AZ Republic endorsements: “Close calls” favor known leftists

Arizona Republicans find themselves in unfamiliar territory this election cycle. The GOP, which has held all statewide executive offices, now finds those slots up for grabs, except for a couple of primary winners who were unchallenged.

Gov. Jan Brewer, unable to run for a second term due to assuming office after her predecessor abandoned the state for DC, is finally gone from the political scene after three+ decades.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett took a weak stab at succeeding Brewer, but floundered among five other Republican candidates and a perennial Libertarian. Bennett’s also out the political door.

Attorney General Tom Horne, a top-flight, conservative lawyer who won major cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal District Courts, lost to the former appointed state Gaming Director. Horne is also gone.

Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal tearfully imploded when he was revealed as the less than politically correct, multi-pseudonymed commenter, frequenting numerous blogs during work hours. His political career is kaput after a devastating 16-point defeat by a conservative former school board president.

The state Treasurer’s post opened due to incumbent Doug Ducey’s entry into the governor’s race. Jeff DeWit bested his two Republican challengers, not only moving forward, but actually winning the General Election with the primary count. Democrats, well aware of their lack of financial expertise, didn’t even bother to field a candidate for the office.

Two seats on the rate-setting and regulatory Corporation Commission opened and the conservatives who won in a four-way primary will face Dem challengers. Commissioners cannot hold office for more than two consecutive terms

The Mine Inspector’s office stays in Republican hands, as Democrats gave a pass to this office. Joe Hart, a former state House Speaker with a background in the mining industry, slides back into office, unchallenged.

The governor’s race pits Republican businessman and state treasurer Doug Ducey against lobbyist Fred DuVal. It’s a no-contest contest.

In the Secretary of State’s race, Republican Michele Reagan faces leftist retread Samuel Pearson “Terry” Goddard, III, the three-time, unsuccessful governor aspirant, who has longed to follow his single-term father to the governor’s office. This route is his desperation move. Arizona has had several governors who ascended to the post in this manner when the incumbents unexpectedly left or died.

The Attorney General’s race is a match-up between radical liberal Felecia Rotellini, who previously lost to Horne, and Republican Mark Brnovich.

In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, the underlying issue is the controversial federal overreach into the American education system known as “Common Core.” Huppenthal and Brewer, aware of the toxicity of the program, deceptively renamed it. Bottom line: Conservative Diane Douglas has made the defeat of this problematic program the focal point of her campaign. Far leftist David Garcia is an educrat determined to foist this disastrous scheme on Arizona’s children.

So what recommendations does the daily newspaper make in these statewide offices?

The Arizona Republic editorials call both the Secretary of State and Attorney General races “close calls.” But to no one’s surprise they endorse the Democrats. Ditto the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a race in which the newspaper calls Common Core supporter David Garcia “a great choice.” The advice they dole out in the important Corporation Commission race? They advise voters to “split your ticket” as they recommend a liberal challenger to the Republican team of Tom Forese and Doug Little. The daily has not yet endorsed in the governor’s race, but we’re betting they’ll go with leftwing lobbyist DuVal —- calling it a “close call.”

Both Felecia Rotellini, touting her list of RINO supporters, and Fred Duval are engaged in a deceitful “party doesn’t matter” strategy, emulating the open borders proponent Janet Napolitano, by running lists of RINO endorsers.

But political Parties do matter. They have platforms that are world’s apart. Those elected to public office set policy, governors make judicial appointments.

Don’t be conned by the liberal newspaper. It wants nothing more than extreme leftwing control of the state. Coming together after bruising primaries is difficult. Few of us find joy in supporting the candidate who defeated the one we backed.  Others are frustrated that the less desirable candidate won the Primary. But someone is going to govern and we’ll all be better served if it’s not the strident leftist.

12 Responses to AZ Republic endorsements: “Close calls” favor known leftists

  1. azgary says:

    off topic, but i was hoping sraz would post something on this:

    “The Yellow Sheet Is Reporting That AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham isn’t happy about Maricopa County GOP chairman A. J. LaFaro’s commentary inferring that Sen John McCain and moderate Republicans were seeking to purge the party of conservative PCs. In a letter from Graham to the state GOP’s Executive Committee, Graham reportedly admonished party committeemen to avoid “over-the-top statements,” in light of the upcoming Nov 4 general election. “I want to stress that we only have 40 days until the general election and all internal party matters should wait until after Nov. 4th.” Last week, LaFaro filed a complaint with the Secretary Of State and the Clean Elections Commission, alleging that a political group called the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC broke campaign finance laws by failing to register as a political committee in Arizona and disclose its spending. See full complaint at 9-22-14 MCRC Briefs”

    Very sad how Mcgraham never admonishes the rinos for spitting on the moderate, mainstream American ideology, platform, and philosophy of the Republican party, and now is defending them referring to them as “moderate” when they are far left. This seems to prove the point of what A.J. is saying and the actions hes taking in lieu of an azgop chairman who should be taking those actions, but instead apparently sides with those attacking conservatives and our platform. By attacking A.J. for his leadership and efforts to take a principled stand graham is revealing his true colors, and they appear to be pale pastels of purple and blue, not the bright, bold red of Chairman LaFaro.

    A.J. is a true leader. While I am not in Maricopa County, I am grateful for his actions and if the Republican party in Az is to be saved from the Big Government, liberal, lobbyist owned mccainites, it will be through the efforts people like Chairman LaFaro.

    Thank You A.J.

    DRAFT A.J. for azgop chair, we need true leadership at the azgop, not McCain lobbyist shills like mcgraham

    • Hunter says:

      Does anyone have an update on how the PC elections went? Will conservatives control the party or did too many of McCain’s PCs get elected?

      • azgary says:

        I know results are in, but have no idea on the make up, it may have gone bad for the mccainites or his chief fluffer Robert Mcgraham probably wouldn’t have come out to attack conservatives, losing some pc races probably cost mcgraham some lobbyist bribes and a pat on the head from old jonny amnesty

  2. azgary says:

    SRAZ again endorsing lesser of two evils, the very thing that has us in our current cesspool. the party will never change unless we punish them. in a sense sraz, by endorsing lesser of two evils you are endorsing things like michelle Reagan for governor, congressman or senator. winning her election will certainly be propelling her as a favorite in that direction.

    have courage, do not vote lesser of two evils, sanctioning your murderer, is never a wise choice. death by a thousand cuts or a bullet in the head does not matter, dead is dead and lesser of two evils is surely killing us.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Your “lesser of two evils” argument has been stated often, and we share the same frustration you have clearly and fittingly articulated. In fact, your words were echoing as this post was written.

      We are also realists. Having public policy set by those who support Barack Obama and have worked tirelessly bolstering leftist ideology is not an acceptable alternative. Conservatives have every right to be frustrated. We’ve been repeatedly sold out by Jan Brewer and deceived by the amnesty supporting senators who run to the right and immediately after the votes are counted, join with the democrats.

      The list of RINOs in public office is long and beyond infuriating. Adding insult to injury, the state party leadership disappointingly bows to the establishment elites. Our congressional delegation not only appears poised to fold on a “piecemeal” approach to amnesty immediately after the general election, but they have boldly told us of their intent, albeit with deceptive language.

      Our name Seeing Red AZ is based in this frustration.

      The answer is not in voting for democrats. It lies in supporting and donating to conservative opponents. Ask the tough questions at public forums and tape their responses. The AZ DC delegation incumbents run virtually unopposed since incumbency comes with the perks of vast supplies of DC lobbyist money. This is a complex issue, but we still contend allowing democrats to control this state is not the answer.

      • Anna Gaines says:

        One of our conservative friends has decided to start selling “nose clips” during the upcoming election. : ( I refuse to use one. Instead I will help a group to monitor each and every action of the new elected officials and take legal measures to remove them from office. Incompetent, corrupt, special interest
        politicians, watch out, Arizona is tired of “same ol’ same”

        It’s a sad day when the Republican Party supports those who raise more funds, instead of the best candidates. Even worst! When they let them get thrown under the train of lies and innuendos by the “State Bar Assassination squad”, and corrupt Media, CBOS, and Judges. There was a much better fit candidate for Governor who wasn’t supported by the GOP. A large group of conservatives are deeply disappointed in the GOP.

        Is it time to go Independent?

      • azgary says:

        time after time, election after election the same thing is said, and it only gets worse. will you ever learn?

        why would anything change if they know you will keep on doing the same thing?

        It Wont, and to make it worse they laugh at you while growing their power over you. its like an serially abused spouse that keeps going back, with the beatings worsening every time. eventually you must leave or you will be destroyed and it will have been by your own choosing

        I, You, We must change and punish those who seek to punish us, or we will always be the ones on the receiving end. hopefully you will learn this before it is too late, if it is not already. I fear it is though, amnesty, and with it the permanent democrat voting majority is the end of any national relevance for the republican party and the republic itself.

        all the excuses and failed reasons in the world will not change this and we will not be forgiven by future generations, if, that is, they are ever allowed to know what once was.

      • CD 8 PC says:

        We’re all discouraged. Our hard work and $$$ are as good as flushed down the toilet. The most disturbing silence comes from the McGOP headquarters on 24th St.

        BTW, Trent Franks didn’t join in writing that pro-amnesty piece, but he’s onboard with the illegals and their demands. He “represents” my district.

  3. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    How about taking on the Grant Woods and Rick Romley types who would rather endorse Democrats than Republicans? I’m suspicious of the few Republican candidates they and their ilk do endorse. I can guarantee I won’t be voting for any of them. Establishment endorsments from McCain, McKyl, McFlake and McMontgomery are less than worthless, and they tell me a whole lot about the candidates who stoop to take their support.

  4. jojo says:

    DEFUND the GOP. It’s the only way. Give directly to the candidate of your choice. No holding my nose anymore. I’ll work directly on school boards and mayors. I’m nolonger beholden to any party. The dems not only left me. Now the Reps have gone over the cliff.

  5. jon jensen says:

    If terry the fairy wins doug ducy better get a food taster and keep his back to the wall!

    • azgary says:

      In my opinion, if elected Ducy will be, basically a continuation of the Obrewer administration, a not too bright executive, ran by “advisers”, firmly in the pockets of the lobbyist to the delight of the azgop/rnc/gop, they do not want to interrupt the cash flow from the chambers of commerce lobbyist, the true masters of the party and the holders of the keys to their power. Whats best for the citizenry does not matter as long as they keep the power and cash coming. That’s why so many people like and respect Diane Douglas, integrity, principles and knows what the right thing to do is, best of all she is not for sale, for such a sweet natured, wonderful lady she has more testicular fortitude than the rest of the bunch running for the high state offices combined. Too bad so few politicians are like her, but when they are the party does all in its power to destroy them, at the behest of the lobbyist and the McCain group of powerbrokers.

      Is it any wonder people are leaving the party in disgust or simply not participating?

      Its not cynicism when its true.