Dem PC shows ethical road to wayward GOP PCs

The Arizona Daily Independent reports on the actions of the ethically challenged elected Republican Precinct Committeemen who misuse their offices, publicly making cross party endorsements.

Always dedicated to the far-left position irrespective of the specified duties of precinct committeeman, an Arizona Republic editorial mischaracterizes the actions of Maricopa County Republican chairman A.J.. LaFaro as ‘stifling dissent.” The Republican-loathing newspaper hypocritically advises LaFaro to “take heed from national party stalwart Haley Barbour, who warned his team earlier this year that enforcing ideological purity “is the enemy of victory.”

It’s no surprise the Republic would swoon over Barbour, who long ago lost his creds with conservatives.

Mark Stegeman, the Democrat described in the Daily Independent report, stepped down from his post, honoring his party’s bylaw relating to the role of precinct committeemen. He demonstrated integrity.

Squish Republican Grant Woods and his cohorts, who lost their voting privileges, could learn a thing or two from the example set by Tucson Unified School District Governing Board member Stegeman.

Chairman LaFaro’s comments can be read in the Sept. 25, 2014  issue of Maricopa County Republican Briefs. Scroll down to “Message From MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro: Republicans Indorsing Non-Republicans.”

Read Article VI, Section 5, Sub-section, B, Page 18. which clearly statesNo member of the Maricopa County Republican Committee shall lend an endorsement to a non-Republican candidate in any election. Should a MCRC member endorse a non-Republican, that MCRC member will lose his voting privileges, including proxies, for the rest of his term.

 Those who run for this office, do so to represent the Republican Party and work to elect Republican candidates.

The concept is a simple one. If you care enough to be involved in the political process to run for precinct committeeman, it should be to assist rather than attack, candidates of your own party. 


9 Responses to Dem PC shows ethical road to wayward GOP PCs

  1. azgary says:

    Haley Barbour is nothing but scum.

  2. jojo says:

    Right up there with McCain & Flake. How about all the politicians that are seat warmers from AZ.? Not one is for the citizens. If they were they would be hammering the airwaves trying to get the border secure. Why do you think we are turning Independent and reminding people to defund the GOP?

    • Doc says:

      Didn’t I read somewhere that mcTraitor said something about voting for the presumptive dim-0-crap presidential nominee, headache hillary?

  3. PV PC says:

    How despicable that the flagrantly leftist AZ Republic would bring up and quote Haley McBarbour. He has become no better than the slippery Karl Rove in damaging conservatives. I well remember getting an auto dialer with Haley Barbour encouraging votes for RINO precinct committeemen over conservatives. His actions resulted in the loss of the Republican Maricopa County Chairman, which was the point of his involvement. After the chairman was taken out as a PC by the McCain faction, he was no longer able to finish his term. Fortunately, the new conservative county chair appointed him as executive director, despite the scheming of the RINO McCainiacs and Haley Barbour. The deceptive practices high ranking RINO elites engage in is appalling. Jon Kyl was outed doing the same thing. He used mailers with his photo on them advising which PCs to support. They were never the hardworking conservatives.

    I located this post on here on SRAZ. It exposes the sleazy tactics that are employed to gut the Republican party and make us indistinguishable from the liberal Democrats. Wake up, People. We are being screwed without a kiss.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    You increase evil on earth if you vote Democrat.

    Are the above RINOS or Republicrats?

    Segment of the American ruling class pretending to be conservatives by paying lip service to conservative principles, and camouflaging themselves in patriotic imagery. Often confused with RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), but Republicrats are far more dangerous because they’ve learned how to campaign on conservative talking points. Unlike the RINO who campaigns and governs from the middle-left, the Republicrat campaigns as a conservative and then governs middle-left. Once in office the record of the Republicrat is virtually indistinguishable from the Democrats regardless of the rhetoric, either because of cowardice, deception, or a combination of both.

  5. Kimball says:

    Conservatives wholeheartedly support AJ LaFaro. He’d be a vast improvement over Robert McGraham as state GOP chairman.

    • azgary says:

      Not only do we support A.J., we KNOW he does and will continue to support us.

      He will not cower and scrape to the chambers of commerce and the McCain factions as does robbie McGraham who chooses the lobbyist and cronies over we the people.

      He will support conservative causes and condemn “republicans” who go against the platform and ideology like all of the mcbrewer traitors who switched sides to pass the full on democrat agenda in the middle of the night obamacare expansion, “Governor Brewer and 15 republican legislators a.k.a. the Brewercrats surrendered Arizona to a progressive agenda in the 2013 legislative session joining with 100% of the Democrats in passing liberal progressive policies that harm economic growth. They passed Medicaid Expansion, Obrewercare, Common Core and then increased taxes and spending by hundreds of millions of dollars giving Arizona a budget with a structural deficit of 400 million dollars. They refused 48 Republican offered compromises”(
      Governor Brewer,
      •State Senators:
      • John McComish
      •Adam Driggs
      •Bob Worsley
      •Steve Pierce
      •Michele Reagan
      •Rich Crandall
      • Jeff Dial
      •Rob Robson
      •Heather Carter
      •Ethan Orr
      •Frank Pratt
      •TJ Shope
      •Doris Goodale
      •Doug Coleman
      •Kate Brophy-McGee

      He stood side by side with me and several others collecting signatures to censure jonny “amnesty” McCain, and what does jonnies little lap dog robbie the rino mcgraham do?

      He totes amnesty jonny around to places he is not wanted and has been censured by. Does ANYBODY think A.J. would do something like that?

      The first step in taking the party back from lobbyist, and their owned puppets like McCain and little Robbie mcgraham (and all the mini mcgrahams he has surrounded himself with at the azgop) starts with true conservative leadership for the state party. We need a no confidence vote in the sellout that is mccains puppet, rino robbie mcgrahamnesty and a real leader to put us back on the right track.

      There is none better for this than A.J. LaFaro, he has proven it time and time again.

      Draft A.J. LaFaro for AZGOP Chairman, PROVEN conservative leadership we can trust.

      • azgary says:

        Never Forget what we need to fight, it will not be fought with mccains sycophant robbie mcraham as azgop chairman.

  6. Keen Observer says:

    Wes and Deb Gullett are like policemen who swear to uphold the law but then turncoat and look the other way while gangs of criminals (Democrats) shake down shop owners (citizens). “We are Republican Precinct Committeemen and swear to support Republicans except when we don’t.”

    The ethically challenged Gullett RINOs, the “hair on fire” mentally unbalanced Barbara Espinoza and their far left-wing supporters at the AZ Republic know full well that this is not an issue of stifling dissent. Rather, It is an issue of honesty and upholding the integrity of an intuitively sworn stated purpose.

    These Republicans In Name Only can vote for and support whomever they wish, but it is unethical to do so as a Republican Precinct Committeeman and also unlawful under the Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaws. After all, the Party has a right to defend itself from treasonous attacks from within.

    These RINOs have many alternatives to lawfully pursue their politically goals. For instance, they could resign from their Precinct Committeeman positions or they could re-register as Democrats. You won’t find the word “ethics” in the Democrat Playbook.

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