Weekend viewing guaranteed to make you smarter

As baseball legend Yogi Berra so famously said, “It’s Déjà vu all over again”

Bill Whittle foretold what is clearly the truth in “Time to Go”



3 Responses to Weekend viewing guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. azgary says:

    bill whittle is very good.
    SRAZ, I enjoy this site, the posters, the open forum and the opportunity to debate.
    you and many here and within the party far too often demonstrate a level of hypocrisy that has led us to where we are today. we allow and demand lesser of two evils voting even as it destroys us, simply because there is an (R) by a name on a ballot, we choose our destroyer willingly even though they represent what we should be OPPOSING. we then give them power of evil and destruction over us knowingly. we will be destroyed this way. be it amnesty, debt, deficits, cronyism etc….
    It is not a concept difficult to understand, in fact it is so simple people who are little more than children get it, as they say, from the mouths of babes.
    listen, learn, and return to being principled over political:

    • Overtaxed1 says:

      We need more speakers like Bill Whittle He certainly has the big picture. Amen to all that he is saying. If only more people loved the Lord enough to see the bigger picture that he is presenting in this video. Amen to his beautiful and oh so smart presentation. Evil is still evil…a truth that is only denied by those who haven’t the ability to discern what evil really is.

  2. LEO IN TSN says:

    Bill Whittle has nailed it – or dare I say, hit the bulls eye. These two non-leaders are desperate to conciliate, compromise and “work with” our Tyrant-in-Chief. McBoehner has been literally begging Obamao for six days now to work with him and his team of compromisers. McMcConnell said weeks ago that it would be unrealistic to expect a repeal of obamaocare, until his handlers stuck a sock in his wimpy mouth.

    Please take 29½ minutes to listen to America’s greatest modern leader, as he lays out with crystal clarity the dangers of communism in our government. As he speaks, check off each and every act that obamao and his government have already forced through and those things they are planning to do. Share it with your kids and grandkids, as you educate them on the dangers we face.


    Then, as Mr. Whittle implores, start looking for real courageous American patriotic leaders to save US. As we know, the AZ4 are in the pocket of McBoehner, just as our two McSenators are kissing the (insert noun here) of McMcConnell and conciliating with obamao. Decide what you want, and then melt their phones and faxes. If we really want to see a change, then we have to force it. Shouldn’t we remind them that they still “work for US?”

    God bless America.