How badly do you want a taco?

Unsavory McCain alliances taint taco fest

Republicans in state Legislative District 28 are in a tough spot.  They have a choice between sending RINOs or a Democrat to the Arizona House of Representatives. Attempting to differentiate one from the other is a fool’s errand. The same holds true for the district’s state senator, immigration lawyer Adam Driggs.

To aid and abet the election of yet another RINO, Sen. Nancy Barto (LD 15) and Rep. Justin Olson (LD 25) are lending their names and presence to a “Meet and Greet” taco soiree on behalf of LD 28 House candidate Shawnna Bolick. Her coup establishment endorsers Jeff Flake and the ubiquitous Bill Montgomery are otherwise ocupado.

On her campaign website, Bolick contends “our legal immigration system has been broken for decades,” and “we must restore a work-based immigration system…..”

During her failed 2010 campaign Bolick had the endorsement of Doug McDucey, now a gubernatorial candidate and the fast food mogul Jason LeVecke, an illegal labor profiteer.

And the salsa on the frijoles? The festivities are at the Paradise Valley home of Bill and Debbie Cheatham. Republican insiders will remember Bill Cheatham as the McCain choice poised to topple Rob Haney as Maricopa County Republican chairman. But a conservative tsunami rocked the GOP 2011 meeting when conservative Haney, with a massive show of support, trounced Cheatham 1281 – 575

Shawnna Bolick was a prime supporter of Bill Cheatham’s, handing out anti-Haney fliers at that meeting.

On the taco invitation, which we’ve chosen not to post, Shawnna says she’s hosted many meet-and -greets throughout this election cycle, but she just “wants to see you once more.”

Here’s hoping she gets her wish.

15 Responses to How badly do you want a taco?

  1. I see the TRUTH says:

    Great post; it’s time people knew abut all of the connections and undermining of the REAL GOP that goes on when they do not pay attention.

    That is exactly how we got McStench, Kyl, Flakey and more……IGNORANCE of who and what these people really stand for!

    Stop the madness — become educated and aware!!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    It’s a damned shame when liberals run as Republicans. Too many people don’t take the time to gather the information and find themselves deceived. Have you noticed how posers are falling all over themselves trying to recraft their images as “conservative?”

    Shawnna Bolick’s statement in the Clean Election brochure doesn’t even mention the illegal invasion. She hides her true agenda behind education issues.

    She’s down at the bottom of the list on page 100.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    The old adage that you are judged by the company you keep holds especially true in the case of Shawnna Bolick. Glad I don’t live in that district. ALL of the choices stink.

  4. Delilah says:

    Shawna and her Hubby both support open borders and both are friends with Jeb Bush. Worse of all McCain dark money wants another open borders supporter in the legislature, something we can do without. I love election season and the Seeing Red AZ posts, they keep reminding me to be very careful who we vote for.

  5. azgary says:

    we must stop voting for rinos period, even if it means democrats are elected. the party must learn a lesson, they will never start doing the will of the voters as long as we vote for them to do the bidding of the lobbyist.
    no votes or donations to ANY amnesty supporter or the rinos who score points for the progs and Obama.

  6. Capt. Marvel says:

    I found this 2012 information on Flake supporter Shawnna Bolick’s sleazeball tactics by clicking on the “related” articles following this post. More good stuff, SRAZ!

    Flake supporter racially profiles Cardon campaign

    This is a good case of one McHand washing the other. But the slime never really goes away.

  7. LD 28 PC says:

    The Bolick’s are aptly named They have perfected licking the RINO bowl and doing the bidding of the McCain and Flake forces. I live in LD 28 and as much as I deplore the Democrat conspiracies of Kate Brophy McGee, my wife and I intend to single shot her rather than allow Bolick a chance to get elected and have years at the state legislature. Brophy McGee will be termed out in 2018. We have to view this election in the larger context and recruit some actual conservatives rather than allowing Bolick to be there for years. It’s all too rare that once they get their foot in the door, they are shown the door. I urge others in LD 28 to think this through and hold your noses and vote for Brophy McGee. Adam Driggs will also be termed out in 2018. The Democrat Eric Meyer is out after THIS term. We need to be putting our efforts into striving for a strong Constitutional slate. We also have been severely hampered by having RINO Scott O’Connor as district chairman. Few conservatives even show up at the district meetings.

    • azgary says:

      by voting the lesser of two evils, you ensure that’s all the party will allow you to have as an option, how long will it take so many to learn that lesson?
      do not sanction your destroyer as you are promoting here.

      say no to rinos, do not pay them to destroy us.

      • LD 28 PC says:

        Someone is going to win those seats. While I agree with your passion regarding the snakes we have, I’d rather wait them out and go for a clean, credentialed and truly conservative slate. Using your reasoning, Shawnna Bolick could win, and the long term damage will be worse than you can envision.

        I’ve watched this solid red district turn purple under the “leadership” of Scott O’Connor. it’s on its way to turning bright blue and electing Bolick will gurantee that.

  8. ZOO says:

    Thank you so much for this piece SRAZ. I don’t know which is the worst case of disenfranchisement due to the redistricting, having my CD give birth to ASU or my LD adopt Paradise Valley/Arcadia. Bolick, McGee, and ring-around-the-toilet Adam Driggs? Since the country clubbers are running the show, they’ll get Democratic votes from my hand in the general.

  9. MacBeth says:

    The connective thread is the Goldwater Institute, which too many Republicans mistake for a conservative organization. Jeff Flake was the former Executive Director, Clint Bolick is currently in the GI employ and Mark Bonovich was there for a moment on his do-and-dash resume. Goldwater is in no way conservative. Most Libertarians are not prolife, but they are certainly open borders and the group’s many Chamber of Commerce business supporters are all too happy to have a readily available stream of illegal laborers to increase their bottom line.

    Bonovich, Flake and the Bolick’s are quite a team. Eating tacos with any of them now will insure our grandkids will be have nothing but tacos in their future.

    Great post, SRAZ. I hope it’s widely read, especially by those in LD 28.

  10. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Tacos! What an interesting menu choice for an amnesty proponent. I won’t be able to attend. I’ll be busy eating red meat and baying at the moon.

  11. Not A McCainiac says:

    I don’t want a taco and I sure don’t want this literal taco pusher representing me or mine in the state legislature. Shawnna Bolick lost her last race because the people in the district could see through her charade. Let’s hope they’re still paying attention. It’s even more crucial today!

  12. State Committeeman says:

    The Bolick’s are both raw political opportunists. They will do or say whatever gets them what they want. In this case, she is desperate for a legislative post and whatever doors that will ultimately open. Beware of Bolick.

  13. Hagar says:

    What’s with Justin Olson adding his name to her endorsement list? He must have forgotten that if he lies down with dogs he’ll also get fleas. What’s in it for him? Very troubling…