That gagging sound? Dem endorsing AZ Republic choking

Diane Douglas wins AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction race as final votes are tallied

After decades of watching its influence continue to wane, the daily newspaper still crows about its relevance when the exact opposite is the case.  The editorial board’s political endorsements, and repeated rehashes or “recaps” fell flat, with Republicans winning all statewide offices —- once again.  This substantive victory can’t be reduced to a fluke or simply part of the national wave of discontent aimed at Obama and his ilk, it is an echo of previous elections. Yet that doesn’t keep the remaining leftists still drawing paychecks despite massive and ongoing cutbacks, from hammering victorious conservatives.

Currently, the keyboard-armed hooligans are reeling over the triumph of Diane Douglas in the state Superintendent of Public Instruction race. Glibly describing Douglas as the “tea party candidate” in an attempt to marginalize her, the goons would have us believe she was an anomaly with no support, ignoring the endorsements of U.S. Reps. Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert and state Senate President Andy Biggs. Nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, who has written extensively exposing Common Core, was an early Douglas supporter who also congratulated her on her primary victory

The harsh reality for the failing newspaper is that perennial Democrat candidates, wannabe-governor Terry Goddard, running for Secretary of State and Felecia Rotellini, trying yet again to win Attorney General, both lost —- big time. Jim Holway, one of their choices for the two open Corporation Commission seats didn’t make a blip on the election night radar, coming in dead last in a field of four. Now their focus is on the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. The newspaper’s liberal heartstrings were plucked by leftist David Garcia, a committed Common Core educrat.

In order to explain away his defeat, the Arizona Republic engages in what it has crafted into a repetitive whammy art form. The tactic consists of editorials purporting to be news reports, actual editorials which berate and mock, and finally turning their snarling liberal columnists loose to gnaw at the dominant conservative.

None of it works. Arizonans have long been on to the charade. The newspaper is a farce. Regardless of its grinding angst, Republicans won again.

Though the Arizona Republic attempts to blame Democrat losses on “dark money” and outside spending, grassroots conservative Diane Douglas was wildly outspent by her Democrat opponent.  David Garcia had outside interests dump $802,000 into his campaign to Douglas’ $1,100, proving it was her anti-Common Core message, not his money that carried the day.

This Gallup Poll found that Americans prefer local school boards over implementation of the federal government’s Common Core scheme by a wide margin, 56% to 15%. Among those familiar with the federal overreach nearly a third say state government should have the greatest say on curriculum, opposing the federal program which wrests control from parents and local communities.

In 2012 Obama reminded Republicans he had won. Click here to see the best way to remind the Arizona Republic.

16 Responses to That gagging sound? Dem endorsing AZ Republic choking

  1. azgary says:

    Diane Douglas, a wonderful conservative, was the only republican that was better than a hold your nose(hopefully soon enough of you will STOP voting for hold your nose candidates) candidate in all of the state races, which is why the republican establishment tried to stealthily defeat and backstab her .

    unfortunately ducey and the many RINOs in the legislature will probably stop her from killing common core, in which voters gave her a clear mandate. same thing with any attempts by conservatives to get rid of obrewercare.

    that’s what happens when you elect politicians in the pockets of the lobbyist instead of representatives of the voters.

    the time has come to start calling those elected legislators offices to DEMAND we get rid of common core and obrewercare, for those new legislators and the governor not seated yet, start the first day they are in office:
    Arizona State Legislature:
    Arizona State Senate
    (602) 926-3559
    Arizona House of Representatives
    (602) 926-4221
    State senators and reps by district:

    Governors office:
    (602) 542-1755

    • Clementine says:

      Good post, SRAZ!
      As much as the Arizona Repugnant newspaper wishes otherwise, Diane Douglas prevailed because her message resonated with the voters. In my opinion, she was the lone conservative on the ballot.
      In agreement with azgary, I’ll add that now it’s up to conservatives to hold GOP feet to the fire to ensure they keep their election promises without compromise. Democrats view “bi-artisanship” as Republicans caving to their liberal whims. Have you notices their grand sounding scheme never works in reverse?

  2. State Rep. (Senator-elect) John Kavanagh says:

    Don’t forget the Arizona Republic’s tool of the slanted “Fact Check.” My Democrat opponent twice wrote opinion pieces for them supporting the legalization of “all drugs” and repeated it to the Fact Check interns, yet they still claimed that my mailer stating that my opponent supported the legalization of “all drugs” to be only half true.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      State Rep. (Senator-elect) Kavanagh:
      The Arizona Republic’s “truth” in their biased “Fact Checks” is what knowledgeable people know to be far left skews. Their distortions and outright dishonesty are aimed at influencing the low information voters who still read the agenda-laced newspaper. As a conservative with a far left opponent you were ripe for their barrage of deceitful misrepresentations. Prior to the election getting underway the newspaper persistently promoted this RINO turned Democrat and perennial election loser, by giving her space in their Viewpoints section.

      We applaud your clear 62.36% victory.The voters in Legislative District 23 were not fooled.

      For those who still care, this Toledo Blade article fills in the gaps on your leftwing opponent.

    • LD 28 PC says:

      Congratulations on your well deserved victory, Mr. Kavanagh! I’m proud to call you Senator!!. Wish you represented my lost cause district. We have RINO Adam Driggs and had nothing but RINOs to choose from in the “Republican” House column.

    • When we proved that my debate statement was true – that there were no public hearings conducted prior to the SBE adopting Common Core – the Republic changed the fact they were checking so they could claim my statement mostly false.

      My Democrat opponent’s statement that the states developed Common Core was deemed true by the Republic even though the Nat’l Gov. Association and Council of Chief State Officer’s July 2009 press release discredits that assertion.

      And the beat goes on…

      • American Dad says:

        Your success is more than the radically leftwing AZ Republic can take. It chafes them that a true conservative, running on exposing an issue that so negatively affects Arizona’s children (and those across the nation), was able to move to the winner’s column without the big money thrown so liberally at David Garcia. You are proof of the power of a conservative message. I know votes are still being tabulated, but I strongly believe you have the edge in this crucial election. Thank you, Diane Douglas for hanging tough and not allowing yourself to be intimidated by the media and the money being spent to get the liberal in this important office.

      • azgary says:

        *********CONSERVATIVE ROCKSTAR IN THE HOUSE***********

        Diane, Thank You so much, you have gone a long way In restoring my belief that we can elect people who are truly good, with the best wishes of the people as their goal. I really cant remember voting for anybody other then President Reagan who I have been happier and more enthusiastic to vote for than you.

        Please never forget, if the powers that be are giving you problems, use your bully pulpit to let us know.

        We will have your back, as we know you have ours.

        Good Luck, and God Bless.

      • Hagar says:

        You go, girl! You were the only state-wide officer I really wanted to vote for. I held my nose for Ducey and Brnovich but I just could not fill in that arrow for slimey RINO Reagan. That was a line I just could not cross.

  3. Anna Gaines says:

    Just another example of losers endorsing equal losers…lol

  4. MacBeth says:

    I will no longer give my vote, sweat or a moment’s time to ANY candidate who takes the Chamber of Commerce endorsement or those of Kyl, Flake or McCain. Those alignments tell me what and who such candidates value, and it sure isn’t me. I’m a conservative.

  5. Associated Press called the race. Thank you SRAZ and all your readers for such an outpouring of support!

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      What gratifying news! Just found this begrudging report from the disappointed newspaper. The rest of us are celebrating your well earned victory! God bless you, Superintendent Douglas.

      The Arizona Republic actually had the gall to frame Diane Douglas’ victory in these words, “She was unable to secure endorsements from traditional Republican groups like the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry but benefited from a big night for Republicans in Arizona and nationally as anti-Obama administration sentiment swept through the country.”

      Traditional Republican groups like the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry? The reporters must be auditioning for a comedy show gig. The CoC is a well-known establishment-backed, pro-amnesty organization fronting for illegal labor profiteers. It is neither mainstream nor “traditional.” Regardless of the misinformation in the newspaper article,in addition to the voters who are the endorsements that actually count, Diane Douglas also had the support of the entire Republican congressional delegation and the Arizona senate president. Nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has been onboard this campaign since its inception.

      Douglas benefited not from rejection of the Obama regime, but from the votes of parents, grandparents and concerned Arizona citizens, who believe in local control of their children’s education.

      In today’s post, we wrongly characterized the Arizona Republic as a joke. It has now exposed itself as flagrantly immoral, willing to shred the truth to promote its deceptive propaganda.

      • Ellsworth says:

        Josef Goebbels was Hitler’s minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany. .He was known for saying “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” That must be what the Republic reporters learned in Journalism school.

        Congratulations, Diane Douglas!!

      • azgary says:

        has Garcia conceded yet or is he waiting for more dead people or illegal aliens votes to be counted?

    • Night Owl says:

      This is the best political news I’ve had in a while. Fine job, Ms. Douglas!