AZ Republic uses dead dogs to bash Arpaio, give pass to Flake & Update

Animal cruelty linked to Sen. Jeff Flake’s son and his wife

By now most Arizona residents know about the tragedy of the heat induced deaths suffered by 23 dogs in an East Valley home-based kennel.

In death, the beloved pets have morphed into PETA approved, politically correct, “companion animals” in the daily’s editorial.

As authentic pet lover Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigates this horrific abuse case, the outlandish newspaper editorial uses this as an opportunity to slam the conservative they love to hate, with these words, ”But Maricopa County’s flamboyant sheriff needs to focus on the facts, not the drama.”

Todd Hughes the owner of the boarding facility, has been a bad actor throughout this despicable saga, lying about the number of dogs involved and claiming they merely ran away.  No professional veterinarians were called to help. Instead, dying dogs were heartlessly hosed down in a crude attempt to cool them.

Nearly two dozen dogs were housed in a ten-by-ten laundry room.

But readers had to get to the twelfth paragraph in the seventeen paragraph editorial to find out that Hughes and his wife were out of town when the deaths occurred. The animals were being cared for by their daughter Logan and her husband, Austin Flake, the son of U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake. “This high-profile connection should not matter,” the editorial opines, “but it will raise public interest and attract enhanced scrutiny. Such are the wages of politics.”

And the newspaper’s sarcasm-laced references to the Sheriff? Obviously they are also simply the wages of politics — hate-filled, left wing politics —- the type the Arizona Republic has turned into an art form.

These MCSO press releases contain the facts, the newspaper claims to want:

June 23, 2014Sheriff Arpaio Promises Full Investigation into Deaths of 20 Dogs in Gilbert, AZ Boarding Facility —  — “No stone will go unturned”

June 26, 2014:  Sheriff Arpaio Orders Mounted Posse to Assist in Search for Missing Dog from Gilbert Boarding Facility . . . Launches Helicopter to Aid in Ground Search Sheriff to Attend Saturday Vigil for Deceased Dogs

Although the newspaper will surely disapprove, we’ll share more Flake family values in this post, Generational Flakes, from one year ago regarding Tanner, another of Jeff Flake’s sons. In this case, Papa Flake rushed to the rescue, apologizing for his son‘s online spew of vile racist, anti-Semitic, and homosexual slurs. Tanner was nowhere to be found.

Will Sen. Jeff Flake now be moved to issue an apology to the grieving families for the slipshod care that resulted in the deaths of their beloved pets?


Thursday, July 24, 2014:

Dead rabbits found at Gilbert kennel where 23 dogs died

Two rabbits, who did not receive sufficient water on the hottest day of the year, have died at the Green Acre pet boarding facility in Gilbert. Temperatures reached 116 degrees.

 This is the same kennel where nearly two dozen dogs died last month. After necropsies were performed on the some of the animals, the veterinarian concluded the cause of death was likely suffocation. There was no evidence that the dogs had chewed through air conditioner wires as the owners claimed. The dogs were crammed into a small, insufficiently cooled  room, where they died.

“According to court documents, two people related to the property owners were in charge of the animals while the kennel operators were out of town.”

The Arizona Republic used these words to conceal the fact that U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake’s 21-year-old son, Austin, and daughter-in-law, Logan, were supposedly caring for the pets while her parents — the onsite owners —- were out of town. 

Although the animal neglect and cruelty resulting in the deaths of the dogs in their care was horrific, the newspaper apparently doesn’t find their names even worthy of mention. We do.


6 Responses to AZ Republic uses dead dogs to bash Arpaio, give pass to Flake & Update

  1. blained13 says:

    Any chance the repulsive gets to bash Sheriff Joe, they are happy with themselves. Flake has certainly covered his six kids but isn’t that what parents do? Unlike the repulsive, I’ll wait to hear about the investigation after it’s been completed.

    Sheriff Joe has no allegiance to Flake or his family, they have done nothing to help him when the feds came crushing down. I feel bad for the families who lost their dogs. Justice isn’t always swift and those idiots at the repulsive know it.

    • Kimball says:

      Sorry, but you are wrong. Parents PARENT their children. Providing cover for illicit actions is not “what parents do.” Honorable parents who see value in teaching their children to be respectable adults, do not cover for them. They INSTRUCT them in the difference between right and wrong from the earliest ages. The narcissist Flake, who bleaches his hair and posts his shirtless image on the Internet, uses his position to hobble his kids. His daughter sees value in participating in beauty pageants and his son Tanner got away with his dad apologizing for his obscene, racist Internet actions. Flake is appropriately named.

      His son Austin, who was supposed to be caring for the dogs housed at the home kennel got married last year when he was only 20 years old. Most parents would discourage an immature son barely out of his teens from getting married. Here’s the grownup couple who neglected the dogs and allowed them to suffer horrible deaths, outside the Mesa Temple…..

  2. Fed Up says:

    SRAZ: You must have heard that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is keeping a very low profile in this awful case, preferring not to “speculate.”

    Identifying himself as a “combat veteran,” Montgomery was an early endorser of non-military veteran Jeff Flake when Flake ran for the US Senate. Montgomery is obviously hoping for a quid pro quo endorsement when he tries sliding into McCain’s senate perch when McGeezer finally takes a hike.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Neither Flake nor Montgomery have any use for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Remember that Montgomery repaid Arpaio’s campaign help by insultingly describing the Sheriff as appearing like an Alzheimer’s patient, which is obviously untrue. he said it during what he thought was a private converstion, but was actually being taped. Montgomery is Arizona’s own Donald Sterling.

    Count me solidly in Joe Arpaio’s corner. McFlake and McMontgomery have one another and their mentors McCain and McKyl. very cozy.

  4. Judy Petitto  says:

    Shame on the AZ Republic. Small wonder we stopped getting that publication just for reasons like this.The Flake’s need to be held accountable and we are all thankful for Sheriff Joe.

  5. Ellsworth says:

    What a bunch of flakes. The truth is, the Flakes are all appropriately named.