Below-the-belt politics? Nathan Sproul lurks nearby

The side-by-side signs are head turners. Appearing on street corners around the Valley, they could be the source of whiplash for many driving by. They are also the source of disgust, since they exemplify politics at its worst.

So who would be behind the reprehensible signs slamming two Republican candidates for the office of state treasurer? The reasonable assumption would be a political rival of the opposing party. Then we remember, the upcoming election is the primary. The only challengers at this point are within the same political party.

Given the circumstances, it doesn’t take long for the name Nathan Sproul to emerge.

Sproul, the former executive director of both the Arizona Christian Coalition and the Arizona Republican Party, eventually opened Sproul & Associates, a political consulting firm. After the his name became toxic he switched to the more reputable sounding Lincoln Strategy Group, but the sliminess remained. Sproul is a pro-amnesty McCain ally who, among his other notorious schemes, has previously defended a tawdry independent expenditure campaign as a “battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party.”

In this latest despicable venture into the intra-party primary, Open Secrets reveals Sproul has teamed with Tucson auto dealer and high-dollar McCain donor and bundler, Jim Click, to form the high-minded sounding “Preserve America’s Future.” The two are listed as top contributors, with political operative Sproul running the show, and registered with the AZ Secretary of State’s Office on Aug. 7.

Nathan Sproul is listed on competing GOP treasurer candidate Hugh Hallman’s campaign website as one of his supporters, on a list that looks like a Who‘s Who in McCainville, with a few surprises thrown in. Connect the dots. As this post points out the link is always McCain.

Sproul is far more than merely a supporter. He actually recruited Hallman.

The daily covers the sleazy tactics Sproul has employed to aid Republicrat Hugh Hallman’s desperate campaign, using distortions and outright lies about both the exceptionally well-qualified Randy Pullen, whom we have endorsed, and Jeff DeWit. Neither man should be subjected to these squalid tactics.

Sproul is quoted as saying his committee will disclose its donors during the next reporting period. The next campaign finance reports are due Aug 22, just 4 days before the Aug. 26, Primary election.


14 Responses to Below-the-belt politics? Nathan Sproul lurks nearby

  1. Maggie says:

    These signs should be disallowed. Campaign signs are a means of name identification, giving party affiliation and office the candidates seek. There’s not much room to give qualifications. They should never be contrived solely to denigrate opponents. I’m surprised these are legal.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Tactics such as Sproul uses turn good people away from the political process. These despicable signs exemplify the worst of the worst. I’m not surprised Nathan Sproul is involved, I well remember the revolting lies he told to try to get Jeff Flakes’ immigration lawyer brother-in-law elected while attempting to take out then state Rep. Russell Pearce in the former LD 18. The con so enraged the people of the district, Pearce was overwhelmingly elected to the open senate seat, (Karen Johnson retired) soundly defeating Kevin Gibbons. Later Pearce was removed by his political enemies when the district lines were redrawn and the LDS Church got involved in recruiting high ranking members to run. First in was Jerry Lewis and then Bob Worsley, both so liberal they should have been registered democrats. The subtext is always about illegal aliens, now prized as converts.

  3. East Valley PC says:

    Besides his vile tactics, Sproul’s name should also be mud for his resounding record of losses. Fortunately for conservatives, his disgraceful tactics worked wonders to scuttle the Flake/Kevin Gibbons campaign against Russell Pearce.
    An example of his dismal record was the 2006 Defense of Marriage amendment. It passed in every state where it appeared on the ballot that year EXCEPT Arizona. Nathan Sproul ran that campaign!! It easily passed in 2008 when Sproul was no longer involved.
    Now the courts are hard at work to make sodomy equal to marriage.

  4. westnash says:

    Chances are he is doing only what he is paid to do and nothing others have not done before.

    Voters should be smart enough to see through this and do the research to see where the candidates stand on issues important to them.

    • MacBeth says:

      You make excuses for this slug, but beat up on the good guys. You are showing yourself to be the “liberal troll” a previous commenter accused you of being.

  5. Jimmy Dean says:

    Sproul is a political loser anyway, how many campaigns has he actually won?

    His consulting firm is circling the toilet, with all sorts of employees and clients jumping ship.

    • westnash says:

      Yep and he has to have a winner to keep going, Wish that was the case. Bob Shrum hasn’t won anything in years and he just keeps getting more Democrat clients.

  6. Orion says:

    How does one make the switch from heading up the state Christian Coalition to becoming the lowlife that Nathan Sproul has become? He’s made millions engaging in these underhanded practices, but I wonder how he faces himself in the mirror when he shaves. Maybe he’s grown a beard…..?

  7. Hagar says:

    Nothing new here. Sproul has a long history of dirty politic schemes and not just here in Arizona.. Do a Google search and numerous pop up. Here’s a recent one:

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    If anyone is wondering about the whereabouts of John McCain, video evidence of John, doing the robot dance in the Hamptons this past weekend, has surfaced on the infamous Page Six of the New York Post.
    The story highlights Chris Christie bustin’ a groove.

    Meanwhile, the world continues to burn. . . . .

  9. Kent says:

    If Sproul’s candidate is so good, why doesn’t he promote him and not rip into the others? Are we supposed to believe this type of sleazy campaign tactic and then rush out and vote for the only guy not smeared? This has the absolute opposite effect on me. I had no plans to vote for Hallman because he’s a RINO. This serves only to reinforce my plan. Hallman must be a fool to think this strategy and association will help him.

  10. azgary says:

    Below-the-belt politics? …………..
    LD18 Incumbent Rep Bob Robson was cited by the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department tonight (8-18-14) for violating section 16-10 19.A- tampering with campaign signs, which is a class 2 Misdemeanor. The court date has been set for 9 am, September 2, 2014 in the San Marco Court presided over by Judge Frankle. Robson and an accomplice, who is as of yet not identified, are accused of taking and destroying campaign signs at the Circle K store on the NW corner of Dobson and Warner in Chandler. The investigation is still ongoing and further information will be forthcoming as the case moves forward. As previously reported, Robson and his accomplice were seen working as a team removing and destroying signs before disposing of them. They were then seen leaving the scene in Robson’s vehicle driven by Robson. Circle K security cameras were able to capture the actual crime take place and a frontal view of the accomplice is also shown, identification of the other thief is expected to be made shortly. Throughout LD18 “Arrow of Truth” signs have been stolen and destroyed every day since July 9. The investigation is on-going and some of the evidence is being withheld until completion. More information is expected to be released within the next few days.

    where is Robert graham on this……
    oh that’s right, robson is a lobbyist/rino favorite so all will be ignored.

    • azgary says:

      an open question to the AZGOP:
      Chairman Graham, in light of your call for some sort of moderation in campaigning in the Governors race regarding campaigning and the banning of a conservative candidate from a Republican party facility, why do you not call on Bob Robson to withdraw from the LD18 race for his criminal activity in destroying opponents campaign signs or are your admonitions and scolding’s only reserved for conservatives?
      Your continuous silence in regards to conservatives being attacked, and the liberal progressives in the party teaming with democrats disregarding the party platform only adds to the impression that you are only in support of, for lack of a better term, the “rino’s” and Big Govt. lobbyist favorites in the party.