Sarah Beattie: Connect the McDots


Tom Horne’s former employee Sarah Beattie worked for McCain, Flake and Montgomery; her pro bono lawyer partnered with Randy Parraz to unseat AZ Senate President Russell Pearce

The incessant and vicious deluge of fetid sludge aimed at Attorney General Tom Horne is in a class by itself. Those who fling this garbage claim to be conservative Republicans. Nothing could be further from the truth.  They are carrying a vendetta based on the loss of their candidate in the 2010 campaign, and are engaged in short-sighted and puerile mudslinging aimed at damaging conservative incumbent Tom Horne. In promoting Horne’s marginal challenger they are shortsightedly working toward a General Election victory for the far left Democrat Felecia Rotellini —- sitting on the sidelines smirking, while building her already massive war chest.

Great effort has been expended giving credibility to Sarah Beattie, a young woman with a troubled past, rife with cocaine use and employment as a stripper.

A short time employee at the Attorney General’s office, Beattie has become the focus of attention since she quit her job and hired lawyer Tom Ryan, an extreme leftwing ideologue who worked with Randy Parraz to unseat Senate President Russell Pearce. Now the goal is to try to destroy Arizona’s conservative Attorney General Tom Horne. 

This scheme won’t work. We’re on to her.

Omitted from the onslaught, but vital to the truth, is the fact that Sarah Beattie previously worked as an Executive Assistant to John McCain. Beattie has also worked for Jeff Flake and Bill Montgomery. 

These establishment elites, along with chief choreographer Jon Kyl, are all in the tank for their recruited challenger, libertarian-leaning Mark Brnovich —- a man of extraordinarily poor judgment who even saw fit to donate to liberal Pete Rios in one of the Democrat’s previous legislative campaigns.

Connect the McDots. When the subject is Sarah Beattie, does the word “plant” come to mind?

15 Responses to Sarah Beattie: Connect the McDots

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Sarah Beattie sounds like a camp follower who’s been passed around from one McCrony to another. I’ll be sending this informative post out to my AZ list. Thanks.

    I’d also like to know how that vile anti-Horme “Gazette” I’ve never subscribed to arrives in my email box.

  2. GOP PC says:

    Brnovich is a compliant establishment tool. Even the liberal AZ Republic’s political Fact Check had to admit that Brnovich’s attempt to mislabel Tom Horne’s involvement in the Supreme Court’s public prayer at government meetings was worthy of only “one star, mostly false.”

    I’m with Tom Horne all the way.

  3. Gary D. says:

    AG Horne is a great American who stands on constitutional principles. I know of no one who works any harder than our AG to insure that Illegal Immigration policies are followed.

  4. lowadobian says:

    . . . and exactly how does a drug using stripper get hired as a clerical worker in a goverment job? Wouldn’t her application be available then, for review by all of us as part of the “sunshine” of open records? Would love to see it….was it amazing “typing” skills? A disgruntled clerk, paid again to play. Its so transparent its preposterous.

    • Kimball says:

      It’s doubtful Sarah Beattie made full disclosures on her application. Even with her…ahem….background she was hired by McCain, the oh-so saintly Jeff McFlake, and Bill McMontgomery, who has been going after Horne and was instrumental in bringing the challenger McBronovich into the attorney general’s race. Bronovich should be ashamed. His malicious entry in this race will succeed only in aiding the democrat. These RINOs disgust me.

  5. American Dad says:

    Glad to see that John McCain and Jeff Flake have the lowest polling numbers of any U.S. Senators in the nation. Let’s hope that translates at the ballot box! We need good challengers to get these con men out!!

    Similar to McCain, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery conned us as a border hawk to get elected, but is right with them on normalizing the illegal invaders as well as cozying up with Jon Kyl. He is doing their bidding with every breath he draws, because he’s angling for McCain’s seat when the old fool retires. Montgomery might have a long white beard by then, but he’s wiling to wait.

    Tom Horne has my vote. Thanks, SRAZ, for this illuminating post.

  6. ZOO says:

    Go after and remove Russell Pearce. Slaughter J.D. Hayworth in the primary. Use Republican majority in state legislature to kill 5 immigration enforcement bills. Go after and disbar Andrew Thomas. Slaughter Wil Cardon in the primary. Go after Tom Horne in the primary.

    I do believe I’m seeing a definite pattern here. Thinking of holding my breath until I turn ‘blue.’

    • Former GOP PC says:

      The scum at the “Gazette” are political whores. They will quote the raunchy tabloid New Times’ columnist who refers to himself as a “Bastard” in order to demean Attorney General Tom Horne.

      They went mute when Bill Montgomery, another political whore, went begging to Supervisor Don Stapley for the County Attorney job after Andrew Thomas abandoned ship to run for AG. Montgomery tried sucking up to Stapley, (who was equally wily and audio taped him) saying talking to Joe Arpaio was like visiting an Alzheimer’s patient. This was the thanks Joe got for fundraising for Montgomery.
      Listen to McMontgomery here:

  7. Casper says:

    Pete Rios? You mean the guy who didn’t know whether of not he lived in Hayden, Apache Junction, Phoenix or Dudleyville? He’d have said in lived in a shoebox in the Superstitions if he thought it would have gotten him elected. Why would Bronovich contribute to this liberal phony? It’s clear to me that this AG candidate was recruited because he would play ball with the McCain cabal. It appears he’ll dance to anybody’s tune. He’s also been a longtime Jan Brewer crony. Haven’t you had enough of this behind the scenes gamesmanship? I sure have!!

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Maybe the explanation for the donation was as simple as Bronovich showing sympathy for Rios’ mileage costs driving from one “home” to another in different counties. Like his pro amnesty Mc-mentors, he’s just a compassionate guy and wanted to help defray some of Pete Rios’ excessive gas bill. Just a thought.

  8. Clementine says:

    Bronovich and Flake have a lot in common. They are both libertarians at their core. They were both employed at the libertarian Goldwater Institute, which is brazenly pro-amnesty. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

  9. Villanova says:

    Mark Brnovich goes to great lengths to characterize his wife Susan as “a prosecutor.” His ads always refer to the fact that they met when they were both prosecutors. Somehow he’s neglected to notice that since January 2009 Susan has been wearing the black robe of a Superior Court judge. And who appointed this staunch conservative’s (equally conservative?) wife to the bench? None other than extreme leftist Janet Napolitano, who appointed very few Republican judges, and never any known as conservativest. More BS from the Brnovich corner.

    During the summer of 2007, for example, eight longtime superior court judges retired. They represented the full spectrum of party affiliations (Democrat, Republican and Independent). Napolitano filled those vacant positions with partisan DEMOCRATS! On the extremely rare occasion a ‘Republican’ was selected by Napolitano, it was a certainty that candidate was known as a RINO.

  10. PV PC says:

    I refuse to vote for or donate to RINOs who donate to democrats. Mark Brnovich can probably get a quid pro quo donation from his old liberal pal Peter Rios to make up for what he won’t get from me.

  11. Wondering says:

    Sarah Beattie must have a mysterious benefactor. The parrot-beaked, flat-chested egocentric nut job appears to be readying herself for her new role called “Sarah’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

    She’s an admitted thief, exotic dancer, and cocaine user with DUI arrests who has now had breast augmentation and a nose reduction to reconstruct herself for her new celebrity status with the RINOs and leftists. Sarah Beattie obviously wants to put her best chest and snout forward as she tries to capitalize on destroying our excellent Attorney General. She’s said she had a deviated septum requiring the nose job. That’s the trick used to get insurance to pay for the reconstructive cosmetic surgery, although snorting cocaine can cause such nasal problems.

    Who’s picking up the tab? Who needs Sarah Beattie to look presentable going forward? I wonder if the well known “philanthropist” married to a decrepit senator has taken on a new project? Or maybe the lawyer offering Beattie his services free of charge is giving her a helping hand? There’s also a deep pocketed auto dealer in Tucson raising funds for Horne’s challenger. Know this. Those on a list of potential benefactors have one thing in common…they are all linked to Bronovitch.

  12. Borderhawk says:

    I hope Laura Ingraham covers this race. Ingraham has debunked a few “free-market”, “liberty loving” or self appointed Tea Party candidates trying to primary good conservatives. Walter Jones was almost defeated by Bill Kristol and the neo-cons. Walter Jones is the only A-Rated congressman from North Carolina according to NumbersUSA. JD Hayworth interviewed him and Walt managed to get in an attack on Jeb Bush before the interview ended. Even Rush Limbaugh credited Walter Jones survived because of him going against Boehner. Taylor Griffin who was the Tea Party challenger was pro normalization and was as bad as Renee Ellmers. Walter Jones pals around with hardliners like Mo Brooks, Steve King, Ted Yoho and John Fleming.