Religion of Peace flexes Muslim Brotherhood muscle

Sunday is an appropriate day to post the recent decision by Gary Hall, the Dean of the National Cathedral in Washington, D,C, to host Muslim prayers. In addition, the date that was selected just happened to be the 100th anniversary of the religiously motivated large-scale genocide of innocent Christians.

Breitbart News reports on the bizarre response of Dean Gary Hall to questions about this decision.

Investors Business Daily reacts with this pull-no-punches editorial, “Muslim Brotherhood Hijacks National Cathedral.”

“We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries,” said Rizwan Jaka, a spokesman with the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque in Sterling, Virginia, one of the co-sponsors of Friday’s service. “Let this be a lesson to the world.”

“A lesson” to the world?

As mosques proliferate across the United States and many are known as centers of radicalization, it’s fitting to point out that Islam is not a religion in the sense that Judaism and Christianity are. It dictates every aspect of life, enforced by Sharia courts, domination of women, Quarnic authorization of beheadings and second class status for Dhimmis, non-Muslims in Muslim countries who are subject to humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Quran’s command that they “feel themselves subdued” 

Although churches and synagogues still stand as relics in some cities in Muslim dominated nations, new construction is disallowed. The cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, absolutely forbid such houses of worship. Conversion of Muslims to other faiths is considered apostasy, a crime punishable by death under strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Two years ago USAToday reported that the number of mosques in the United States had soared 74% since 2000. As political correctness reigns, is anyone paying attention?

8 Responses to Religion of Peace flexes Muslim Brotherhood muscle

  1. Kent says:

    Extremely low birth rates throughout most of Europe has fueled concerns about population decline. Only one segment of the continent’s population—Muslims—continues to grow. The increasing number and visibility of Muslims in Western Europe, juxtaposed with the low fertility among non-Muslims, has led to concerns among Europeans that the region will eventually have a Muslim majority, fundamentally changing Western European society. Last year the most popular boy’s name in England was Mohammad.

    This now outdated (2007) article filled with facts and figures is from the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    This shocking video clearly tells the plan for Islamic dominance, as Americans, Canadians and Western Europeans have ever smaller families that don’t even fill the need for replacement while Muslim immigrants have soaring birthrates. Watch it!!

  3. Kimball says:

    Not even Scandinavia is immune. In Oslo, Norway’s capital city, Mohammad is the most common name for the first time ever in the city’s history. Mohammed has surpassed traditional Norwegian names Jan and Per.

    • Hagar says:

      OMG. Soon Ole and Lena jokes will be replaced by Mohammed and Fatima jokes. Could lefse soon be replaced by khubz, the Arab flatbread, also? Uff da!

  4. Hagar says:

    No surprise here. The National Cathedral belongs to the Episcopal Church which long ago abandoned traditional Christian beliefs for Marxist liberation theology. Those sponsoring this event is a Who’s Who of Muslim Brotherhood front groups, including convicted co-conspirators in Islamist terrorist funding schemes like CAIR.

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    Obamao has never made a secret of his agenda to convert the world. He wrote that when “the winds of turmoil start to blow, he will be siding with the muslims.” That came out during his 2008 campaign, we knew it and it was ignored. In his first presidential speech, delivered to his muslim brotherhood friends in Cairo, he announce he would do all he could to promote islam world-wide. He announced that “USA is no longer a Christian nation” to his muslim brothers. He had his teams go to the middle east to create the spontaneous Arab Spring, to overthrow the secular tyrants who were maintaining peace in the region and to hand over those countries to his jihadi brothers. He has armed and funded Al Quada and every muslim brotherhood band possible to carry out this agenda of jihad, including ISIS. He continues to give millions to the Palestinian Authority (HAMAS) and Hezbollah so they can continue to rain death down on innocent Israelis and Americans. He ignores the Boko Haram genocide of Christians and the kidnapping of their female children for slavery. His operatives are choreographing the repeated attempts to run the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

    Obamao has imbedded muslim brotherhood operatives at the highest levels of our own government. They now access and direct our national security policies and plans. His closet muslims now control our CIA and our Dept of Defense, as they work to destroy our intelligence community and military. Every mujslim brotherhood front group now has open-door access to obamao’s White Mosque, the Cabinet heads and his czardom. Obamaoa has continued the policies of Clinton & bush 2 in secretly moving entire communities of anti-American muslims here from Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and etc. They are now imbedded as separate communities here in the good ol’ USA, and their only allegiance is to jihad. And now it is announced that obamao has been working with the UN to secretly move another quarter of a million anti-American muslims here, using his refugee power. And what do we hear from Congress – ???????? Please notice in particular how the AZ4 have been ignoring this for years, because in their minds it’s “Come one, come all – get your AMNESTY here!”

    If we care about the futures of our kids & grandkids, it’s time to open our eyes, acknowledge what you see and what the Left lies about, and start connecting the dots. Or practice talking Arabic.

    And start asking what your kids are being taught in our government schools and in the Turkish Gulen charter schools springing up across AZ and USA. It is not a pretty picture.

    God bless America.

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      I urge you all, and your friends and neighbors, to get acquainted with our own Lisa Benson, an expert on terrorism & national security. Listen to her every Sunday on 960AM The Patriot at 1:00 PM & 6:00 PM, or streaming at, as she consults and interviews world leaders in counter-terrorism and Islamic jihad.

      Visit Lisa at and find out what a sterling lineup you missed yesterday, and prepare for another great show next week.

      Islam is on the march to destroy US, and we ignore all of the warnings.

      God bless our patriots who fight to protect US. God bless America.