’re right about the newspaper and Horne. Those in charge play ball with Republicrat amnesty supporters such as McCain, Flake, Kyl and Montgomery. They’ve even learned to like Brewer who they previously hated after she signed SB 1070. They delighted in taking credit for removing AZ Senate President Russell Pearce and go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a nearly daily basis. But they leave Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dumbnik alone, since he sings their liberal tune.

      Horne is fair game for them for the same exact reasons. They began trying to take him down when he was Superintendent of Public Instruction and fought the racist MAS studies programs here in Tucson Unified School District. The so-called studies, funded by our tax dollars, and taught in our public schools, told the students that America was an aggressor nation and the American Southwest would eventually be reclaimed by Mexico. Why learn English, American History or follow the repressive Constitution of this repressive USA?

      Tom Horne actively protested the program and was hung in effigy by the students. He was instrumental in passage of HB 2281 which “prohibits a school district or charter school from including courses or classes that either promote the overthrow of the United States government or promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    Finally….the truth emerges from a respected source! Much appreciated, SRAZ!

  5. Rambling Rose says:

    Thank God for Tom Horne’s actions in taking down the vicious drug cartels that transport dependency and death to Arizona’s youth. Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel is alive and well in, of all places, the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area!! Two teenagers that cartel hit men accused of stealing drugs were tortured,and had their lives and that those of their families threatened. They were told to find the missing drugs or come up with $300,000 to compensate the cartel
    This is the Fox News report:
    Look at the swell guys pictured in the news report.

    • Night Owl says:

      I have a great idea. Let’s give them all amnesty!!!
      Our AZ Senators and U.S. Representatives would be onboard with that, since hey are all so fond of illegals. After all, they are only engaging in crime to “keep their families together” since they are unable to “come out of the shadows.” Isn’t that what they keep telling us?