Obama regime reconfigures invasion as “a humanitarian crisis” needing $billions

Just when you think Barack Obama might have exhausted his ideas on how to bring the United States of America to its knees, he has pulled yet another Marxist scheme from his endless bag of tricks.

Now he is requesting a nearly $4 billion taxpayer-funded bailout to resettle the reported 52,000 “immigrant children” flooding our borders.  The words “humanitarian crisis” with or without the word “urgent,“ are glibly tossed around as he is now characterizes the onslaught as “refugees” fleeing political turbulence in Central America.

This is a “crisis” contrived by Obama.

We are told the money is needed to set up new detention facilities, conduct more aerial surveillance, hire more immigration judges and Border Patrol agents to respond to the contrived assault of 52,000 children on the U.S.

Let’s not forget that the Obama regime has spent years saying the border has never been more secure than it is now. We’ve heard that mantra from Obama and previously from former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano in her role as chief of Homeland Security as well as during her time in our state. Infamous for inaction as she ridiculed fence construction, Napolitano continually stated, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder. That’s the way the border works.”

Wake up, America! Under the Obama regime, we are experiencing a brand of previously unknown political turbulence ourselves. The wall we were promised has never materialized. In fact, we were told it would pose a risk to our invaders. The National Guard units dispatched to provide security to our homeland were hastily withdrawn. The $20 million highly touted technology failed. Obama’s deceitful cheap talk and costly “solutions” are fraudulent.

In the worst economy since the Great Depression, the man who considers our Constitution an annoyance and himself an emperor, now tries to convince us to pony up more money to guarantee Third World status for ourselves.

As a border state, Arizona is on the front lines in this battle. Violent drug cartels have now taken over the illegal alien transporting business. Patriots in California have blocked the buses dumping illegals in their towns. The recent Independence Day observances should energize us to stand up against oppression from an overreaching government. That’s exactly what the yearly celebrations commemorate.

Listen as Obama —- the elected leader of the United States, sworn to uphold our Constitution and protect American citizens —- boldly mocks security efforts and spews lies regarding the border.


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  1. azgary says:

    this invasion is the fault of all amnesty pushers, republican and democrat. everybody who is for legalizing illegals, not punishing those who employ them etc….

    they are offering a reward to illegals to invade us and charge it to American citizens and illegals are coming for that reward.

    McRINO Outraged Amnesty Hasn’t Been Passed: We Are “Depriving” Illegal Immigrants Of Their “Human Rights”…

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Obama is continuing the Bush legacy. You’re right, azgary, there is plenty of blame to go around, but Obama is at the head of the classless class. McCain and Flake have conned enough Arizonans to keep getting elected, even as they connive with the most liberal of democrats to stick a knife in our backs. What does it take for Arizonans to grow a spine and oust these imposters?
      They have been repeating the false numbers of 10-11 million illegals for years. These are much more accurate, using data from a variety of sources in their compilations:

    • azgary says:

      Rep. Jeff Flake: GOP Needs Immigration Reform to Win in 2016
      Wednesday, 09 Jul 2014 08:51 PM
      By Greg Richter


      • Hagar says:

        No wonder McFlake is currently doing ads on Fox News for über RINO Bob Worsley running scared for re-election as a…wait for it.. “conservative” in LD25. McFlake is desperate for so-called Republican support in the Arizona legislature for his amnesty agenda.

      • VINOAZ says:

        Are some of the invaders wearing “I love Obama sneakers:?

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The surge of illegals accelerated in 2002 after George W. Bush proposed a temporary worker (the term ‘temporary worker’ rated higher with focus groups than the previously used and now less favored ‘guest worker’) program. Either way, it amounted to amnesty, allowing millions here illegally to remain in the U.S. legally.
    It’s nearly impossible to imagine the raw gall it takes for yet another Bush, this time one with the catchy nickname “Jeb,” to have a go at the presidency. To make matters worse, he is deeply engrained in Mexican culture, fluent in Spanish, and married to a Mexican born woman. His daughter, Noelle, is also deeply engrained in the culture, as a hard core drug addict. And his son George P. Bush is being readied for future national office after recently winning the Texas Land Commissioner’s post. These are dangerous dynasty bent politics, from father to sons and grandson. We can no longer be taken in by a Republican label. When it comes to providing actual national security to Americans, they all lie as they favor the illegals , from the Bushes to McCain, Kyl and Flake. They call their deceptive actions “bi-partisan” as they join with the most liberal Democrats in increasing their leftwing voting bloc.

  3. LD 28 PC says:

    The Goldwater Institute’s continually nodding Clint Bolick co -authored a pro-amnesty book with Jeb Bush and the two made the rounds of the talk circuit promoting it. Don’t mistake the Goldwater Institute as a conservative ‘think tank.” It. Is. NOT. It’s more aligned with the pro-amnesty Chambers of Commerce as they support importation of more workers to compete against Americans in this miserable economy and against our own kids for college admissions.

    Watch as Bolick ominously warns Arizona “could turn blue because Arizonans are not perceived as ‘welcoming‘” of our invaders. Beware. His wife Shawnna, who claims to be a conservative, is now running for the state House in LD 28.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Bolick also claims he comes from Arizona. He’s a DC beltway guy who moved here a few years ago after bouncing around the country. In 1980, he ran for a seat in the California State Assembly (legislature) as a Libertarian and lost big time with only 7.1 % of the vote. He is not “from” Arizona. He was born in New Jersey! And to this day, he is not a registered Republican. He’ll only be able to vote for his wife by pulling a Republican ballot, though he doesn’t care enough about the Republican party to be part of it. The open primary scam plays well for this power grabbing couple and their ilk.

  5. VINOAZ says:

    I hope the Republicans are not foolish enough to give him one cent. I do not understand the rationale for allowing the invasion and ruination of our country. Suicide is not sweet my friend.

  6. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry said today that less than 2 percent of the nearly $4 BILLION dollars requested by King Obama is actually earmarked to implement border security! We don’t need to fund more immigration judges and holding facilities or buy boxloads of frozen burritos. We need to get these illegals fast tracked back home to Central America. If that’s not possible, send them to Mexico!

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did you hear the phone conversation yesterday between Rush Limbaugh and a retired couple from San Bernadino County, CA ?
    They are Catholic, and the man is a retired physician.

    They both took turns talking to Rush.

    The couple stated that the Feds had apparently contacted the Catholic Diocese for that area in California and requested that individual parish priests meet with their flocks and encourage parishioners to take these “children” into their homes.
    They were told by the priests that the Feds would reimburse them for feeding, housing, clothing and educating the illegals.

    Amazingly, this couple told Rush that 70% of their parish agreed to take in these illegals.

    The couple stated that they did Not sign on to this fiasco.
    They stated that there is a FEMA facility that is Not being used just a few miles away from their community.
    The man (retired physician) spoke about the serious health issues among the illegals and the gag orders that doctors and nurses are under.

    (you might check Rush’s website for the transcript of this call—the conversation was lengthy)

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