Oracle residents mobilizing against feds dump of illegals & UPDATE: contact info

Emulate the citizens of Murrieta, California who successfully rebuffed the government’s efforts to dump illegal aliens into their town. Oracle has organized a protest for Tuesday morning. Join the Patriots.

Breitbart News Katie McHugh is reporting that the federal government is planning to relocate 40 unaccompanied alien children into an already-packed facility in the Sycamore Canyon Academy that houses wards of the state. The report quotes Robert Skiba of Oracle, Arizona.

“We’re going to mobilize and we’re going to do the best we can to stop this from happening,” Skiba said. “We’re prepared for whatever happens. If they want to send in the SWAT team, armored cars, helicopters, let them do it. We’ll have the media out there.”

“The boy’s ranch is almost at capacity now and can’t handle 40 additional kids,” the 85-year-old Air Force vet told Breitbart News. “This is an area that’s very primitive. The current facility is almost at capacity. How are they going to handle the sewage?

“They’re sneaking these people in the back door, and we’re not supposed to know anything about it… Putting these 40 kids up in this beautiful place — this is like putting these kids in the country club,” he added.

Skiba and a TV reporter from News 4 KOVA in Tucson, Arizona visited the ranch on Friday after he got word of the government’s plans but were barred from entry.

“They locked the gate in front of us,” Skiba told Breitbart News. “It’s the secrecy of the thing that really bothers me. This is America. I can’t believe this is going on.”

“We’ve got to wake people in America up,” he continued. “This is our country. We’re just average people. [But] we’re not going to let them shove this down our throats… I’m used to controversy of all kinds, and people need leadership, and I’m going to provide them with leadership.”

Read the entire report.

ALIPAC lists national protest times and locations: 

Oracle, AZ Special event where buses of illegals are headed (Need protesters on both Tuesday July 15 and Saturday July 19!) Protest/Blockade outside of Oracle, AZ. on Mt. Lemmon Rd., 4 mi. East of the town of Oracle. Time will be from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. on Tues., July 15th. Follow up protest on Sat. July 19th. in front of proposed shelter at Peppersauce Campground 7mi. East of Oracle, on Mt. Lemmon Rd.. Time will be from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

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For more info, contact Robert Skiba at 520-896-9343 or Ron Thompson at 520-975-3658. Time is short so we must act fast, as we have much to do to prepare for this federal overreach.

8 Responses to Oracle residents mobilizing against feds dump of illegals & UPDATE: contact info

  1. azgary says:

    thanks for posting SRAZ, I wont be able to go Tuesday (work :( ) but will get there Saturday to lend my support to these patriots.

    if anybody has follow up info on meeting times and places, lets be sure to let each other know.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      It would be great if all who are able to go show up. The media count the bodies on each side. Patriots waving American flags rountinely get undercounted!

    • Pima Pal says:

      This conservative site is as reliable a place as any I know of for updates and staying informed. Let’s use this “Oracle” post if we hear of any update or changes. I’m hoping for a contingent from Tucson. If you have contacts in the area, forward this to them.

  2. JC Daley says:

    Is there a contact person or organization putting this together for those who are not familiar with the area?

    • Kent says:

      I would hope you woould have some luck calling the Pima County Republican Party. (520)-321-1492.

      Ask for the contact information for the district chairman for the area encompassing Oracle. Does anyone here have any better information? Is there an active tea party group in the area?

      • Jill says:


        We just received notice via KVOA news that the Obama admin. is sending 40-50 illegals to reside at the Boys ranch in Sycamore Cyn. just outside of Oracle, Az. We The People of Ariz. are forming a protest to stop this questionable action due to the fact that these individuals are being placed among our community knowing that they are illegally being maintained at tax payer expense, in a facility not designed for this purpose and in an area that is intended for public recreation, Sycamore (Peppersauce) Campground. Many of these illegals have proven to be carriers of serious diseases such as TB, Ebola, Dengue Fever, Chickengunya, etc. Already some of these pestilences have spread out to other citizens in the country in the areas where these invaders have been placed. This Tues. the 15th, the first busloads of illegals will be transported to Oracle where WTP, much like what happened in Murrieta, Ca., will stop them. All citizen patriots that are concerned for their country, are invited to attend/participate in this action. For more info, contact Robt. Skiba at 520-896-9343 or Ron Thompson at 520-975-3658. Time is short so we must act fast, as we have much to do to prepare for this govt. overreach.

  3. JC Daley says:

    Thank you. Some of us will be coming from Cochise County so wanted be able to call someone in case of “getting lost”. Also will forward this info!

  4. ZOO says:

    If you live in the liberal enema bag of Maryland, all you need do is to utter some discouraging words and the Third World Redistribution Center backs down. No shoe leather required.