Why is AZ AG Tom Horne under attack?

The answer is simple. Because Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne is an effective, conservative leader. You’ve seen and heard the assaults and blatant distortions. You’ve also seen this nefarious campaign strategy used against other conservatives by the liberal media and establishment cronies who are pushing their own hand-selected and acquiescent candidate —- lacking an actual track record.

Read the truthTake action. This August 26, 2014 primary race is crucial to Arizona conservatives who understand the importance of retaining the Attorney General’s Office and the active leadership of Tom Horne.

Read Attorney General Horne’s impressive bio and his list of achievements.

17 Responses to Why is AZ AG Tom Horne under attack?

  1. Villanova says:

    I see that state Rep. Paul Boyer hand-carried a letter to Attorney General Horn’s office telling Horne to drop his reelection bid. What hypocrisy from this guy who voted for Jan OBrewer’s Medicaid expansion before he voted against it. He actually stood right beside her at her press conference when she made the announcement. She endorsed him and this was his return gift. When he got wind of the fact that he was on the wrong side of the issue, he quickly switched his position.

    Know this. Paul Boyer has sold out, lock, stock and barrel, to the RINO contingent. He worked for both Andy Tobin and Steve Pierce and is a solid McCain and Flake ally. Of course he would follow the McRINO lead.

    When McCain, Tobin and Pierce were all censured by elected state and county committeemen and the Republican Executive Guidance Committee, where was Paul Boyer? He hid behind their skirts, never asking any of them to step aside. They are birds of a feather who support the establishment recruit, Mark Brnovich who will do their bidding and not rock the boat on issues relating to illegals such as requiring voter ID. Tom Horne has stood firm on these issues

    Has anyone ever asked Brnovich why his wife was looked on favorably enough by Janet Napolitano that she was appointed to a judgeship on the Superior Court bench? It wasn’t because Napolitano was keen to appoint conservative Republicans.

    • sykotek says:

      brnovich is takin’ th’ typical R.I.N.O. route: ask him questions based in logic & fact & he simply doesn’t address ’em…

  2. State Delegate says:

    One term Rep. Paul Boyer is desperately trying to make a name for himself playing footsy with the RINO hierarchy. He was endorsed by all of the open border McCain Republicrats, from John McShadegg to Bill McMontgomery, and is a supporter of Jeff McFlake. He worked for Steve Pierce and Andy Tobin, each of whom would be more honest running as Democrats.

    My bet is that legistraitor Boyer is positioning himself for a run at one of the congressional seats that will open when the free for all comes with McCain’s retirement or death. Residency in the congressional district is not required.

  3. ZOO says:

    Just made a contribution to Tom Horne 2014. A lot of us are ‘pinched’, but we cannot just sit idly by and watch another episode of McCain Heim Steamroller. Mr. Horne needs us now!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I agree, ZOO. I also just sent in a donation to Horne’s campaign. Re-electing Tom Horne is vitally important. He hasn’t and won’t, cave to the open border, pro-illegal alien crowd, which is why he is being savaged by the co-efforts of the unlikely bedfellows of the GOP establishment and the liberal media. These swine will dance with other pigs to attempt to get their mutual agenda through. Tom Horne is their worst nightmare. He actually argued in the federal courts to require voters to produce ID verifying they are who they claim to be. He successfully argued the case for secret ballots being cast by employees of unions who want to reject the leaders boot on the neck control.

      Andy Tobin is a longtime and unapologetic union supporter. That explains why his water boy Paul Boyer is riding his train.

      I sincerely hope this trickery backfires on the GOP elites.

  4. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Paul Boyer is a weak sister trying to emulate his pet pit bull.
    He is now running as a team with an unknown against conservative Representative Carl Seel. I hope the people who live in that district are clever enough to realize they can deal with this farce effectively.

    Have you noticed that the primary ballot will be filled from top to bottom with McCain toadies many of whom are breaking Reagan’s 11th Commandment about speaking ill of their fellow Republican candidates?

    Where is the leadership from AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham? He’s been as quiet as a McMouse.

  5. McCain's worse enemy says:

    I can tell you right now, McCain is romancing the State Party and Robert and his ego are falling all over themselves. There is also a lot going on there that I have heard they will get sued for, like harassment of employees and discrimination of employees.

    But as far as saying anything, like what? Why can’t you people get it through your heads the party can not get involved in primaries.

    • Enuff says:

      That’s the oldest canard in the books. The state GOP has always said there should be no pre-primary endorsements, but that has rarely been the case. I first got involved during the time Bob Fannin was the state Chairman, and I can tell you for a fact he became deeply involved in primary campaigns even for county offices.

      What you defend as fact is nothing more than high sounding blather, and since you present yourself as such a knowledgeable insider, you definitely should know that. As one single example among the many, how do you account for the multiple endorsement ads for pro-amnesty Jeff Flake by McCain and Kyl when conservative Wil Cardon was also in the race for US senate at the time?

  6. McCain's worse enemy says:

    He did it Mommy, He did it Mommy can I? Enuff the only blather I see is you is You. Is John McStan the Republican Party? Please this must be a new development, I did not know that. Please tell me what chairman had endorsed anybody in the Primary?

    • Enuff says:

      You are so full of yourself, you neglected to read what I wrote. Can you read “Bob Fannin?” I’ll spell it out slowly. B-O-B F-A-N-N-I-N.
      He was the AZ GOP STATE CHAIRMAN and made endorsements.

      He even tried to keep the winner of the Maricopa County Attorney primary off the plane that was making stops around the state. His own law partner Foster Robberson lost and Fannin was showing his vindictive side.

      • LD 23 PC says:

        RIGHT!! McCain, a sitting United States senator even involved himself in endorsing in a Glendale City Council primary! And would you believe, even with the great McCain’s support, his candidate Ephraim Cordova LOST. In 2004, McCain, Kyl and Betsey Bayless endorsed Andrew Pacheco for county attorney. Even with those stellar endorsements, he still LOST. Kyl endorsed Barbara Leff for the legislature in a crowded field, while McCain endorsed his former aide Deb Gullett for different seats in that same district McCain also endorsed congressional candidate Martin Sepulveda and Trent Franks endorsed Vernon Parker, also in a contested congressional primary. You can’t kid a kidder. These people have no idea of ethics.

      • McCain's worse enemy says:

        Ok, tomorrow I will call Bob and Lori and ask.

  7. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Note to azgary:

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  8. McCain's worse enemy says:

    LD 23, the best thing we can do is vote against anybody endorsed by Bill Montgomery, John McCain and or Jon Kyl. Jeffy is just a McCain tool, if Johnny boy endorses Jeffy falls right in line and Bill Montgomery not far behind.

  9. Night Owl says:

    Join me in supporting Tom Horne. He is doing a fine job as Attorney General, knows the law and personally argues cases with an astonishing success rate. No wonder he is being drawn and quartered by the media. McCain is desperately trying to control this state through his surrogates. He and his leftwing ideology are best served by those who run to the right and once elected show their actual tendencies as amnesty supporters, which to me is the most fundamental issue we Americans face. Our country is being overrun and we are supposed to agree to allow the takeover to continue, so fearful are we of being labeled bigots. I’m not a bigot, but I am a patriot. I expect those who come here to do so legally and acclimate to American culture as countless other actual immigrants have done, evidenced by their learning the English language, and celebrating our history as their own. What we see now are not immigrants. They are invaders. This invasion obviously fulfills the establishment dream, but it doesn’t fulfill mine for my children and theirs. I want to elect free people without McShackels. Tom Horne is at the top of my list.

  10. McCain's worse enemy says:

    Well said.

  11. gvjane says:

    Tom Horne has had lies and allegations thrown at him from the minute he announced…4 years ago. You have to believe in yourself and your goals t run up against Eric Holder every time you turn around. I will always vote for Tom over an opponent.