Obama’s deplorable display of hilarity illustrates border disconnect

The adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is twice as potent when viewing the President of the United States at a meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry Wednesday. These must-see photos linked on PJ Media were taken during a discussion of the crisis resulting from the flood of unaccompanied children and teens —- now estimated at 57,000 —- illegally crossing into the U.S. from Central America.

Although Barack Obama has described the situation on the border as a “humanitarian crisis,” he clearly is not taking the discussion as seriously as others at the table. Contrast his unbridled hilarity with the seriousness displayed by Gov. Perry and other members of the governor’s team.

While visiting Texas for a $10,000 a person to $32,400 per couple a plate barbeque fundraiser raising money for Democrat congressional candidates, Obama refused to visit the border. His lack of first-hand knowledge of the magnitude of the crisis that he has done nothing to alleviate has not restrained him from requesting nearly $4 billion in emergency funding —– with the majority earmarked for processing and care for the children, and not securing America’s sieve-like border.

There’s nothing that is taking place down there that I am not intimately aware of and briefed on,” Obama offered.

U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-South Carolina) has criticized the funding request, suggesting foreign aid should be docked to pay for it. “I think it’s a charade,” he said. “I think the president has set it up to make it look as though the only reason he’s not enforcing the border is because he doesn’t have the money. And that’s not accurate.”

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  1. Villanova says:

    Besides being a dangerous Marxist, Barack Obama is an egotistical and disconnected jerk. But the bigger jerks are those Americans who, despite seeing the unfathomable damage he has done to this country, re-elected him to a second term. How do they look their children in the eyes?

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Any member of congress who votes a red cent to fund this $4 BILLION request should be voted out of office. The ousting of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, was not an aberration. It was a very clear illustration of the voters having had their fill of being lied to. As a conservative, I cheered when I saw the election results. We need to emulate that here in Arizona, starting with the two sad excuses for US Senators, masquerading as Republicans. Whenever I see any candidate publicizing endorsements from McCain, Flake, Kyl or Montgomery, I withhold my vote from that candidate. Join me. That will send a massive message.

  3. ZOO says:

    The vicious and deceitful, pro-amnesty anti-enforcement agenda of Rupert Murdoch, FOX News, and the Murdoch-owned Phoenix affiliate KSAZ Fox 10 that pumps out covert propaganda – remains undeterred and running amok. Wednesday night they sunk to a new low.

    A report on the mother of Mesa police officer Brandon Mendoza (killed in May by a drunken illegal alien driving the wrong way on the freeway) focuses on a letter she wrote to Obama regarding her son’s death. In that report, local Fox reporters contend that Mendoza’s mother:

    1) blames her son’s death on a “broken immigration system”
    2) wants to push for “immigration reform”
    3) wants reform and a pathway to citizenship for those who have not broken other laws

    The problem is she never said any of those things in the taped interview. Another problem is her letter to Obama never mentions ANY of these road-worn ‘talking points’ that FOX fabricated and injected for its pro-amnesty propaganda piece. In fact, she spells out the rage that most of us feel about the oligarchy’s intentional refusal to enforce the laws.

    KSAZ has put words in the mouth of Mendoza’s grieving mother and twisted her demand for enforcement of immigration laws into a stump for Comprehensive Immigration Reform [amnesty]. You can fool a helluva lot of people all the time. KSAZ 10 makes Republica TV look like amateurs. Haven’t Murdoch and his tabloid trollops learned that amnesty – like Obama’s DACA – would only serve to draw In millions more like the subhuman that killed Mendoza’s son? Of course, they have.

    The broadcasted story (video):


    The letter to Obama (scroll down):


    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thank you for this overview and the two links. You have done an excellent job of pointing out the propaganda that is churned out by the local media and presented as fact.

      You beat us to the punch. This should have been a stand alone post. Your effort in getting this seen is appreciated.

      • ZOO says:

        Thanks SRAZ. How many thousands/millions of Arizona residents now support “C.I.R.” out of sympathy for the Mendoza family stemming from this falsified promotion?

        I have often thought that I was the only one in Arizona that saw the KSAZ FOX multi-part ‘docudrama’ slamming Russell Pearce in May 2011 – that contributed hugely to his defeat at the polls. Murdoch and KSAZ FOX 10 are as dangerous or more dangerous than the Gannett consortium because the masses have the mindset that they are “conservative.” I would like to see a new “category” or two added to your arsenal.

  4. William Heuisler says:

    Next time you see that clip of Obama meeting Governor Perry, take special note of the body language. What you see is an anxious Beta-male patting and grinning at an Alpha. Obama is nervous as Hell around Perry who looks like he might just pop him. Whatever you think of Perry, he’s serious and irritable… Come to think of it he might make a good President.

    • State Committeeman says:

      I agree. Perry is far more impressive these days than he was during his presidential run. It’s just hard to shake those catastrophic ‘brain freeze’ debate images.

  5. Borderhawk says:

    Another problem is that open borders shills like Mick Mulvaney aka Mick Menendez (R-South Carolina’s 5th); and Matt McSalmon are pretending they are immigration hawks.

    You can look up their amnesty speak when they’ve been on the Ingraham show. I also wonder about the political skills of some of these RINOs. It is bad enough they are RINOs but they are butchering Republican prospects.

    When Trey Gowdy’s amnesty agenda was undermined, by Steve King, he complained to the media. King has been under the skin of Boehner and Cantor for a while. King’s amnesty tour started in Richmond in July 2013.

    “Did you hear his five minutes?” Gowdy asked a scrum of reporters about King’s statement. ”He took one line from my opening statement about a remedy that lasts a lifetime and lectures me about the rule of law. I was a prosecutor for 15 years.”


    The only anti amnesty Congress members from SC are Tim Scott( who got 90% in his primary) and Joe “You Lie” Wilson (who got 80% against a Libertarian tinged candidate). Jim DeMint consistely got 80% in his primary while Graham got 56 or 58%. Lindsey Graham and McCain haven’t exactly got a congressional amnesty bill to Bush or Obama so I don’t know if they are the best spokesmen. Id be more worried if McSalmon, Raul Labrador, Rand Paul and some others came up with a supposed amnesty lite scam. Rand Paul has already screwed himself on voter fraud and Cochran’s tactics. Cochran’s method actually hurts the amnesty brigade. We have a divided GOP that needs to win AR,LA,NC and some other states. There is a conservative independent candidate running in South Dakota against RINO Mike Rounds.

    When you got Graham (Hispanic family values can relate to a 50 year old bachelor) and full spectrum nutcase McCain it doesn’t help your agenda whether it is political speech, arming Muslims or open borders.

    Also in the article a mention big border talking RINO Ted Poe. It is a good thing Self Deport candidate John Ratcliffe (TX 4th) beat Ralph Hall in the primary. Hall isn’t pro-amnesty but he should have distanced himself from donations from Ted Poe, Blake Farenthold, Joe Barton and John Boehner.

    The only members who really oppose amnesty are with Steve King. Dana Rohrabacher, Ted Yoho(FL), Kerry Bentivolio, Bachmann, Steve Stockman and others.

    Kerry Bentivolio actually has a tough primary. Foreclosure King Dave Trott overnight on June 10th decided he would oppose all forms of amnesty or legal status. Use google and search for any mention of immigration by Candidate Dave Trott(southwest Detroit, Michigan) before June. There is none. He is endorsed by every chamber group. Kerry Bentivolio had a Dreamer (25 year old Restaurant manager) in his office and he shouted him down and told him his parents broke the law. Kerry has been bashing amnesty all throughout 2013 as soon as the gang was fored.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    The man who says that he does not like photo-ops was photographed at a barbeque joint in Texas, flashing his credit card. And the photograph revealed his credit card number.
    No wonder Valerie Jarrett, his handler, is now openly traveling with him. He’s out of control.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    Whoa there, Podnuhs, let’s pull in the reins on this here Ric McPerry talk, put it back in the barn and take a look at his real brand. He is a liberal, big-government, pro-amnesty globalist. He is the sanctuary governor of a sanctuary state. He has never criticized any of his openly declared sanctuary cities. He is the sitting governor who said “If any bill like AZ’s SB1070 lands on my desk, I will veto it immediately.” He refuses to consider a secure fence complex on the TexMex border, encouraging an expanding Congress to spend the money elsewhere. He is the governor who is hosting the North American Union trans-global highway, seizing private property by imminent domain for the right-of-way. He took over a state with a booming economy, thanks to gas & oil industries, and now he is trying to take credit for that.

    Ric McPerry is the governor who forced his government high school Spanish students to memorize and pledge/sing the Mexican pledge of allegiance and national anthem. When a young patriot refused, McPerry expelled him. The last I heard, McPerry was suing the young man in federal court to keep him from re-enrolling in a TX government school.

    McPerry has a healthy unpublicized affection for Islam. He is the governor who tried to impose mandatory (no opt out) muslim appreciation classes in his government schools. The parents stampeded, and he had to back down.

    McPerry is the governor who tried to force, by executive order (sound familiar?), every young girl in TX to have mandatory Planned Parenthood vaccinations. Once again the parents stampeded, and he had to back down. Interesting that the vaccine maker was a huge campaign donor for him. Parenthetically, many young girls were being crippled or killed by that vaccine all across the country and globally, and Gov. McPerry knew it at the time.

    There is more, it goes on & on, but my pen is getting overheated. I think you can get the idea. This is a great photo op for Ric McPerry, a chance to sport his conservative mask to fool the voters, but he is still the same liberal. Read his brand.

    God bless America.

    • Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

      Thanks, Leo, for setting the record straight. It is amazing how readers can fish through all the damaging evidence against Ric(k) Perry and find one bright comment, then say things like “Come to think of it he might make a good President.”
      Har har.
      The guy made a big issue announcing he was NOT going to meet with Prez Obama, then capitulated and was seen on the tarmac glad-handing the Devil. So much for McPerry’s integrity.