Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Send troops to the border

  “….at least I know where the border is!”

Sunday’s Drudge Report headlines our own Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s call for Barack Obama to deploy the U.S. military to the Mexican border to work bilaterally in controlling the flood of illegal aliens crossing into the United States.

Listen (click on audio bar at 10:54) to hear Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as he is interviewed by Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on The Answer, 970 AM New York — transmitted across the globe from Tel Aviv. 

Arpaio says, “If we are worried about the danger, then I would send the military across the border, work with their military bilaterally and get the job done. That’s what I would do and we’d clean up this mess.”

Our no-nonsense sheriff, renown for his tough stance on illegal immigration, was asked how he would help clean up the immigration mess if he were advising the White House. He responded unequivocally, “Why do they have to go to court? The minute they cross the border, put them on an airplane and send them back.”

“I spent many, many years as a regional director in Mexico City, Central, and South America, also I was the head of the DEA in Texas and Arizona.” Arpaio added, “ So at least I know where the border is!”

I would go back to what I did in Mexico. We were operational. We let agents carry guns. We worked right along with the Mexican authorities, locking up drug peddlers….worked together and got things done.

Arpaio noted that 38 percent of illegal-alien inmates in his Maricopa County jails who are turned over to federal authorities for violating immigration law return “over and over again on various criminal charges, which violates their [the fed’s] own policy and criteria that they are supposed to be deported.”

“Either they [convicted illegal alien felons] are coming across that border multiple times or they are being dumped on the streets of Arizona,” he said.

WND also carries the linked broadcast.

An exasperated Arpaio, referring to the deluge of unaccompanied minors flooding across the southern border, recently told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, “You talk about the Border Patrol, they’re too busy changing diapers and not going after dope peddlers and illegal immigrants.”

Border Patrol agents are allegedly being told that if they speak out about the situation, they will be disciplined or charged with a crime.

7 Responses to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Send troops to the border

  1. VINOAZ says:

    BHO is not going to send troops to the border or defend the USA against this hostile invasion. His words and policies are encouraging the flood of illegals. It is part of his plan to fundamentally transform the USA into a second rate country. His damage to the country will exceed Carter’s damage to the West, Middle East and Christians. Carter is a nitwit and largely doesn’t know any better. BHO is not dumb and is far more dangerous.

  2. ZOO says:

    Illegal alien “children” cannot be deported without going through a court due to federal legislation passed in 2008 and signed by George W. Bush.

    • Kent says:

      George Bush exacerbated our border problems. Jeb bush, married to a Mexican born woman, would be even worse. And his son George P. Bush, is being primed to run in the future. He’s already been elected Land Commissioner in Texas. Watch out, the dynasty is marching.

  3. Maggie says:

    God bless Joe Arpaio. He is Arizona’s treasure!

  4. LD 28 PC says:

    Shawnna Bolick is running for the state legislature in LD 28. Her husband is Clint Bolick who has co-authored a pro-amnesty book with Jeb Bush. Don’t be fooled by his work at the Goldwater Institute. It is a Libertarian think tank, NOT a Conservative one. To give you an example of its flagrant open border agenda, Jeff Flake was it’s first chairman. Much of Shawnna Bolick’s campaignmoney is coming from it’s membership who are equal and often the same as the amnesty supporting Chambers of Commerce. Also, the Goldwater Institute is not pro-life.

    Shawnna’s husband wrote two contemptuous “White Papers” against Joe Arpaio. They were printed in their entirety by the open borders/amnesty promoting Arizona Republic newspaper. They have been conveniently removed from the GI now that Shawnna is a candidate, who claims to be a conservative.

    Listen to Bolick’s threats that “Arizona could turn blue because Republicans are not perceived as welcoming.” Interestingly, Clint is NOT a Republican. He’s a registered Independent. I’m a PC in LD 28 and have the GOP walking lists. He has a lot of gall to pompously tell conservative Republicans how we are perceived!!

    • ZOO says:

      Who in the heck are the “Alliance of Principled Conservatives” that are pushing Shawnna Bolick as a “good guy” along with other candidates? With Kate McGee as the ‘alternative’ and treasonous immigration lawyer and “Gang Of Nine” member Adam Driggs uncontested for the Senate, LD 28 is an armpit. I won’t be holding my nose for any of these scourges.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        Right on! And Mark Bornovich who is a Kyl and Montgomery recruited McRINO challenging incumbent conservative Attorney General Tom Horne, also worked at the Goldwater Institute. His spotty career is like a hopscotch game drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. Never too long in one spot except for being a Brewer appointee overseeing the state lottery and other legalized gambling entities, which when the state gets a slice of the action, suddenly morph into “gaming.”