Gifting ASU’s Prez with $95K raise+benies = one helluva deal

Crow called “a bargain” at $900,000 a year

When it wants to push its leftist perspective, the Arizona Republic is a marvel of inconsistencies. Look no further than the convoluted meanderings of Monday’s editorial as it attempts to justify the outrageous salary increase for Arizona State University president Michael Crow.  The heist is headlined, “It’s vision, not money, that motivates Crow.”

In this still troubled economy with many remaining behind the eight ball financially, the state Board of Regents awarded Crow a $95,000 raise and we are told we got a bargain in the process.

Betch’a didn’t know that Crow is a “gale force of big ideas, who swept into this intellectual desert” when he arrived in 2002.

He is also extolled for “throwing open the doors to a surge of low-income and minority students…”  Back in 2007, when Crow began promoting scholarship funding and in-state tuition for illegal alien students the open-border newspaper called Crow’s efforts  to subvert the voter approved Prop. 300 “courageous.”  Crow referred to the hundreds of foreign national students here illegally as “special-class international students.”

This previous post “Michael Crow, Sybil Francis: A$U’s pricey duo,” fills in the dollar amounts in salary, bonuses, pensions, retirement and “step up bonuses,” car and housing allowances that Crow and his wife Sybil Francis were previously raking in. Updated, enumerated numbers are not readily found, although this year alone he receives a $40,000 incentive and up to $180,000 in 2015 for “meeting goals.”

It’s difficult to pick a winning line in the blatherous editorial, but the words, “money doesn’t motivate him” which he proves by staying on here in Arizona, where this superhuman “visionary” is “underpaid,” float to the top.

“It’s no secret that a lot of major institutions would like to steal him away from us,” Regents Chairman Mark Killian said. “We think he’s doing a wonderful job, and we’d like him to stay around.”

Regent Greg Patterson “gushingly” heaped further praise, actually calling Crow “transformative.“

 That electric definition alone could power up Sybil Francis and Michael Crow’s $million+ nest in swanky Paradise Valley.

The swooning regents duo sound suspiciously like former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, then a regent in 2007.  “He’s worth every dollar he gets paid because he delivers,” DeConcini said.

As Crow and Francis live large, citizen students feel the sting as tuition and fee hikes continue to rattle Arizona families. And the question remains, if  Crow isn’t motivated by money, why do the regents continually throw more of it at his well-shod feet?


11 Responses to Gifting ASU’s Prez with $95K raise+benies = one helluva deal

  1. harristimes says:

    Amen to this. The cost of college tuition has increased at rates higher than any other segment of the economy thanks to people like Crow and DuVal. This is a travesty and the unelected Board of Regents need to be held accountable by the State Legislature for what they do. If necessary, laws need to be changed to protect us from run-away bureaucrats accountable to no one, less the voter who picks up the tab.

  2. Villanova says:

    A quick Google search reveals SRAZ previous “gushed” an endorsement of the now go-along-to-get-along lobbyist Greg Patterson when he was nominated for the Board of Regents a couple of years ago and encountered opposition.

  3. Not Fooled says:

    The relationship between Mark Killian and Greg Patterson goes back to their days as state legislators. That’s where Jan Brewer got her political feet wet. She appointed both of them to the Board of Regents. Not much of a surprise they would spew the same liberal vomitus. They also take the title “regent” literally to mean a person who rules or reigns. That explains their turn of skew.

  4. Sgt. Preston says:

    It doesn’t take long for some to be dazzled by titles and associations of those they regard as high fliers. It’s a disappointment, but there appears to be a dearth of those who can resist the exhilarating intoxication these appointments bring, even if they are bestowed by a dunce like Jan Brewer!

  5. Hunter says:

    We should start voucher programs for higher education instead of directly appropriating the money to the state universities (state general fund) and community colleges (primarily through property taxes). Let students decide which Arizona colleges and universities best suit their needs and have the money follow the students. Allow private colleges to get paid with the vouchers also.

    Maybe the AIMS scholarships could be restarted this way except they could be redeemed as vouchers at any public or private institution of higher learning in the state rather than just available at the public universities.

    That way, students, by making decisions about where they want to go to college and how much they are willing to pay, can ultimately determine how much University presidents should get paid just as consumers ultimately determine how most private sector CEOs get paid.

    It’s better than letting amateur politicians set the pay for professional politicians (aka “public servants”) based on their personal feelings or preferences without regard to what the consumers (students and their parents) actually want and value.

  6. Hunter says:

    The solution to these issues is not getting better people into government. It is getting government out of people’s lives to the maximum extent possible consistent with maintaining law and order. Conservatives should generally have a bias for abolishing government programs rather than trying to manage them better. The only government programs conservatives should support are those they can clearly articulate a legitimate purpose for based on protecting individual rights and legitimate constitutional authority as well as clear statements about why private organizations can’t do the job as well as a government body.

    The priority should be to eliminate the government sector whenever possible. If that is not possible, then privatize the function as much as possible using tax funding. If that is not possible, then run the government operation as efficiently as possible consistent with protecting individual liberty.

    Some might argue that tax funding for colleges is not a proper function of government. Unfortunately, many disagree and the state constitution also disagrees. However, to the extent we can shift to privatizing college education and putting the financial decisions in the hands of students and/or parents, we are limiting government influence and empowering individuals. Having government funded government institutions is generally the worst alternative for higher education as it is for most government programs.

  7. jojo says:

    I noticed that this Pres is called transformative by Patterson. Is Crow the one that attracted the Soros, Woodrow Wilson bunch to form a school of “The Future of War”, or something like that previously written about in your news. They are definitely turning AZ blue. It’s been the goal of the left and it’s working.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Greg Patterson was told his blog was too controversial since it hammered on the educrats. After he agreed not to post, he was appointed to the ABOR. He’s now a regent, a blogger and an ass kisser. No, he does not own a pet donkey, but he’s formed a strong attachment to Crows.

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    This is an outrageous, gold-gilded crock of bovine expression. Why are these regents allowed to fabricate spending sprees with OUR money? In the real world (outside of taxpayer-funded gov’t) these idiots would not be throwing their own money around like this. With more and more AZonans struggling to survive while having to support the entire lifestyles of our surge of “low-income and minority” illegal aliens in addition to these charlatans and their “low-income and minority” illegal alien students, why are these McBrewer regulators allowed to engage in this tax & spend fantasy with no legislative oversight?

    This is insane. These moguls of higher “education” are allowed to continually expand their boondoggles while we pay the bill for that, for them and for the idiot regents. The bigger the boondoggle, the more money they get from the regents. Their touted “low-income and minority” and illegal alien students who don’t pay their own way cannot exist in a university environment. So the crows in the admin nests hire more high-paid deans of minority students, women students, not-male not-female students, non-English speaking students and just plain incompetent students so the “low-income and minority” and illegal aliens will feel more welcome. But they still can’t earn passing grades in anything, so the charlatans have to create new programs of non-classes, build buildings for them and hire new professors of blather – all paid for by US. The more the blather, the bigger the tax-funded paycheck.

    In the meantime, besides the appropriated (stolen from the working AZonans) tax dollars, the fees and tuition for students from working class families continue to skyrocket. At the UofA for example, a real non-”low-income and minority” working class student pursuing a real university diploma taking real classes will be paying around $6,000 per semester – a financial back-breaker.

    This might be a subject to bring up at a candidates “debate” in this election cycle. Then watch the bobbing and weaving and dodging. US little guys need help. With all of the nose-holding going on, we aren’t likely to get it this time.

    God bless America.

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning. Now they are laboratories for Marxist social engineering, and we the sheeple are funding our own destruction.

      • harristimes says:

        Leo, I could not agree more. Like everything we do it takes money. Perhaps we should consider lobbying the Legislature to cut off funding if the Universities and the Board of Regents do not get their act together. This thing about Goddard College is indicative of your comments. The administrations of our Universities have lost their grounding in the Constitution, personal freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility. They are teaching our children all of the wrong things and grounding them is sand not the rock of liberty.

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