Huppenthal outed as anonymous commenter on blogs

After 31 years at the public trough, it’s time to retire the increasingly bizarre John Huppenthal: Vote Diane Douglas

CBS Channel 5 provides this coverage of what AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal does in his spare time.  Judging from various news reports, it appears Huppenthal has a lot of it. Seeing Red AZ has  made no bones about the fact we hope he has even more after the Primary Election votes are counted on August 26, 2014.

Conservative syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin who has devoted the past two years to sounding the alarm on Common Core, supports Diane Douglas. Read her endorsement.

Huppenthal’s staff offered a statement explaining John Huppenthal’s proclivities which can be read in the Channel 5 link and this report in the daily newspaper, which includes Channel 12 video coverage. His comments —- sometimes posted late night/early morning —- but often during time when he should be tending to his duties and on the state computer —- use the monikers “Thucydides,” “Socrates1289,” and “Falcon9.”

The Arizona Daily Star has been following Huppenthal’s blog prowls, also.

Back in September, unaware we were dealing with the state’s top educrat —- in a post that garnered 35 comments —- SRAZ chastised Huppenthal’s alias “Socrates 1289” with these words:

You have tried dominating this section with over a dozen comments. Although some have been posted, don’t expect to see any others. Your wild accusations, name calling and warning to others that this is an untruthful site, will not fly here. This conservative, fact-based site obviously is not the place for you.

It is frenzied candidate John Huppenthal, meeting strong opposition to his bonding with Arne Duncan and Obama’s educare, who is untruthful. He deviously wants to change the name “Common Core” to “Arizona College and Career Ready Standards” hoping no one will notice. We all have and will not forget. Huppenthal is rightly sweating his upcoming election and has taken refuge in deceit.”

Huppenthal has commanded a lot of attention on this site:

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May 12, 2014: AZ Education Superintendent race goes national

Check through these previous posts and it becomes apparent Huppenthal leaves a lot to be desired. Common Core is serious business. America‘s children are the pawns in the alarming game of federal overreach. As happens too frequently, those we trusted are attempting to hoodwink us with catchy jargon and glib name changes. Now as a worried candidate facing angry parents, Huppenthal has reconstructed the name, though keeping the rotten core of Common Core and spends hours defending his indefensible actions on blogs —- often on the taxpayer’s dime. 

Our education house is made of cards. It’s time to rebuild with a solid foundation. Conservative Diane Douglas deserves your vote and support.

12 Responses to Huppenthal outed as anonymous commenter on blogs

  1. Charlie Conservative says:

    Huppenthal! Your barbarians are at the gates and the voting booths are next!

    • Chandler GOP PC says:

      Good reminder, Charlie!
      Back in 2000, I lived in the old legislative district 6 in Chandler when John Huppenthal was in the state senate. He was an arrogant fool even then. The only thing that has changed with the passing of time is that his arrgance and foolishness have intensitifed. He never was able to give a straight answer to anything, always rambling and trying his best to sound like a bookish intellectual. It was difficult to lsiten to him pontificate on his self importance and superiority, when most of us in the room where a whole lot smarter than him and knew it.

  2. American Dad says:

    Republicans have a real choice in this upcoming election. That’s why Michelle Malkin gave this glowing endorsement to Diane Douglas. This crucial election has national implications.

  3. Doc says:

    As a Father, it enrages me to no end how this loon-a-tik even has ANYTHING WHAT-SO-EVER to do with my kid’s education. He needs a psych-eval @ an Emergency Room STAT!!!

  4. Seen It All says:

    Those of us who had occasion to intereact with John Huppenthal when he was a state senator were unanimous in our complaint about him: He was unable to think on his feet and had to take everything “under advisement’ or “study it.” He obviously thought that made him sound scholarly. In truth it made him the butt of jokes around the Capitol. The standard was don’t hold your breath expecting a timely response. Hupp is very busy trying to “think.”

    • Doc says:

      Apparadently…ol’ hupp is very buzy serf-ing th’ inter-blogz tikkin’ Arizonans off! Not that THAT matters, or that our Kids matter, ‘cuz he’s in th’ Chicago mob with our legialators & th’ annoying 1…

  5. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    The single thing to remember is that Diane Douglas stands in strong opposition to Common Core.

    John Huppenthal not only supports this Obama blessed federal destruction of locally controlled education (ie school boards which we elect) but puts our kids further into the leftist NEA mill. He also supports Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan and bragged about it.
    This unbelievable press release shows Huppenthal’s support for Obama’s Education Schemer-in-Chief is from the RINO Huppenthal’s own Dept. of Education:

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    This CBS Ch. 5 newscast on the Huppenthal expose actually shows the Seeing Red AZ website!! Good publicity for my go to site:

    • ZOO says:

      CBS 5 appears to be inciting ‘rage’ over Huppenthal’s remarks regarding “Mexican-American studies” in the TUSD – in which case his remarks are valid. I wonder why they chose that particular topic when the classes were halted under Arizona law? Are they campaigning to bring them back?

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        The media’s liberal bent is no secret. You just zoned in on and clarified what they are all about. Good catch.

  7. PC in LD18 says:

    I’m a PC in LD18 and I whole-heartedly support Diane Douglas for SPI. She is the real deal. Anybody that has attended a “debate” (if you can call it that) between her and Huppy knows afterward that she knows her stuff and will do all in her power to restore local control back to parents. She KNOWS what Common Core “is.” She KNOWS how far the progressive take-over of our schools has come (even before Common Core was unleashed on the ignorant masses). She has the guts to stop it.

  8. Justin says:

    John Huppenthal is just being John Huppenthal. He’s an oddball, He has been an oddball. He will continue to be an oddball. What actually surprises me is not his bizarre behavior. It’s the fact that he was ever elected to any office, much less a statewide one.