AZ GOP Gov candidate Christine Jones praises Hillary


Within two months following the deadly terrorist attacks at the American embassy in Benghazi, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones —- running as a Republican —- bizarrely lavished praise on radical leftist Democrat Hillary Clinton. Four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador, were murdered and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied, waffled, obfuscated, and ultimately hid out, claiming illness in her clumsy attempts at a cover-up to benefit Barack Obama and further her own aspirations.

Christine Jones’ abysmally faulty judgment is not an anomaly.  It’s chronic.

We’ve previously noted that as a key high dollar bundler for John McCain, conservative poser Jones generously donated to the campaigns of Democrats and RINOs. Now the former Go Daddy honcho, who has never evidenced any interest in the state Republican Party, arrogantly wants Arizona’s top job.

This post, “Who is AZ Guv candidate Christine Jones?” includes a video revealing her compulsive resume padding along with three stunning bold-face exposés. Take time to read the informative post and review the links. 

We can do better.

18 Responses to AZ GOP Gov candidate Christine Jones praises Hillary

  1. East valley PC says:

    I see Doug Ducey, another candidate for governor, is also on that list as a McCain bundler! A group supporting him is identified as being behind this negative ad. They are all snakes.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Former Congressman Frank Riggs is looking better by the minute! He’s the only one not tied to McCain (past or present) or his own outsized ego who can actually represent Arizona in a manner to make us proud.

    And gals, please don’t get me wrong, but we’ve clearly had our fill of left-lurching female governors to last us for a long time. As hard as it is to believe, Democrats Rose Mofford and Janet Napolitano have been outdone by Jan Brewer and even Jane Hull. I’m looking for a conservative.

  3. azgary says:

    there are only three candidates for office so far that I am sure to be voting for
    Al Melvin
    Diane Douglas
    Steve Smith

  4. Vetsgirl says:

    Good to know! I’ve been watching all the candidates and trying to decide. What about Andrew Thomas anyone?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Meanwhile, Dinesh D’Souza says that Hillary will finish off our country. His new documentary “America” set to hit theaters in July. There is also a book by the same title.
    If you want to see a clip, the has it up today.

  6. Delilah says:

    I have heard not only Ducey but Jones, and Smith are all McCain faithful. Andrew Thomas is still my choice, but what I am afraid of is the RINO’s will support anybody but Thomas. They think nothing of betraying the rest of us but think we should of course support them if they win the primary. I like Melvin, but I have heard that also he did not get on the ballot. But think about like this, if we only have one Conservative on the ballot he has a better chance of capturing the Primary.

    As far as Jones talking nice about Hillary, so does McCain, that should make us all weary of her.

  7. AZ GOP PC says:

    Andrew Thomas ? He’s great if you like the idea of a disbarred lawyer running as a conservative, who was not ashamed to take the endorsement of RINOs Rick Romley and Grant Woods and amnesty supporting Dimocrat Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and his firefighter’s union boss and lobbyist sidekick Billy Shields.
    Why would a man who campaigned on “Stopping illegal immigration,” partner up with even one of that sleazy crew ? He partnered with them ALL.

    He finally dropped his plan to sue Maricopa County for nearly $50 million when he saw the taxpayers who would be shelling out the big bucks weren’t taking kindly to his claim of “damages.’

    • ZOO says:

      Thomas fulfilled his campaign promise to the letter. Why did Romley, Woods, Gordon, and Shields endorse Thomas, since they are inductees in the open-borders amnesty-sucking hall of fame? The quartet apparently had zero influence on Thomas after the election, so why is this decade-old anomaly still an ‘issue?’ I have never understood it.

      • Delilah says:

        I am sure AZ GOP is pure like who ever he supports. Yes Andrew Thomas was disbarred, but The judge in the case is being investigated for corruption, he is a Liberal Democrat out to hurt all Conservatives. Andrew Thomas is the only Candidate with a track record of prosecuting the Illegals.

        But as usual another filthy campaigner, instead of just giving us your reason your candidate is ready to be governor you trash the opposition.

      • AZ GOP PC says:

        His alignments speak to a coreless individual who will grovel with the lowest of the low if it appears to suit his immediate needs. I read your comments often and suspect you wouldn’t accept an endorsement from four despicable liberals who stood against everything you stood for. There is something fundamentally disturbing in such actions.

      • ZOO says:

        I’m still curious why they endorsed him to begin with, and I think that is the question. Did they endorse Thomas to get conservatives to vote against him? We’re they scared ****less of him and did this out of desperation? John McCain was a Democrat (and STILL is), but starched-crotch Republican primary voters have rushed to re-elect him 82 times. I don’t ever recall any politician publicly ‘refusing’ an endorsement(s).

      • Villanova says:

        They endorsed him because they were asked to do so. He was not their choice. The question to ask is why did he stand with the and gratefully accept the endorsement?

        Think this through. Would he stand with them if he thought their endorsements would cause conservatives to vote again him? Not a chance. Why are you unable to place any blame for conspiring with these leftists on the candidate who benefited from their support? One was a popular and often elected county attorney, the other a former attorney general, one a repeatedly elected mayor. Another a firefighter’s union head who could bring in the labor union’s vote, They each had a following that benefited the candidate.

    • ZOO says:

      They endorsed him because they were asked to do so? Since when do wild-eyed leftist like Phil Gordon (and a Democrat to boot) jump on request to endorse a conservative Republican? With all due respect, that theory makes no more sense than the endorsements themselves. Andrew Thomas ripped some new ones during his term. As Hillary says – what does it (the endorsements) matter now?

      Andrew Thomas was instrumental in convincing Napolitano to sign the human smuggling law, then we all watched her drop her teeth when he started prosecuting smugglees. As the former AZ Attorney General – it’s like she never heard of the term “accessory” – (?) God forbid an elected law officer fighting against the McGOP, the McChamber of Commerce, the McCatholic Church, the McWestern Growers Association, the McMaricopa County Board of Supervisors, and a couple million squatting illegal aliens be cunning, conniving, and have ulterior motives. We certainly can’t have that.

      I don’t think many truly appreciate just what we are up against. The scum of the earth has targeted Joe, Russell, J.D., Andrew, and Wil because they were speaking out and standing up against the Treason Lobby – and doing so with high profiles. I watched in horror as the Gang of Nine Republicans killed 5 bills (AFTER Russell was recalled) that we desperately needed to stop the transition to Mexifornia. I also watched in horror as John Cavanaugh and Sylvia Allen – two outspoken on illegal immigration state legislators that I held in high esteem – buckle and endorse Jeff Flake in 2012. Fear of being targeted? Absurd! Why aren’t THEY being trashed for THEIR endorsements?

      I signed Al Melvin’s petition and sent him the $5 back in March, but I now believe the gubernatorial race is sizing up to be a divide and conquer – fool most of the people all of the time side show. Christine Jones has some of the strongest words you’ll ever hear against illegal immigration on her website video – but I don’t believe a word of it. She has been scripted to draw votes away from Melvin, Thomas, and Riggs – to hand the race to Ducey (leading in the latest May poll.)

      If it is in fact going to boil down to a fixed, rigged, and construed scheme by the Treason Lobby orchestrated to elect Ducey, then I will vote my conscious and go with the candidate who has demonstrated beyond any doubt NO FEAR of the McMachine. We’ve been down this road twice in four years. I’ve had enough.

  8. goodyearconservative says:

    Andrew Thomas, Al Melvin and Frank Riggs are the only candidates not tied to the McCain establishment. However Thomas doesn’t have a campaign website up and Melvin’s campaign is really weak. So for me Frank Riggs is the only choice and due to him being a former congressman I really hope he gets endorsements from house and senate conservatives to boost his campaign.

    Oh and this just in Trent franks has betrayed us yet again. He is backing John McCain and Jon Kyl’s puppet Doug McDucey.

    • CD 8 Voter says:

      I couldn’t be more disgusted with Trent Franks. He’s left the reservation and been incrementally alienating his base, but doesn‘t care since he has never lost an election. He’s now devoting himself to jockeying for the senate seat when McCain is hauled out, and wants to be given McCain’s blessing to ascend to the senate throne. He’ll do it without my support and vote.
      Franks also endorsed Mark McBronovich.