Alert to AZ GOP Precinct Committeemen

Arizona Freedom Alliance has posed this informative article regarding McOrchestrated efforts to unseat conservative precinct committeemen at Legislative District Organizational meetings throughout the state.

Take time to read it. Knowledge is power.

22 Responses to Alert to AZ GOP Precinct Committeemen

  1. azgary says:

    is anybody that is informed really surprised by this, yet no clamoring calls for a no confidence vote on Robert McGraham, bruce ash etc….?

    and if nominated, McCain (McFlake too) will doubtlessly be reelected by the lesser of two evils sheeple.

    we get what we deserve

  2. sykotek says:

    …after what mcStain’s done….but actions & INACTIONS….the fact that EVERY SINGLE COUNTY in AZ hasn’t censured him is a disgrace in & of itself…YAVGOP is 1 example…the man needs to be G-O-N-E-!!! Only his arrogance keeps him going…

    • CD 8 PC says:

      His arrogance and his MONEY! The rumor circulating months ago was that payments of $75 a head were being paid to recruiters who could replace conservatives with those who would back McCain at the January 2015 state meeting.

  3. Jean McGrath says:

    Precinct Committeemen are elected officials and our meetings are subject to all Arizona open meeting laws. Just as all other elected office holders we collect petition signatures to get on the ballot, sign an affidavit stating our intention to run and fill out a form stating how we wish our name to appear on the ballot. For cost saving purposes we no longer appear on the ballot unless there is a contested race for PC in our precinct.

    • James R Schultz says:

      Thank you for your intregerty Jean, I as a concerned Republican I trust and appreciate your usual sound opinions and judgements.

  4. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    With Graham at the helm the AZ GOP is now snuggly in McCain’s pocket. The national embarrassment McCain suffered by the state and multiple county censures is not going to go unpunished. Through his Team McCain henchmen (which includes Graham), they are out for vengeance. It’s a shame this information wasn’t released earlier since numerous organizational meetings electing state committeemen have already taken place in Maricopa County.

    • James R Schultz says:

      AZ Conserative Guy, I sincerely hope you are wrong about Robert Graham. He has done a tremendous job as the State leader, but I will confess that I am not an insider, and I will try to become better informed so I can determine the accuracy of your opinion of Mr. Graham.

      • azgary says:

        You are very wrong about robby mcgraham. one of the best places to start in your research is back issues of Frosty Taylors “Maricopa Briefs” he is not a leader and has done a terrible job, to quote former PCRC Chairman Steven Kohut

        “How is it possible that 2014’s electoral red tsunami dried up and vanished when it hit Arizona? How is it possible that grassroots candidate for AZ State Superintendent for Public Instruction Diane Douglas had to win in a nail biter? How is it possible that we did not gain a single seat in either the AZ House or Senate? The answer to how is simple – an abject failure in focus and leadership by our state party chairman Robert Graham. The only answer to failed leadership is replacement. It is time for a change. ”

        Robby McGraham is firmly in the pocket of McCain and the chambers of commerce, and DOES NOT CARE about the platform, the voters or what is best for the citizenry, he only cares about power and money for a select few. follow his past business dealings, business partners and there is plenty to see that is wrong. it is all out there to see. he is a cancer on the will of the people and the party and needs to be removed.

        here is another quoted example from an informed individual :
        “Art Olivas: When I read this article ducey-appoints-common-core-advocates-to-subcommittee-on-education I heard in the back of my mind. “Why you crying? Well. Why you crying?,” my Yaqui Grandfather, who died at the age of 104 yrs, was asking my brother (who fell from an old cotton wood tree). He was told he was going to fall down! He did not listen. My Grandfather was illiterate but did his best to speak English. This same American Yaqui Indian who sent his only 2 sons to World War II with these words, “If you don’t kill them over there; they will come and kill you family over here. My uncles listened! If you read your emails that I have sent to most of you the last 4yrs, I have tried to get you to research. I have called his people John McCain’s Puppets, Clowns, Democrat Rinos, and some Communist! But I don’t endorse, I am not a paid Lobbyist or have any of Robert Graham and Kirk Adams’ Dark Money to buy your Attention. So Republicans — who gave up and weaken the party by not helping us fight to clean our LD’s, I am going to say this One More Time!! Read Frosty’s MCRC Briefs!! The key to saving our Republican Party, our LDs, our City, our state, is all there. If we lose it, who can we blame? In the back of my mind I hear my Grandfather!! Look in the mirror! You Can Take That To The Bank! I am so sweet yet John McCain and Jan Brewer don’t like me! Just because I get in their face! What a shame. ”

        get informed, use as many sources as possible. the az political scene is corrupt and dirty, and at its head where the stench from the rot is greatest sits john McCain and robby mcgraham sitting atop piles and piles of chambers of commerce/lobbyist bribes.

        it is harming every part of our state and elected offices, we seem to have very little true representation, from republican congressmen who are now all in pro amnesty lockstep, to a party that ignores voters on common core, the platform and election results.
        our choices and voices have been taken away.

  5. Fed Up says:

    If it had been up to me, I would have voted to censure Jeff Flake also. They are no different than Barack Obama in supporting “normalizing” the illegal invaders.

    As to Robert Graham, I expect nothing different. He’s tied at the hip to the AZ GOP Establishment, which includes Kyl as well as McCain and Flake. Our AZ 4 have given a wink and a nod to this insanity. They are all beholden to the big bucks Chamber of Commerce donors who want a lower wage work force. Sorry, but these “representatives” don’t represent me or most of the people I know.

  6. blained13 says:

    They already pulled this in LD16 on the Maricopa side last Thursday. They got a bunch of PC’s elected who never have attended meetings and got their proxy’s. We ended up with a new slate, with the exception of one because nobody ran against her. They are in for the longest two years that I can give them!

    It was perpetrated by David Farnsworth and Trevor Hansen among several others. We have so many people who got elected state committeeman that have never even attended our meetings. There is no honor among these people and they wonder why people are leaving the two major parties.

  7. GOP PC says:

    This is going on in district after district. Suddenly district chairmen are opening up the nominations from the floor, after we have all previously submitted our names and bios along with our intent to run as has been requested by a drop dead deadline, in accordance with bylaws.

    Often the nominations are newcomers who have made no previous effort to be involved and this is occurring after the requisite number of state committeemen have already been reached. I smell a rat.

  8. Hagar says:

    It happened in LD16. To make matters worse one of their candidates, who is on the state GOP committee, even blustered her way into running the election, validating the proxies, and counting the votes. The treasurer who was elected had never been a PC before and had never been to a district meeting. The new chairman recently ran for Mesa City Council but, fortunately, was defeated, but his donor list was a who’s who of contributors and supporters of the recall effort against Russell Pearce and the recent re-election of the state senate’s worst RINO, Bob Worsley. He won by enlisting 26 other PCs in name only from his precinct. Only 4 of the 27 showed up to vote. They carried the rest of their precinct’s proxies and they made the difference.

    They nominated a large number of state committeemen from the floor, most of who were not even present so there was no way to determine if they even wanted to be nominated. They were too lazy to even notify the district committee that they wanted to be a state committeeman beforehand. Many of them were elected also.

    • blained13 says:

      Some of us are going to make a formal complaint about the election, try to get another vote. No way should a candidate be validating proxy’s or counting the votes. The result may be the same, with them getting all the proxy’s but what happened is unacceptable.

      • azgary says:

        · LD16 Organizational/Election Meeting Declared Null And Void – improperly conducted. Read complaint and follow up correspondence below regarding the directive to conduct a new organization meeting under the supervision of the MCRC.

        o Complaint LaFaro received Mon. morning, Nov 24: Subject: Re: LD16

        1. Chad Heywood conspired w/ Deborah Miller (both state officers, Deborah was a candidate for Recording Sec on their slate.) Mara Benson and Taylor McArthur to create a fraudulent election. Deborah Miller w/the assistance of Chad and Mara took over Credentialing. (she was a candidate). I had found volunteers W/ election experience and training to handle credentialing they were thrown out. Even my complete proxy was not excepted by Deborah.

        2. Incomplete proxies were accepted (a couple were seen) but Deborah allowed no one to see the proxy count or validate. All w/the assistance of Chad and Mara acting as Chair. The proxies and all were taken w/ no one to oversee but Deborah and Chad.

        3. The meeting was adjourned w/out all elections results being announced.

        4. I want Deborah and Chad removed from their positions and a new election called. — Jerry E. Clingman – LD16 Chairman

        and lets not forget Heywood is a ROBERT MCGRAHAM henchman, he was one of the first installations of the Flakey/mccainiacs Robby McGraham made when elected along with conger-Martinez.

        “Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham has named the team he assembled to help him execute his plans for Republican victories in Arizona in 2014.
         Gretchen Conger Martinez will serve as Chief of Staff,
         Chad Heywood will serve as the party’s Executive Director.”

        they are doing everything they can to further put all parts of the republican party in Arizona into McCain and the chamber of commerces pocket so we cannot fight illegal aliens/amnesty or common core(duceys recent appointments of the democrat supporting common core advocates supporting among other things.

        the entire republican leadership in the state needs to be purged and while he has stated publicly he will not run for it, I would like to see a grassroots swell of a draft A.J. LaFaro for azgop chairman.
        is their really anybody else with proven conservative values and leadership that we can trust?

  9. Anthem Al says:

    In prize fight parlance, actions of this type are called a “fix.” (As in “the fix is in.”)For those unfamiliar with the terminology, it means something that has been rigged behind the scenes and its outcome has no basis in honesty. What better description is there of deceiving charlatan McCain’s skullduggery ?

    • Doc says:

      Junkies call shooting heroin “a fix’…the way AZGOP’s goin’ the inferance is clear…& mcStain’s th’ Pusher…

  10. James R Schultz says:

    I’m temporarily not a PC,but have been one in the recent past, including State Committeeman during the last cycle, and who supported the censureship of mccain ( small letters for the CHIEF RHINO ) suggests you PC’s who can vote, construct another NO CONFIDENCE DOCUMENT for mccain and his allies at the upcoming County and State meetings. LET HIM KNOW WE REALLY HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN HIM AS A REAL CONSERATIVE, PATRIOTIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE ( like we tea party activist ). The last NO CONFIDENCE VOTE WAS NO FLUKE, WE REALLY MEANT IT. Not a joke! In Christs Love if he repents, changing his attics and MIND SET, HE TOO WILL BE WELCOME TO THE TEA PARTY. Remember john you are an elected official, and as such have taken an oath to uphold the constution and quit the self-serving, and big money politics that has corrupted you. Arizona is not D.C.. Forget the power crap and join WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Doc says:

      Mr. Schultz, I’ve got a bit of very sad news for you. With all due respect to you & your service sir, ?senator? mcStain doesn’t care….as for his oath…he just mouths th’ words. They mean absolutely nothing to him. And he’s PROVED THAT.
      …just sayin’…

    • AZ GOP PC says:

      James Schultz,
      You obviously have a major disconnect. These new PCs were recruited by the McCainiacs to replace the conservatives who voted to censure McCain. By not running for PC you are aiding their efforts to gut conservative influence in the Arizona republican Party. You’re as culpable as they are. Repentance has nothing to do with this. John McCain is a liberal and always has been. He’s proud of his long held leftwing positions. Get a clue!