Lawmaker Andy Tobin: Do as I say, not as I do

Paid property taxes late nearly 30 times

As Speaker of the Arizona House, Andy Tobin might be expected to have at least a shred of respect for the law. Now that he’s running for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District such a basic consideration should be a requisite.

According to the daily, Tobin faced the possibility of a foreclosure on his home nearly two decades ago due to racking up $2,000 in back taxes. That can happen. But far more egregious, he subsequently paid his property taxes late nearly 30 times between 2000 and 2014. At the time the Tobin’s owned three properties —- in Prescott and Paulden, including their current home —–after having sold their home in Dewey, in 1996 in lieu of foreclosure.

Tobin has other problems every bit as taxing as his taxes. He’s sorely neglected both his legislative duties and his constituents, passing them up for a south-of-the-border soiree with Democrats and RINOs. Although he’s been censured by Maricopa County Republican leaders, the union pushing Tobin has captured the support of the toxic pro-amnesty U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake, Jon Kyl have jointly hosted a high-dollar fundraiser for him.

We’ve written about some of the tax woes of Tobin’s primary opponent, rancher Gary Kiehne. He’s racked up 15 past-due tax bills, for at least eight homes and parcels of land. Kiehne claims he lost track of due dates because he was campaigning.

State Rep. Adam Kwasman, an economist and the third Republican candidate in the CD1 race, is in the best possible position in this pack. He doesn’t own any property.

13 Responses to Lawmaker Andy Tobin: Do as I say, not as I do

  1. Pima Pal says:

    Adam Kwasman clearly benefits from the missteps of Andy Tobin and Gary Kiehne. The arrogant Tobin also loses with his unsavory establishment endorsements, which will not resonate well with conservatives.

    Ann Kirkpatrick is bringing in the big bucks from the national Democrat apparatus, terrified of her losing that seat a second time. She supported Obamacare. That should be enough to do her in! Kwasman needs campaign donations to make him competative. Do what you can, regardless of what district you live in. They all represent us in congress.

    • Doc says:

      Uuuhhh…do said elected representatives know that? ‘Cuz they bloody sure don’t act like it…

  2. ZOO says:

    And Mitt Romney was on the Tobin luncheon menu too. Intentionally or unintentionally, we dodged a huge bullet there. From ‘self-deportation’ to ‘cheap labor preservation.’

  3. Delilah says:

    I was in support of Kiehne till he came out in favor of amnesty. I will not take sarcasm as a platform from any Candidate. But my opinion differs from most of you, after we have full employment of American citizens and we need to import workers to pick the crops I say yes, import them. But never give any of them citizenship, that is nothing but a Democrat ploy helped along by Boehner and Cantor.

    • Fought For MY Country says:

      Sorry, Delilah, but we don’t need to import competition for jobs or the so-called DREAMers to compete against our own American kids for university placement. You are repeating the canard we are being fed by the GOP establishment playing in tandem with the Dems..

      Illegals are not coming to pick crops, and in fact more and more are harvested mechanically these days. The illegals are taking the construction jobs that American families relied on for decades to provide their families a decent middle class way of life. They take benefits we pay for and engage in criminal activity surpassing the general population.

      Once they get “work permits” citizenship is the next step. Don’t let McCain and Flake fool you. What you are suggesting is the incremental approach that the congressional amnesty pushers have referred to as “piecemeal.” It’s the camel’s nose under the tent. Unfortunately the “tent” is our homeland.

      • Delilah says:

        Oh please, I said we need full employment. Unless you planning on picking the tomatoes and cotton? I worked for JD and Wil Cardon, I have never voted except in 2008 for McStain, and McFlake I voted for in 2002 or 2004 when ever his first election was and never again. I do not believe in the dreamers that is just a Liberal name given to a bunch of illegals to make them more palatable to us. There is the Becerra act, ok I may not have spelled it correctly, where the pickers come in and leave as soon as the crops are picked, maybe I am reading you wrong, but where did I ever say permanent. I am also for starting with the hardened criminals being deported first, then stopping all welfare to the illegitimate anchor babies we can find them through the welfare rolls. I know the Supreme Court said we must see the illegals in hospital emergency rooms, I say close them down, and only allow trauma centers and a cold is not a trauma or the monthly check up is not a trauma. And truthfully they have started that already, the illegals are made to wait and wait, I say call immigration and get them right then and there. Make them go back and protest their own government.

        so please do not ever interpret any thing I say in your own warped way.

    • Villanova says:

      A single question.…what do you regard as “full employment?” This is a simplistic response not based in economic reality. I take it you mean the day each and every American citizen capable and desirous of working has full time employment that matches their education level and skill set. We are not talking, I presume, about underemployed workers who are now earning far less than in the previous jobs they held, or having to work two menial jobs just to put a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table—often part time and absent benefits. Please be specific.

      • Harris Shirley says:

        Villanova, full employment is an economic term generally a term used to describe a level of unemployment that included all persons desirous of, and capable of gainful employment. The actual “full employment” level is between 4.3% and 5.1% unemployment. To take unemployment lower than 4% is realistically impossible, but we can reduce it to the mid-5% range.

  4. Yavapai GOP says:

    Andy Tobin is a New York union promoter in a cowboy hat. What more do you need to know to be sure he’s a practiced phony?

    • Harris Shirley says:

      Bang on the $$$ … Tobin can’t wait to get inside the Beltway and start doing his Master’s bidding.

  5. Borderhawk says:

    There already is unlimited legal farm worker visas issued. A farmer in Washington State got busted for hiring illegals. The story is on NPR. Now he hires H2-A guestworkers and locals for few months at $12 an hour and paying their travel. If farmers can’t afford $12 with all their other overhead they should retire, sell out or grow more profitable crops. The cost of farm wages is a few pennies out of all expenses.

    The people talking about a new guest worker scheme are just trying to pander and work out a way to protect the fraudulent ways of the millions of illegals working across many industries. There will still be hiring of illegals while the employers go unpunished.

    We don’t have 12 million illegal alien farmworkers. I doubt if it is 1 million. Even in farm work only 50% are illegal. In Construction work, 80% are American citizens. Pat Buchanan and Luis Gutierrez agree on that figure.”OK, that means 86 percent of construction workers are American citizens or people here legally whom the illegal aliens are competing with, and they say the Americans won’t do their jobs. ” Meet the Press June 24, 2007.

    Adam Kwasman is the only choice for this race.

    I think some of the immigration restriction groups (like FAIR) should hit Tobin on amnesty. If the Club 4 Growth is serious they will attack Tobin on fiscal issues.

    Romney actually came out for amnesty in 2012 and late 2013. He endorsed Beauprez in Colorado. He’s endorsed a few different candidates across different states. Tancredo is leading the race by 10 points for Governor in a 4 way race. Tancredo is also outraising them. He has 10,000 donors contributing roughly $60 each. The establishment wants to run 2006 landslide loser Beauprez. They are telling the others to drop out and stop Tancredo. Karl Rove is worried Tim Donnelly will win the GOP primary in California. From Texas to California candidates are winning opposing amnesty.

    The runoff in Texas had mostly good results. The Tea Party Lt Governor candidate ousted Dewhurst in Texas with 65%. He opposed tuition and a guestworker program.That is a huge difference to the legacy of Rick Perry, Bush and Dewhurst.

    The conservative AG candidate in Texas also had some smear against him regarding the SEC. He won with two thirds as well. He hit his opponent on driving privileges for illegals.

    John Ratcliffe who beat the incumbent Congressman in the runoff was involved in the arrest of 300 illegals for fraud. That was during the last years of Bush. After Bush got defeated on amnesty he was forced to do a few workplace raids. The true hardliner won.Brian Babin who won his primary was better than his opponent on immigration.

  6. Delilah says:

    Yes, that is true, take the business license away from the farmer and fine him heavily. Andy Tobin would never get my vote, that is not an option. Maybe you all just want to argue unless we say ok ok I give I have no opinion.

    I agree we need Tom Tancredo, I have met him several times and really like him and was very upset he quit Congress. And it looks like the establishment is going to be very upset starting with Mississippi. Even Haley Barbour’s brother has endorsed McDaniel, and his sons have said they will support whoever wins the primary. That tells you the Tea Party is winning there too.

  7. Everyman says:

    I can’t begin to imagine how the rest of us would have been treated after nearly THIRTY late property tax payments. Was Tobin fined? He certainly should have been. Too often elected “officials” begin to view themselves above the rest of us, and I believe they get that feeling from the special treatment accorded them.