Bill Montgomery: Focus of daily’s sarcastic jab remains inert

Ten days ago, the Arizona Republic’s tabloid style insert ran an ironic cover report titled, “No VIP treatment” detailing the handling of arrested “celebrities” in Phoenix. It continues to a jump page which boldly declares, “No one is a celebrity in handcuffs.”

The list details the arrests of actors, a fitness guru, athletes and musicians. 

Missing is any mention of relatives of politicians.

Also MIA is the usually loquacious Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery.

After a lengthy and intense investigation —- even consulting with out-of-state experts, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office recommended criminal prosecution on 23 felony animal neglect charges against Todd and MaLeisa Hughes and their daughter and son-in-law Logan and Austin Flake. The Hughes’ were on vacation leaving the incompetent Flake’s as caretakers at the Green Acre kennel where nearly two dozen dogs died agonizing deaths, suffocating in the small, steamy utility room in which they were crammed together without food, water or cool air in the scorching heat of June 21.

Frustrated pet owners and the Valley community are weary of the stalling tactics, as County Attorney Bill Montgomery tries his damnedest to obfuscate, deflect and, yes,  figure out a method to ditch this political albatross altogether.

Bringing charges against Sen. Jeff Flake’s son, daughter-in-law and her parents, does not fit into Montgomery’s long-range career goals.

Meanwhile, the preventable deaths which the family initially lied about, occurred months ago and not a word has been heard on the subject from Montgomery since his insulting press conference where he noted that the dead dogs “weren’t 23 children,” after all.

On Sept. 10, Montgomery said it would take a “couple of weeks” for him to come to a decision regarding whether there was sufficient evidence to file charges in the case. Since he’s made numerous endorsements this election cycle, the fallout of his decision could have negative blowback on the hapless candidates he’s thrown his support behind. It would not be surprising if that consideration looms large as the motive for his inertia.

Montgomery has sent the investigative report back to the sheriff’s office. In the meantime, he’s hoping we’ve all developed cases of amnesia.

Few political observers will forget how the self-promoting Montgomery displayed his vile penchant for derision as he turned his back on his former benefactor Joe Arpaio, insulting the man who helped him fundraise during his campaign for Maricopa County Attorney. County Supervisor Don Stapley, hardly a paragon of virtue himself, had the presence of mind to tape record Montgomery as he was more than willing to insult the sheriff* while pimping himself for an interim appointment to the county attorney post that was never in the cards.  

It’s time for Bill Montgomery to proceed with this case. As much as he might wish otherwise, an amnesia epidemic has not overtaken the Valley.

* H/T Phoenix New Times


7 Responses to Bill Montgomery: Focus of daily’s sarcastic jab remains inert

  1. LEO IN TSN says:


    Two little girls have been kidnapped by an AZ judge, to be used for laboratory experiments.


    Who by name is the AZ judge, probably in Maricopa County, who has kidnapped these two little girls from their parents & doctors, and sold them as lab rats to these evil vivisectionists?

    Is this anonymous evil judge up for a retention vote on this AZ general election ballot, and is that why the demon-judge has put a gag order on the parents to mask his presence and ensure the cover of darkness for such evil??

    This cannot be allowed to stand, and the evildoers must be held to justice!

    God bless America.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    They say the true character of a man is displayed in those moments when he thinks no one is looking…..or in Montgomery’s case, LISTENING. When he gutted Sheriff Arpaio for personal gain, he revealed his incredible lack of integrity. Now we see his latest gambit is to clam up…also for personal gain. Montgomery is a heavy burden for the multitudes of candidates he has given endorsements Again, these seemingly generous actions are calculated fro his own personal gain. He is salivating at a chance to run for the US Senate when McCain leaves. Montgomery hopes to be calling back all of those endorsements when he needs them.

    Meanwhile lets see his guts in charging those responsible for these horrific deaths of beloved family pets. The question to ask is how this case would be changed if the perpetrators were not named Flake.

  3. azgary says:

    just a small part of the party cronyism problem here in az. the issue of the pols protecting each other is really no different on the most basic level as voting lesser of two evils.

  4. Army Of One says:

    Montgomery makes me feel ashamed. He is nothing more than a political opportunist. I hope this is the last elective office he holds.

  5. jojo says:

    Anyone who crosses Sheriff Joe is not only gutless but incredibly stupid. This guy is what the GOP represents now. Just another political hack like Flake. The GOP will probably run him again they’re so unteachable.

  6. Braveheart says:

    In response to this poser “The question to ask is how this case would be changed if the perpetrators were not named Flake?” The answer is simple:
    Smith, Jones, Johnson, or Williams…..would all be facing charges.
    Flake (or Kyl, McCain, Bornovich, Brewer, Ducey, Bolick, Tobin, etc), not a chance!!!

    This guy doesn’t work for the citizens of Maricopa County. He works for his own self interests. He owes us more than the half truths and outright lies we’ve been getting from this ambitious double talker. I voted for him last time around. Won’t make that mistake again.