Just one question re: Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

It has now been 185 days since 25-year-old Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was jailed and held in solitary confinement in Tijuana, Mexico on weapons charges. He had three guns among his possessions packed in his truck as he was moving from Florida to California.

The Marine veteran, diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome that has gone untreated, served two tours in Afghanistan. He said he never intended to leave the country but missed an exit when heading to meet friends for dinner at a border town restaurant.

If convicted of weapons charges, he faces six to 21 years in a Mexican prison. Barack Obama has never followed through (news video) on his stated intention to contact Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to request Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release, although the two have discussed other issues. 

Question: Isn’t it time to cut off foreign aid to this crime-ridden and noxious nation that defies our sovereign border, brazenly disregards our laws and blatantly treats our citizens with contempt? Mexico received $265 million in U. S. taxpayer paid foreign aid in 2013 —- excluding military aid.

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  1. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    We should of cut off all aid within one week of asking for his release. I’d also like to request anyone reading this to boycott the following company’s owned by major Mexican Corp. and maybe we as a People can be effective and those who serve us no matter how much they talk are not competent. Mission & Guerrero Food Co. mostly Tortillas & Chips, along with BIMBO MEXICO OWNS BIMBO BAKERIES USA AND THEY CURRENTLY OWN THE FOLLOWING WELL KNOWN AMERICAN BRANDS; ENTENMANN’S, OLD COUNTRY, WEBER’S, ROMAN MEAL BREAD,SUN-MAID BREAD, CINNABON BREAD, MILTON’S BREAD, ARNOLD, BALL PARK (BUNS), THOMAS’, STROEHMANN, BOBOLI, EARTHGRAINS, FRANCISCO, FREIHOFER’S, MARINELA, OROWEAT, TIA ROSA.
    I’ve asked those in office to do this with no response as I believe our GOP DC Delegation is not responsive but loves meetings and tv time to express they’re feelings, which are nothing more than sound bites or commercials if you will, The time of US to act before something more happens and by the way no more going south to do anything including meds, being a PATRIOT has a cost and time more of US pay it. God Bless You All; Van

    • Army Of One says:

      Thanks for the list and the reminder that boycotts work! No patriotic American should travel to Mexico — even if it was safe to do so, which even our US State Department doesn’t think is the case. Check out this most recent travel warning dated August 15, 2014.

      It will likely be replaced by something more benign, so read it while it’s still up.
      I would have copied it in it’s entirety so it was saved here, but it was too long and would have taken up space for others to comment. This bit (after a conciliatory message that many Americans travel there safely) gives an idea of the horrific facts associated with travel south of the border:

      “U.S. travelers should be aware that the Mexican government has been engaged in an extensive effort to counter organized criminal groups that engage in narcotics trafficking and other unlawful activities throughout Mexico.  The groups themselves are engaged in a violent struggle to control drug trafficking routes and other criminal activity.  Crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere.  U.S. citizens have fallen victim to criminal activity, including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking, and highway robbery.  While many of those killed in organized crime-related violence have themselves been involved in criminal activity, innocent persons have also been killed.  The number of U.S. citizens reported to the Department of State as murdered in Mexico was 71 in 2012 and 81 in 2013. 

      Gun battles between rival criminal organizations or with Mexican authorities have taken place in towns and cities in many parts of Mexico.  Gun battles have occurred in broad daylight on streets and in other public venues, such as restaurants and clubs.  During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area. Criminal organizations have used stolen cars, buses, and trucks to create roadblocks on major thoroughfares, preventing the military and police from responding to criminal activity. The location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable.  We recommend that you defer travel to the areas specifically identified in this Travel Warning and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the other areas for which advisories are in effect. 
      The number of kidnappings throughout Mexico is of particular concern and appears to be on the rise.”

    • azgary says:

      out of that list, all I use is mission tortillas, but no more now.

      I say we would be best suited boycotting all amnesty supporters by not choosing them on a ballot. our dc delegation is much more concerned with mexico and illegals than they are about America and its citizens.

      thanks for the list

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        You’re Right and yes agree boycott all of them and others who support amnesty/legal status as well. Easy way to remove illegals cut off all benefits to them, similar to cutting off blood to any limb of a body, eventually it will fall off, or in the case of most but not all illegals they’ll start self deporting no matter what the politicians and others say, Ike remove them in the 50’s without computers or a national highway system, which we were building with American Labor and Union workers as well, join in the Boycott Movement and spread it Nation wide.

      • azgary says:

        the way to remove illegals is to punish severely those who employ them without doing due diligence to ensure they are legally able to work in this country, severe fines and prison. another good thing would be withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities and states.

        but no matter the good ideas we have, like doing things as easy as enforcing existing laws is moot when politicians represent foreigners and lobbyist and not the American citizen, such as the az 4.

        now lack of enforcement has brought diseases that should never have been here to kill our citizens.

        dead Americans, brought to you by pro amnesty republicans.

    • joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

      Van is el correcto—cut off all foreign aid to Mexico. Why do we give my and your personal cash to this virtual dictatorship?
      But Van does not go far enough; we ought to stop handing over citizens’ money to all countries. In the first place so-called “foreign aid” is unconstitutional, and in the second, all foreign aid does is prop up countries that recognize no freedoms, no civil rights, no future but to continue their morbid slavery. If we are trying to buy friends across the world with our cash, why is all that we get from 97% of them is contempt?
      Besides, money sent to a hundred hateful countries only strengthens the totalitarian grip they have over their subjects.
      Van has a good idea, but he shoots himself in the foot when he requests our government to boycott! Van, my man, what you are proposing, a boycott of several companies, is purely a citizen movement; it has no place in the hands of government. You campaigned this year as a conservative. Show us some muscle by excluding the gob’mint, and promote your idea via the vibrant private sector!

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        My intent for the Boycott is we the people, our government is useless for the most part. 1st part of my original comments, We should of cut off all aid within one week of asking for his release. I’d also like to request anyone reading this to boycott the following company’s owned by major Mexican Corp. and maybe we as a People can be effective and those who serve us no matter how much they talk are not competent. I hope this clears up any confusion, and would hope others in our country would spread the work and remember would also be nice to boycott any banks in our country with ties to them as well. God Bless You All; Van

    • Hagar says:

      Thx for the list. No more Mission tortillas for me. Is the Tia Rosa on the list the Mesa restaurant or a Mexican food brand?

  2. azgary says:

    “Mexico received $265 million in U. S. taxpayer paid foreign aid in 2013 —- excluding military aid.”

    and how much did illegals send back that was taken from our economy?

    there will be no cut off of foreign aid, that would take some political courage that does not come from politicians who are put in place through lobbyist and lesser of two evils voting.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Check out the ever ticking clock on remittances sent to Mexico and Latin America in recent years.
      This clock also details those who are here illegally from Mexico, other Latin American countries, and other than Mexicans (OTMs) who have entered illegally, the astronomical costs associated with these invaders, the estimated number of their anchor babies and the impact of the criminality on our citizens.
      The numbers we are given by the D.C. illegal colluders of 10-12 million illegals in the United States are insulting. Those numbers have been static for the last decade despite in continued influx and their high birth rates. By virtue of the fact we keep keep electing them, they understandably think we are stupid enough to dupe.

      • azgary says:

        not to mention those who are not border hoppers but visa overstayers 40%, and one of the highest numbers of overstayers are from Liberia where the ebola carrier in texas is from, he came here to stay with his very likely illegal alien family members and lied on the questionnaire about contact with ebola carriers. he was personally in physical contact with a female who died from ebola, as were others who were in contact with her.

        now all the other diseases hitting kids very hard from illegals south of the border…….

        how many of these disease carrying third worlders are you contacting everyday, or are your children and grandchildren sitting next to in school or rough housing in gym class with?

        and the az 4 want to legalize them, they do not care about you, only the lobbyist bribing them so they can bring death to your doorstep and replace you at work with a slave wage foreigner.

        stop voting lesser of two evils. the party must be punished or they will NEVER stop slrewing us, make them decide:

        lobbyist and losing, or we the people and winning

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        You’re absolutely Right & BOYCOTT the company’s listed.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Obama was Johnny-on-the -spot when it came to getting the traitorous Bowe Bergdahl back from the vicious Muslim fundamentalist, American hating Taliban in Afghanistan. How interesting that he back burners Andrew Tahmooressi when dealing with our supposed amigos in Mexico.

    Bergdahl’s bearded father spoke in Arabic at the WH Rose Garden ceremony with Obama, praising Allah. Tahmooressi’s family will most likely praise God in English, so Muslim-reared Obama won’t go out of his way for him

  4. Orion says:

    “Noxious nation” as a descriptive term for Mexico is the best I’ve heard yet! BRAVO!!!

    Linda Valdez over at the AZ Repulsive would be apoplectic if she heard that.Have you no pity?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    All forms of aid which flows from Washington to Mexico should have been immediately stopped.
    That’s all that matters to these despots—-Money.

    It is very sad, and telling, when TV personalities such as Montel Williams (himself a Lt.Col in the Marine Corps) and FOX News’ Greta Van Susteran are the ones leading the charge.

    Months ago, Ms. Van Susteran left her desk in Washington and traveled to the border crossing where Sgt. Andrew T. made a wrong turn. She drove the route herself, and filmed it.
    Although she made the drive during daylight hours, it was obvious that someone who was in this place at night could have made the wrong turn, with no possibility of being able to exit.

  6. azgary says:

    off topic but hilarious. even democrats understand amnesty is completely unwanted by americans, too bad republicans like the az 4 don’t get the message, well actually they get it but don’t care. lobbyist bribes and illegals taking our jobs, ruining our infrastructure and creating a permanent demokkkrat majority is what they hold dear:
    Exclusive — Cochran’s Democrat Opponent Travis Childers Takes Hardcore Anti-Amnesty Pledge
    Mississippi Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Travis Childers today became the first Democrat to sign an anti-amnesty pledge from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a unexpected and extraordinary play that could significantly change the dynamics of his campaign against incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

    Childers, a former Congressman, signed the pledge Thursday that was seized on by Cochran’s Republican primary challenger, state senator Chris McDaniels, to draw a contrast with Cochran on the issue of immigration. The pledge includes language about amnesty but is also against increases in legal immigration.

    The primary race, one of the most bitterly fought contests in recent memory, has left deep wounds in Mississippi, and some conservative activists said Childers’ choice to sign the pledge could sway them to vote for the Democratic candidate.

    “It looks to me like Mississippi voters have a choice,” Kevin Broughton, a Mississippian and spokesman for a national grassroots conservative organization, told Breitbart News. “One candidate is on the record opposing amnesty for illegal aliens; has never voted ‘no’ on building a fence on the Southern border; and has never, to my knowledge, played the race card against conservatives. The other is Thad Cochran.”

    Cochran won the primary after his allies used polarizing racial appeals to Democratic voters to sway them to vote in the GOP primary. Without Democratic votes, experts have said, Cochran would have lost the race.

    Childers embrace of the pledge could give him a coalition of Democratic voters and disenchanted conservatives.

    when you support candidates who will not take the FAIR pledge and choose illegals over americans, you too are choosing foreigners over americans.

  7. American Dad says:

    This was part of a strong news release issued by VFW National Commander John Stroud in which he speaks words of wisdom, calling out Obama’s lack of commitment to our own American citizen and military hero:

     “We can no longer rely on our government to bring our Marine home. We’ve tried the politically polite route by twice asking President Obama to contact Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to no avail. Now, the gloves are off. I’m calling on America’s nearly 22 million veterans to boycott all travel to Mexico and the purchase of its goods…a total boycott.”  

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    And we learn today, October 3, that McCain just penned a letter to the Mexican President regarding Marine Sgt. Andrew T.

    Jump on that bandwagon, Johnny-come-lately.

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