Videos of gun sales: Coming soon to a store near you?

Will Greg Stanton attempt to emulate Rahm Emanuel?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is promoting a troubling ordinance that will ban gun stores in “99.5 percent” of the city and require videotaping of all gun sales at the stores that are allowed to exist, according to Breitbart News.

The ordinance will also require the few gun stores that exist to perform “quarterly audits of their gun sales and allow police to inspect their records.”

This stringent ordinance comes in response to a “federal judge’s ruling in January that Chicago’s longtime ban on gun stores was unconstitutional.” Chicago was given “six months to approve store restrictions short of a ban,” reports CBS Chicago.

Emanuel’s ordinance would also “require gun stores to submit a safety plan outlining exterior lighting, surveillance cameras and alarm systems, as well as storage of guns and ammunition.” Store employees would “undergo fingerprinting, background checks and training on identifying potential gun traffickers.”

Emanuel and Second Amendment restrictionist Barack Obama have a longtime relationship. Prior to returning to Chicago to run for mayor in 2011, the radical liberal Emanuel served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.

Barack Obama also has a friend in the mayor’s office in Phoenix. Obama called his congratulations to Greg Stanton on the eve of his 2011 election.  They firmed up their friendship at the National Mayor’s Conference in Washington D.C. in 2012, as Democrats Greg Stanton, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Mesa’s Republican Mayor Scott Smith —- now a candidate for Arizona governor —- were among a handful of the over 250 mayors in attendance who “were pulled aside to meet with the president in a more intimate setting.”

Leftist Stanton has aspirations that far exceed a stint as Phoenix mayor. Keep a watchful eye on him. Arizona isn’t Illinois but Second Amendment supporters can’t afford to take anything for granted.

It was not that long ago that government bureaucrats in the City of Phoenix had attempted to censor firearms expert and author Alan Korwin’s ability to post bus signs for his gun training business —- after he had contracted for them with the city. Korwin, represented by the Goldwater Institute, took his case to the state Court of Appeals earlier this month, and was victorious.

6 Responses to Videos of gun sales: Coming soon to a store near you?

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    SRAZ has drawn exactly the right connection between Obama and the liberal mayors Rahm Emanuel and Greg Stanton. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the ambitious Stanton’s (add his lawyer wife Nicole to the mix) angling for posts that put them in DC. They promote amnesty, the homosexual agenda (they led the Phoenix “Gay Pride” parade!), gun restrictions and higher taxes to fund Phoenix as their model liberal utopia. What an ideal democrat duo.

    • American Patriot says:

      Greg Stanton launched a $100,000 gun buy-back program giving gift cards worth $100 for handguns, rifles and shotguns and a $200 gift card for assault weapons. Bonus gift cards are given in exchange for high capacity magazines that accompany weapons.
      All of the firearms bought by the city of Phoenix will be destroyed.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Liberal Stanton’s equally liberal predecessor, Phil Gordon, actually dedicated a monument in Phoenix constructed of melted down firearms This is what the radical left is all about. Both men are lawyers who should at least have a passing knowledge of the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to American citizens, yet they want to disarm us.

  3. Kimball says:

    Can anyone explain the fact that the National Rifle Association endorsed Second Amendment hater Phil Gordon when he was previously running for re-election as mayor?  The NRA also had John McCain as a keynote speaker when it held its convention in Arizona. Yep. The same John McCain who sought to “close gun show loop holes.”

    • Chuck says:

      The NRA is not the organization my dad and I joined together many years ago. I now belong to Gun Owners of America.  Wayne LaPierre appears to be more focused on the elected pals he can curry favor with such as McCain, than holding true to the Constitutional principals the organization was built upon.

  4. Capt. Marvel says:

    Gun Owners of America were onto John McCain back in 2006. They appropriately gave him an “F minus” rating, describing him as an “outspoken anti-gun advocate who carries anti-gun legislation”

    Lotsa links to look at……