GOP honcho Bruce Ash imitates threatening street thug

McSally promoting Ash menacingly calls for “kneecapping” Wooten supporters

When a conservative site such as Townhall goes after a Republican National Committeeman, it’s worthy of notice. This article provides the shocking details of the events leading up to the thuggish not-so-veiled threats issued by Tucson businessman and longtime activist Bruce Ash —- a man who should know better. 

The Arizona Daily Independent fills in the rest of the story, detailing that Ash actually called for violence against leading Southern Arizona afternoon drive time radio show host, James T. Harris.

The bad blood goes back to this year’s primary election when conservative Tea Party candidate Chuck Wooten ran in U.S. Congressional District  2, challenging GOP establishment candidate Martha McSally. The seat is currently held by Democrat Ron Barber. McSally won the primary and was the recipient of nearly $10 million in RNC funding. The general is still too close to call and will likely result in a recount.

Just days ago when Ash was a guest on Emil Franzi’s radio program, Ash called for violence against popular radio host James T. Harris and USAF Lt. Col (ret) Thomas Norris in the event that McSally once again loses the CD2  race.

Joanne Moudy writing for Townhall notes it all began when Franzi falsely accusing both men of supporting Barber (only Norris did so) and then jumping into a tirade about a hypothetical situation. “By the way, if McSally loses by less than 200 votes, I hope someone goes over there and hangs up a sign about Harris and that phony light Colonel (Norris) who was over there endorsing Barber.” In his best imitation of a street thug, Ash then suggested, “How about kneecapping the both of them…, which may happen….”

Listen to Arizona’s RNC National Committeeman Bruce Ash’s ill-advised words here. (Time mark 9:19)

McSally, who previously lost a close race to Barber in 2012, is a retired Air Force Colonel who was the first American woman to command a fighter squadron. She can well defend herself —- and in a more appropriate manner. As a Lt. Col. she sued the Department of Defense  successfully challenging the military policy that required U.S. servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia to wear the degrading Islamic body-covering abaya when traveling off base in the country.

Wooten responded saying “Ash needs to resign immediately —- because in the process of shredding virtually everyone in their path, particularly conservative Republicans who do not agree with them, they launched into a tirade that went really badly, really quickly. He is typical of the political thugs who have infiltrated what used to be a great political party.”


7 Responses to GOP honcho Bruce Ash imitates threatening street thug

  1. azgary says:

    bruce ash is nothing but a tool of the lobbyist and the gop/rnc establishment.

    he sponsored/coauthored the rnc pro amnesty plank(that the az4 now push), he and the rest of the rnc rules committee also have puhsed primary dates back for conservative states (under threats of severe punishment) taking away our power to nominate a conservative for president and shortened the time frame of primaries so rinos can be recognized and called out for their crap, among other pro rove/rino issues.

    that is far worse than what he did on the radio.

    of course there is bad blood between wooten, ash and the mccainiacs at the azgop/gop/rnc anybody who opposes amnesty or other items (common core, Medicaid expansion etc…) backed with lobbyist bribe money, such as wooten are to be destroyed. all the more reason true conservative patriot Diane Douglas needs to watch her back for the longknives.

    amnesty ash like robby mcgraham are perfect examples of everything that is cancerous in the azgop/rnc/gop and they need to go. by contrast, chuck wooten is an example of what we need to save our republic, which the lobbyist owned rinos will do all in their power to destroy.

    you do not get rid of rancid powerbrokers like this by voting for who they tell you to because its “lesser of two evils”.

    to defeat them you must take away there power and sources of bribes, and that only comes with their candidates and policies losing.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    McCain loyalist Bruce Ash has been AZ’s Republican National Committeeman since 2007. It’s obvious he needs to be replaced. We need new blood, and not from the kneecaps of those Ash considers his intraparty adversaries.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Ash is an arrogant party elitist. He gives (office space for example) and takes it away as it suits him. As a high dollar donor, he thinks he can call the shots. It appears to me that he bought his way into the RNC seat.

  3. Kent says:

    I looked up some of Bruce Ash’s campaign donations on the Center for Responsive Politics. The Desert Caucus, which he donates to gave $50,000 to Senate Democrat races and $30,000 to Republicans. What’s up with that Bruce?

    And why is Ash giving money in 2013 to out of office congressman John Shadegg, a big time McCain and Kyl amnesty ally? Is this signaling something we really don’t want to hear?

    • jojo says:

      Clean out the GOP. We need people like Wooten in there who operate on principles and values. What a shock that Ash and Franzi don’t like him. Pima County republicans suck. Nothing but a complete overhaul will help. Defund the GOP.

  4. American Patriot says:

    Let’s not forget that Seeing Red AZ deserves kudos for endorsing Chuck Wooten during the 2014 Primary. That was a bold and unexpected move and one which I appreciated.

  5. MacBeth says:

    You got his wrong. Bruce Ash isn’t “imitating a threatening street thug,” he IS one, albeit one with money. My grandmother used to say, “Money doesn’t care who has it,” meaning it doesn’t give you class. Grandma was right.