MC GOP Chair LaFaro exposes Wes Gullett in complaint

Maricopa County Republican Chairman A J LaFaro has filed a campaign finance complaint against ‘Arizona Grassroots Action’ with the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, Arizona Secretary of State’s Office and Maricopa County Elections Office.   

Here is the complaint:

I wish to file a campaign finance complaint against Arizona Grassroots Action (AGA), which lists its address at 300 West Clarendon, Suite 460, Phoenix, AZ, 85013.  We encourage anyone who reads this complaint to “Google” the address to see who is really located there.*

AGA conducted independent expenditures in multiple Legislative Districts (LD) in multiple counties to effect the outcome of Precinct Committeemen (PC) races.  However, AGA never registered as a political committee, nor has it disclosed its donors or its expenditures.  We went to a great deal of effort to verify that AGA was not filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office and with the various counties in which it campaigned, etc. 

AGA is also not registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  It appears that AGA is a name selected to mimic an old campaign committee that was called Arizona Grassroots PAC and was closed in March of 2014.  It is also the precise name of a federal PAC formed to benefit GOP Congressional candidates Martha McSally and Andy Tobin.  However, the federal PAC uses a Virginia address and appears to be quite separate.  So the selection of the name seems to be purposefully for the sake of creating confusion.

At this time we do not have a firm idea on exactly how many expenditures were made, however we have proof that AGA used a series of up to three mailers per precinct that was targeted in their Graham County efforts, two to three mailers per targeted precinct along with robo calls here in Maricopa County.  PCs have reported receiving and seeing AGA’s campaign literature in LD23, LD25, LD28, and LD29. 

We have put the word out asking people to report if AGA’s campaign literature was used in their LDs and will update our list as we get more responses.

While races for Precinct Committeemen do not attract the media attention that larger offices do, they are very important to the candidates who participate in them. The outcome of those races determine the makeup of party leadership both at the county and state level, and control of that leadership includes the ability to speak for the party as well as control over the party’s purse strings.  These races can be very high-stakes.  As such, the strategic advantage that accrues to a group that knowingly violates election law in order to gain a stealth advantage is tremendous. You do not have time to gather an effort to counter something that you have no idea is coming.

The penalties for failing to file a committee and failing to file reports that detail contributions and expenditures are substantial and are laid out in ARS 16-904 for example.  The failure to file and report are both violations of ARS 16-902, 16-902.01, 16-904, 16-912, 16-913 and potentially 16-913.01 and 16-914.02 depending on the source and nature of the funds used to pay for this electioneering and expressed advocacy.

Furthermore, AGA failed to notify the candidates who were listed on their mailers of their independent expenditures in a timely manner as prescribed by ARS 16-917.  The penalties for failing to do this shall be three times the cost of the literature.

Lastly, AGA would be required to list any individuals, corporations, LLCs and labor organizations paying for these expenditures should the source of any of this money come from any of these individuals, corporations, LLCs and labor organizations.  There is no such disclosure save for “Paid for by Arizona Grassroots Action” and the penalties for failing to properly disclose are up to three times the cost of the literature.

It is too late to undo the damage done to the candidates who were disadvantaged by these unannounced and unreported mailings.  However, your office can and should send a strong message to this group and those groups who would mimic this technique in the future that their actions carry severe financial penalties.

People and organizations that feel they are above the law by not registering with the appropriate state and county agencies so they can use their dirty money to fund their egregious acts of misleading and confusing the voters is totally unacceptable.

It is quite obvious AGA has violated election laws by not registering as a political committee or filing campaign finance reports, and I am requesting a full and thorough investigation into this heinous matter.  Please consider this complaint a “class action complaint” on behalf of the thousands of individuals that have been wronged.

– A. J. LaFaro, Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Office: 480-752-9164,

 * First Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

Under “Our Team” you’ll find the names Wes GullettKurt Davis, Marcus Dell’Artino, Barry Dill, Crystal Bradley, Bettina Nava, and Steve Roman. Five of the six highlighted names share a common thread: They have all worked for John McCain.  At least a couple of those McCain cohorts show up on this 2006 Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) list.


Seeing Red AZ has previously provided additional background on such shenanigans:

This post card is an example of those sent out by then-Sen. Jon Kyl in 2012, as he intruded in the LD 28 precinct committeemen races and attempted to facilitate the removal of conservatives.

Another example of Republicrat duplicity also took place in District 28, where conservatives were targeted for removal on a slate pushing RINOs for election as state committeemen.

Integrity is in short supply these days. Here is a list of RINOs supporting liberal Democrat Felecia Rotellini. “Republican” is a convenient label for these turncoats to keep as they show their true colors while ripping fellow Republicans.  If they reregistered as Democrats, their traitorous acts would lose their potency.


11 Responses to MC GOP Chair LaFaro exposes Wes Gullett in complaint

  1. azgary says:

    funny how silent Robert rove, um i mean robert mccain…..umm no wait, that’s, robert graham is about this, is there any doubt he is the lobbyist/rnc/gop puppet leader of the azgop?

    we need to draft A.J. LaFaro to the leadership position the azgop needs, particularly in light of this:

    “Graham To Run For Re-Election As AZGOP Confirmed … “I WILL be running for state chairman again. I have every intention to maintain the momentum and successes we are experiencing through the presidential election.”

    makes me want to puke.

    lets draft A.J. LaFaro, the right man at the right time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Delilah says:

    No ty, I want a conservative who will not have his foot in his mouth half the time and certainly NOT Robert Graham, who has betrayed the Tea Party and the grassroots by letting his ego be massaged by McCain. There are people on the board who is not supporting him, he named Jenni White to the board to try and win back the Tea Party.

    • azgary says:

      so you want a squish.

      anybody who is prominent and a known fighter is going to have less than perfect moments, even if they are overblown to be more than they actually are by the media and the rinos who jump on the bandwagon to destroy any conservative movement.

      only cowards would abandon those who fight for us because of a few faux pas. that is the big problem in az we allow conservatives to be destroyed,(Russel Pearce recently) and let the media and liberals pick our leadership just as what happens nationally in elections with the “unelectable” mantra. you end up with a squish, a shill for the otherside like McCain and graham.

      A.J. is a fighter, he stands in front and LEADS, we never would have gotten all of the censures state wide if it were not for him, we see no other county, or ld chairmen doing the things he does. he takes some risks in doing the right thing, but that IS a function of leadership and he fires up the base of the party because he is one of us, and we know he has our back as we have his.

      he fights from the front, and does not back down, he believes in the platform and philosophy of the republican party and FIGHTS for those values, that is the leadership that the azgop needs.

      not another squish or rino.

      draft A.J.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Are you inferring AJ LaFaro has his foot in his mouth? He is a man of integrity who speaks the truth, something the media liberals and the RINO crowd can‘t abide. That’s the reason they work overtime to disparage him. I will eagerly support him if he runs for state chairman.

      Robert Graham is weakening the party through his reliance on McCain, Kyl and Flake advisors. He clearly wants much more than to head the state GOP. Watch for him to toss his hat in the political ring. He’ll have the same success as Tom Morrissey and Randy Pullen. The party chairmanship is not a launching pad for political office.

  3. jojo says:

    Maybe if the GOP would stay out of our primaries we wouldn’t have to support the democrats. The GOP doesn’t have a chance in AZ with McCain, Kyl & Flake running it. Independents are our only chance. Why would I vote for an R just because they got shoved down our throats by the elites? Once in office they never get voted out. McCain comes to mind. I’ll be in the t party and fight the GOP as long as I am able.

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    AJ LaFaro is doing what Robert Graham doesn’t have the backbone to pursue. He’s too deeply indebted to the McCain faction.

  5. Hagar says:

    Gullett has been McCain’s lapdog toady for as long as I can remember. McCain’s ego just cannot stand that there is a successful organized opposition to him in Arizona, so he’ll stop at nothing to smash it. He’s such a coward (like his sycophants McKyl and McFlake) he doesn’t dare attend the Maricopa County and State GOP meetings.

  6. azgary says:

    ” MCRC Chairman A. J. LaFaro: The Sept 25, 2014 Arizona Capitol Times article, GOP-Leader-Says-AZ-Sen-John-McCain-Trying-To-Ethnically-Cleanse-The-Party, is a result of the campaign finance complaints I filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Elections Office, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission and Maricopa County Elections against Arizona Grassroots Action (AGA). It’s also the result of Hank Stephenson’s prowess as an investigative reporter. The article speaks for itself and my metaphor comment to the reporter about “ethnic cleansing” was referring to John McCain, Jane Lynch and the other left of center Republicans continued attempts to eliminate or purge the Arizona Republican Party of its mainstream members who support the Republican Party Platform and the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona. – A. J. LaFaro Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC).”

    once again, where is Robert mcGraham? hiding in the closet conspiring with McCain and the chambers of commerce?

    we need a LEADER like A.J. to head the azgop

  7. […] post MC GOP Chair LaFaro exposes Wes Gullett in complaint explains the efforts being taken to oust elected […]

  8. Tom Morrissey says:

    If you really are the conservative you claim to be, please take a moment to think about what you write before you write it. I ran for office because I was asked to do so by many people in my LD. It was not something I had a burning desire to do, but I did it to show the “establishment” that we conservatives were not ready to roll over for them as they moved to take control of our state. As you well know I lost to an establishment candidate, but learned a great lesson as a result. We are too busy fighting among ourselves to see that we are defeating that very thing that we fight so hard for. And the moderate establishment keeps on keeping on at what they do best, winning elections with the help of the open-borders big business establishment through their chambers of commerce.
    Could we be playing checkers while they play chess?
    Tom Morrissey

    • azgary says:

      “The Yellow Sheet Is Reporting That AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham isn’t happy about Maricopa County GOP chairman A. J. LaFaro’s commentary inferring that Sen John McCain and moderate Republicans were seeking to purge the party of conservative PCs. In a letter from Graham to the state GOP’s Executive Committee, Graham reportedly admonished party committeemen to avoid “over-the-top statements,” in light of the upcoming Nov 4 general election. “I want to stress that we only have 40 days until the general election and all internal party matters should wait until after Nov. 4th.” Last week, LaFaro filed a complaint with the Secretary Of State and the Clean Elections Commission, alleging that a political group called the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC broke campaign finance laws by failing to register as a political committee in Arizona and disclose its spending. See full complaint at 9-22-14 MCRC Briefs”

      Very sad how graham never admonishes the rinos for spitting on the moderate, mainstream American ideology, platform, and philosophy of the Republican party, and now is defending them referring to them as “moderate” when they are far left. This seems to prove the point of what A.J. is saying and the actions hes taking in lieu of an azgop chairman who should be taking those actions, but instead apparently sides with those attacking conservatives and our platform. By attacking A.J. for his leadership and efforts to take a principled stand graham is revealing his true colors, and they appear to be pale pastels of purple and blue, not the bright, bold red of Chairman LaFaro.

      A.J. is a true leader. While I am not in Maricopa County, I am grateful for his actions and if the Republican party in Az is to be saved from the Big Government, liberal, lobbyist owned mccainites, it will be through the efforts people like Chairman Lafaro.

      Thank You A.J.

      Draft A.J. for azgop chairman, we need true leadership