AZ Republic heading for last roundup

Still trying to scalp readers as it rides off to the sunset

Raw evidence that the carcass of the extreme leftwing Arizona Republic is heaving its last breaths comes by way of the news of further pink slips amid what is cunningly referred to as “operational streamlining” involving approximately a dozen positions —- this time.

Newsroom positions will be renamed and employees will be subject to the humiliation of reapplying for their current jobs. As new hires, benefits will likely be delayed until a probationary period has passed, factoring in a cost savings to the newspaper and leaving any “rehired” employees in limbo.

The failing newspaper, rife with seemingly endless layoffs, cutbacks and increasing reliance on students from ASU’s liberal Cronkite School of Journalism, recently informed nearly two dozen community reporters they would need to work from their laptops at Starbucks and McDonald’s — which supply free WiFi — and consider their cars to be their offices.

As the newspaper’s brass pushes its reporters onto the streets, the subscription rates have just skyrocketed nearly ten dollars a month. Quite a deal if you enjoy having your intelligence routinely insulted and being relentlessly deluged with open borders and same sex issues.

Given its propensities, the future of the local Gannett holding has grown ever more bleak. We recently noted the “separation” of fading print assets from its broadcast and digital businesses. Gannett, which operates 82 daily publications including USA Today, is the parent company of that fattening agent of the anorexic pages of the Arizona Republic —- often referred to on this site as the Periódico de la República de Arizona, for its relentless pro-amnesty positions. It also owns KPNX-TV 12, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. The mirror-image local entities have been housed in the same building since 2010.

Jim Romenesko details Gannett’s 16 job descriptions and salary ranges under the “Newsroom of the Future” parameter.  He writes, “each newsroom employee at each Gannett property must be in one of these positions. They are all digital-centric and aligned with Gannett’s new “Picasso” initiative, in which journalism is driven solely by metrics and journalists are expected to be marketers and ‘community connectors.’”

Unbiased reporting doesn’t exist at the Arizona Republic. The entire newspaper reeks editorial content. If you’re actually seeking untainted news, you’ve gone to the wrong place. And now you’ll have to shell out close to ten more bills each month for the insult.

18 Responses to AZ Republic heading for last roundup

  1. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish! Hard to believe that this Open Border/Amnesty “Bird Cage Liner” was originally named “The Arizona Republican!” Maybe we should send English/Spanish Dictionaries to Ed Montini, Laurie Roberts, Bob Robb, and the loathsome Doug MacEachern…since they’ve worked overtime to spread LIES about those who would defend our Borders…(most notably Russell Pearce and J.D. Hayworth) …perhaps they can find their next gigs at publications in “La Ciudad de Mexico…” or more likely…with Fred Duvall and Doug Ducey, who “oppose” each other for Governor, but who are united in the pursuit of Amnesty for illegal aliens!

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      You certainly got that right, Southwest Cincinnatus.

      When the Republic finally takes its last gasps and keels over, there will be few mourners. Montini, Roberts, Robb, MacEachern and Linda Valdez are all closing in on retirement. If they pray at all, it will be for the ability to be the ones who turn out the lights with their retirement safely in hand.

      The internet has given us many choices. The Republic’s declining subscriptions are the harsh reality for Randy Lovely and his pro-sodomite and illegal alien crew. Can you imagine the angst of parents who are paying for their kids to attend ASU’s Cronkite “J” School? Dad better be saving up to support those kids for years to come and Mom should not be too quick to consider those “extra” bedrooms for other uses

    • Delilah says:

      I have been hearing from some Tea Party people that they’ll stay home rather than vote Ducey, their thinking is they can take Duval for 4 rather that Ducey for 8. I am of the mind Duval will give them DL and not secure the borders. Where Ducey will secure the borders then we will have to fight him on everything else. He is McCain’s way of running this state. I also heard if Duval wins Mccain will not run again, I am not sure of the thinking but then any thing to get rid of him.

      But beware if Duval wins, look at what Jerry Brown is doing in California, it will be the same here. a magnet.

      • Dennis O'Brien says:

        I’m no fan of Doug McDucey, but unless you’re a prophet you have no idea whether DuVal will be there for 4 years or 8. I’d bet on eight since we haven’t had too many single term governors (unless they were removed or resigned.) A full blown liberal democrat who thinks he has a mandate will be a nightmare in countless ways, not the least of which will be vetoing good bills put forth by conservative legislators and appointing liberals to the courts on the appellate and superior court benches. It’s easy to write dunce-like comments, but much more difficult to live with the consequences.
        The tea partiers you describe are equally small minded.

      • Delilah says:

        Dennis, I said that is what I have been told. Do you need me to read it back to you? Please read again. The so-called small minded Tea Party is tired of supporting weak Republican’s who lie to get elected then make excuses for the reason they evolved in their belief. I am too, all Ducey’s people would tell me was he will secure the border, but nothing on what he will do with the ones already here.

      • azgary says:

        keep pushing lesser of two evils with malarkey about McCain, jerry brown etc…. more azgop claptrap

        we do have a legislature that would stop duval.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I subscribed to that birdcage liner since 1991. Don’t know why it took me so long, but I finally cancelled my subscription a few months ago when they called CPAC a “freak show” in an unsigned editorial.

  3. Kent says:

    Check this out:
    Unlike the Arizona Repulsive newspaper which never acknowledges staff layoffs, USAToday is more forthright, giving these facts just days ago:

    USA TODAY eliminated 60 to 70 jobs Wednesday, a move aimed at cutting costs amid declining print ad sales and supporting its increasing focus on delivering news online and on mobile devices.
    The layoffs, effective immediately, hit across various sections in the newsroom and business operations. About half of the jobs cut came from the newsroom, a roughly 8% reduction in newsroom staff.
    Read the rest of the article here:

  4. goodyearconservative says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this. But Duval being our governor is a good thing because it will show the AZGOP that the RINOs are unelectable and maybe it’ll prevent McCain and McFlake from running for another term. We need to show the McGOP that we are getting sick and tired of John McLiar and his gang picking our candidates for us. Besides we have a Republican legislature so it’ll be hard for Duval to force his liberal agenda on Arizonans.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      My comment to Delilah addresses you, also. We can hold Doug Ducey’s feet to the fire after election day and use public forums to remind him of his campaign promises. We might not get ALL that we want, but with the radical leftist DuVal we can be sure we’d get NOTHING we hope for. This is a crucial election. Try thinking smart.

      Now testy Andrew Thomas supporters couldn’t have rationally thought he would win. For the rest of you who fall into that angry wishful thinking category, my message is simple: sabotaging the victorious Republican is beyond foolish and very dangerous. DuVal will inflict worse harm on this state than Janet Napolitano. Think of THIS far left group heading Arizona: DuVal, Goddard, Rotellini, Garcia. Then look your kids in the eye.

      • goodyearconservative says:

        I highly doubt Doug McDucey will listen to us. The amnesty promoting Chamber of Commerce is already backing him. Do not think for one second that Doug McDucey will fight amnesty, repeal OBrewercare, or stop Common Core. Nope because the Chamber supports those things and he will most likely take his marching orders from Glenn Hamer and our senile senators John McNasty and Jeff McSnake.

      • Delilah says:

        Dennis is McCain your hero? McCain is romancing the state GOP, and Graham has the ego of Obama. Is that what you support? Why is it the “Moderates keep losing, then making excuses? Sorry Dennis you are wrong and small minded yourself.

  5. Vinoaz says:

    Please! Never vote for a Democrat. Never let one win. I do not like RINOS or Republicrats, but the alternative is worse. True, we need solid conservatives to save this country, but in the meantime we have to halt the march of the morally and ethically degenerate Democrats at all levels. Liberalism, multiculturalism and diversity are cancers destroying our society.

    • Overtaxed1 says:

      A RINO is a Democrat and if you like being deceived just vote for Ducey. I am a true conservative and would rather have Duval in than be deceived again like we have been with Horn ( he brought in Common Core) Montgomery, Sweikert (he is for amnesty now) and Brewer who brought us Obama care. I am sick to death of lies and want the RINOS out no matter what. Those I have just mentioned are the cancers that have helped destroy our state so far. They do not and have not represented my values and Ducey will not close the borders because he says, ” I will be the governor of all the people”. He has a Mexican in his ad for goodness sake. How gullible can you be? I can’t look my kids in the eyes now after having voted for these Republican traitors. McCain and Flake are just as bad as any Democrat.

      Just how low does a politician have to stoop before you liberal Republicans won’t vote for them because they have an (R) after their name? Give me a candidate that represents my conservative values on the big three issues and I will vote for that person. Until then you can’t fault the smart ones who are sitting this one out and allowing the Dems. to take credit for what the Republicans have gone along with so far. I do not believe one word out of Ducey’s mouth, He certainly did not come out for Diane Douglas and against Common Core early on. He is just another McCain clone.

      Do any of you realize that the very thing the Republican ads are criticizing Duval about, “raising tuition” was a conservative move on his part. If he had not raised tuition the tax payers would have had to shoulder the costs for all the illegals that have come in under this current administration.

      That “hold their feet to the fire” mantra is just B.S. It hasn’t worked in the past and will not in the future. Once politicians are in they thumb their nose at you when you remind them of their promises. Grow up and look at the reality folks, you have been deceived.

      At least the Democrats tell you they are Marxist/Socialists right up front. I am never voting for a RINO again….NEVER.

      • Night Owl says:

        Such fervor….considering you once (or twice) voted for a onetime union leader who was a longtime registered Democrat….His name was Ronald Reagan. Did you forget?

  6. Delilah says:

    Night, I was a Democrat also, and I belonged to a union at one point. In many Southern states there wa no Republican Primary so you either registered Democrat or you did not vote and had no say in who was going to be your Representative.

  7. azgary says:

    Night Owl says:
    September 13, 2014 at 11:29 pm
    “Such fervor….considering you once (or twice) voted for a onetime union leader who was a longtime registered Democrat….His name was Ronald Reagan. Did you forget?”

    curious how you have to go back 30 years to find a republican to hold up as an example huh. the party is on life support and the leadership is doing all they can to kill it.

    we cannot help it by continuing down the same path, its better off dead than existing in its current declining state and lesser of two evils is what took it there and what will be its death knell and exactly what it deserves

  8. laura4272014 says:

    terrible Tucson Citizen thankfully went out of business and the “Red” (AZ Daily) Star as we call it is even worse than the AZ Republic. I would love to order a paper that is pro-America but can’t find any so I get the AZ Rep. unfortunately. Laura