Pay more for gas? Radical U.S. Chamber thinks you should

U.S. Chamber is not a benign business group, but a massive liberal entity

If you think the price of a fill-up at the local service station is steep, Thomas J. Donohue will not be your favorite guy. Donohue, the President and CEO of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, is concerned about the nation’s infrastructure. So much so, in fact, he’s written a piece titled, “Let’s pave the way for infrastructure funding,” in which he opines that it’s time to “raise the gas tax.”

The U.S. Chamber believes, he writes, that the simplest, most straightforward way to fix the Highway Trust Fund is to raise the gas tax, which hasn’t been done in nearly 20 years. A modest, phased-in increase —- plus indexing to inflation —- would shore up the fund. This proposal has gained the support of labor and key industries, including trucking and shipping. We believe that motorists could get behind it as well if Congress were serious about ensuring that the money goes to the most essential projects.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says Donohue, is calling on Congress to seriously consider a long-term revenue solution this fall, with the goal of creating —-  and seizing —- the opportunity to act before year-end. Time is short and the consequences of inaction are high. compiles and updates the lowest and highest per gallon prices in the Valley. Options include Regular, Midgrade, Premium and Diesel. Tracking prices over the past nine months, with a few peaks and valleys, the rise in the cost of a fill-up is unmistakable.

Displaying an immense disregard for Americans still struggling in a severely depressed economy, the Chamber is, in a platitude-laced screed, supportive of a continued flood of illegals to compete with American citizens for fewer jobs, advocating for earned “lawful status for the undocumented with no future bar to citizenship.”

In plain English that means the illegal labor profiteers desire a continued flood of low-cost labor, regardless of the consequences to American workers. In May, Donohue issued a threat and ultimatum to the Republican Party: Either pass amnesty or don’t bother fielding a presidential candidate in 2016.  Rick Moran covered Donahue’s blatant, partisan extremism for PJ Media.

The U.S. Chamber is also supportive of Common Core, Obama’s federal overreach into America’s education system, driven by a mindset that educational control via federal bureaucrats is preferable to state and local oversight guided by input from parents, teachers and neighborhood school boards.

And who knew the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a International Affairs Division ‘headquartered near the White House,” which “leads the business community’s efforts to shape global policy”? The division is headed by a guy with the unlikely name of Myron Brilliant. But then again, it is the brilliant and all-powerful OZ-like Chamber.


11 Responses to Pay more for gas? Radical U.S. Chamber thinks you should

  1. American Dad says:

    These elitists have no concern for American workers and don’t even pretend to.
    Now I know where Brain Freeze Brewer and Hysterical Huppenthal found the name “College and Career Ready Standards.” It must have been hand-delivered to them as they tried conning us with the name change from the toxic “Common Core.”

    This first-rate column in National Review reveals the ugly truths connected with Common Core.

  2. Seen It All says:

    There is not a scintilla of difference between the overarching US Chamber and the AZ Chamber or other Valley Chambers. They are all liberal bastions, pro-amnesty and in no way representative of conservative principles. Among the far leftists and RINOs on the Arizona Chamber’s Board of Directors are a sprinkling of those considered to be mainstream Republican, though they are few and far between. Check out the entities represented, heavy with lobbyists, utility, banking and health care honchos along with amnesty pushers and even the VP and Publisher of AZ News Service, guaranteeing soft coverage for these groups. Are you surprised to see the ubiquitous McCain/Hensley Beverage Co. Doug Yonko? How about the former elected Phoenix Council members….one a Republicrat and the other a dem with a strong gay agenda? The AZ Chamber is headed by the small in stature, but huge in RINOism, Glenn Hamer, who many will recall left his job at the AZ GOP for the AZ Chamber and immediately endorsed liberal Janet Napolitano for governor.

    The Greater Phoenix Chamber has many overlapping members with the AZ Chamber.

    Check out the 2014 endorsement list, heavy with liberals and RINOs, to get a real perspective of where they stand.

    Andy McCain, John McCain’s son is now the Fiesta Bowl chairman after previously serving a stint as chairman of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. This is political incest at its finest.

  3. AZ GOP PC says:

    The business these groups represent is monkey business. Is having their name on the Board of Directors compelling enough to bring in ANY Republicans? I seriously don’t get it.

  4. ZOO says:

    I wouldn’t think that the domestic terrorists at the Chamber of Commerce would want their name and “gasoline” mentioned in the same sentence, although it does trigger some inspirational thought.

  5. blained13 says:

    They are backing one of their own in Tyler McCarthy out here in LD16, made sure that i would never vote for him. They are also supporting Coleman, another liberal masquerading as a Republican in LD16. If the Chamber is supporting them and you already have doubts about them, then those doubts are merited.

  6. Clementine says:

    The US Chamber is also a longtime supporter of “health care reform.” Most Americans were quite satisfied with their plans and their ability to chose and keep their own doctors. Obamacare has turned out to be a monstrosity built upon a foundation of lies.

    • westnash says:

      I think everyone, except those on a pension w/ health care benefits, understand that Health Care Reform is badly needed. Obama Care is not it.

      Until you have competition for doctors to reduce their fees health care will only get more expensive. Competition is simple economics.

  7. goodyearconservative says:

    I don’t know if it’s me, but does anyone find it ironic that the Chamber of Commerce supports violating our privacy through the Patriot Act and CISPA yet they completely oppose E-Verify and other methods of deporting those who are here illegally. I guess that’s the Chamber for you, they care more about corporate welfare and cheap labor than they do about US citizens.

    Oh BTW, Andy Tobin has the backing of the US Chamber of Commerce, so don’t be surprised if he supports something like this once elected.

  8. Hagar says:

    The Chamber’s endorsements make my voting decisions easy. I never vote for anyone endorsed by the Chamber. Any real conservative who happens to get their nod would disavow their support. Thank you, Chamber of Commerce. You are doing us a great public service.

  9. westnash says:

    Public should get rid of awarding road building contracts to the same supporters and relatives of politicians and require that the work be done in the prescribed manner or the company is not eligible for future contracts.

    Gov Brewer deserves much blame for the ridiculous amount of time and waste in building the 260 from Payson toward Show Low. This will take longer than the Afghan War to complete and cost plenty. Where did the money go?

  10. Stacey says:

    They need the roads to help implement the North American Union. More freight is coming into this country than going out.

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