Hey bigots! Still Googling?

The Daily Caller’s The Mirror gives us the low-down on what Google thinks of conservatives. Clue? It isn’t good.

After reading their description, you might want to Google for a new search engine. Actually, we’ve done the work for you. ‘Search Engine Watch’ provides a dozen options. Click on Escape Google with these 12 search engine alternatives.


3 Responses to Hey bigots! Still Googling?

  1. Clementine says:

    I’m a proud right-winger and am most assuredly NOT a bigot. This so-called definition is beyond insulting.

  2. Orion says:

    Want to know the full extent of Google’s left wing bias? Yhis link is telling:


  3. VINOAZ says:

    Stopped using those you know what’s some time ago. Bing is great!
    Liberalism is a mental and moral disorder. It is destroying our culture and our country.