AZ Republic calls violent criminality “rally…vandalism”


Under the mild headline “Ferguson protesters rally across U.S. for 2nd day,” the increasingly erratic and radically leftist Arizona Republic newspaper boldly puts its bias on display, with this opening sentence: “People protesting the Ferguson, Mo., grand-jury decision took to the streets in some U.S. cities for a second day Tuesday, even as others were still cleaning up vandalism from the night before.”

In the small community of Ferguson alone, wild gangs first looted and then torched businesses, set fire to police cars, intimidated law-abiding citizens and stormed city hall, breaking out windows. In addition to perpetrating such crimes, thuggish mobs blocked roadways in major cities imperiling safety.

How do such savage acts of feral criminality morph into rallies?  The Republic employs the same understatement technique as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, America’s chief law enforcement officer, who blandly said he was “disappointed” by the violence.

What the Republic tamely calls “vandalism“ is blatant criminality that began in Ferguson and has run rampant through American cities with large black populations. The looters and arsonists are criminals who conveniently used the grand jury decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of black Michael Brown as an excuse for violent acts against innocent business owners —- devastating their years of sacrifice to create a livelihood for themselves and their families.

The small-statured convenience store owner who 6’4” and nearly 300 lb. Brown shoved aside during his strong-arm robbery (video) just prior to the shooting, had his business and inventory destroyed during the riots.

Michael Brown’s crude ex-con stepfatherLouis Head, incited arson in the town of Ferguson yelling,”Burn this bitch down.”

Through its choice of descriptive words, the Arizona Republic gives its explicit approval to the acts of brutality perpetrated by gangs of thugs. The decision makers at the daily fish wrapper should be ashamed.

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17 Responses to AZ Republic calls violent criminality “rally…vandalism”

  1. vinoaz says:

    Criminals who should be arrested. The race hustlers, including Obama and Holder, disrespect decent black people and all law biding Americans while siding with thugs and criminals. Are these criminals Obama’s brown shirts? Dennis Prager has it right, the problem is moral and not racial. The Democrat governor did not provide needed security. Why not? A vote for any Democrat increases evil. Liberalism is a mental and moral disorder.

  2. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Lets truly examine just some small facts, the young man assaulted a business owner & stole from his store, also said to have been smoking pot, which may have impaired his judgement. Owner called Police, young officer heard the call and observed the young man / thug walking down the middle of the street stopped him, attempted to put him into custody and then was also assaulted by him and as a resultthe young man / thug was mortally wounded as a result of his actions.
    Now News Media needs ratings and Sharpton needs press time along with Obama & AG so goes the story and by the way now News is reporting that every 28 hrs. young black killed by Police, however doesn’t state the cause of shooting, suppose we shouldn’t get confused with any facts as to why. We also know that approximately 93 Blacks die weekly across America so if you minus the Police shootings you have 87 Blacks killed weekly by other Blacks and no outcry by Obama, AG, Sharpton or the Press, so why does anyone listen to these Hypocrites as well as others no matter the color on this issue and not say a word about continued high unemployment, bad schools, increased single mother birth rate & abortions as well, and so much more. The answer to these problems is really very simple if the Liberal Democrats ever allowed them to be solved then they fear they’d lose control of the Black Vote, this is truly the Crime and most with any sort of ability to process the Real Facts knows it.
    God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

  3. American Dad says:

    Those who oontinue to pay for and read this repulsive newspaper are in dire need of a reality check. This rag doesn’t engage in what was once known as journalism and it doesn’t distribute factual news. It’s nothing more than a tool of the left advocating for bigger government, open borders and continually shoving the deviancy of homosexuality in our faces as the new normal.

  4. Kimball says:

    This lawlessness has now reached over a hundred cities across the United States. Does that still count as “vandalism”?

    • Doc says:

      No, Kimball. Our gutless canary-in-chief & co., would say that since “Businesses” were vandalized, it’s “workplace violence”…

  5. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Would be nice to have a Rally at the Capitol in AZ to support the Rule of Law and see how many would show up, anyone interested in that? God Bless You; Van

  6. Blackbeard says:

    The Repulsive is all too happy to foment violence. It plays into its narrative.

  7. Jim McAllister says:

    I finally cancelled my subscription to the Republic this week after being a long time subscriber if for no other reason than it was the only paper in town. However, I finally decided that enough was enough. It’s probably academic though as the paper is quietly disappearing on its own without my assistance. I have had several phone calls plus an email asking me to return. I have replied to none of them. If I was asked to give four reasons for my action I could easily say Roberts, Montini, Benson, and Valdez. There is more but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

  8. ZOO says:

    The Missouri governor had weeks to prepare, called for a ‘state of emergency’, then had the National Guard standing down as the rabble burned down buildings. Why? Was that his decision or did it come from D.C.? All of this is an effective diversion from Obama’s nation-killing amnesty.

    • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

      I have asked myself the same question, as I lived in LA with the Watts Riots in the 60’s, however no warning on them, this was Political Correctness / Coward at it’s worse, the merchants should have taken up positions at their own shops and shot the looters and then see how quickly these people decide to abide by the laws the rest of us do, We need real leaders in America not Political Cowards on every corner.

    • Vince says:

      The governor of Missouri is a Democrat, milking this for all it’s worth.The Republican Lt. Governor has rightly been questioning why Gov. Nixon called up the National Guard and then refused to deploy them when their presence was desperately needed to overt the looting and arson.

      Can someone please explain why this behavior is repeatedly seen in the black community? They have their anger stoked by Sharpton and other race hustlers including the President of the United States and his former Attorney General and then engage in felonies including assault, theft and arson.

      When the rest of us don’t like something, we might grouse, but we then many of us work within the legal framework to try to effect change. I don’t like Obama. I didn’t vote for him. But I did not burn down the businesses in my neighborhood or steal big screen TVs, liquor and cell phones either time he won.

  9. Jim McAllister says:

    It was funny to see the clowns with the Guy Fawkes masks from Occupy Wall Street show up in NY today and blend with the Ferguson crowd. As the great Jimmy Durante (1893-1980) used to say, “Everybody wants ta get inta da act!”

    Those guys are soooooooo 2011. They need to update their routine. Either that or hopefully disappear into the sands of time.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Gee….I would have bet Jimmy Durante’s quote as it related to riots was “Ain’t nuttin’ funny about it.” It’s also doubtful he would have referred to criminals and thugs as “clowns.”

  10. Jim McAllister says:

    Clowns, criminals, thugs: same thing; all losers. “Funny” in this case did not mean “ha-ha” type funny. It means funny as weird, odd, silly, and ridiculous that those fools came out of the woodwork to hash over old business from 2011. That’s what “soooooooo 2011” means. No one cares about them; they are a non entity now.

  11. Vinoaz says:

    The government can decree that all lawbreakers will be arrested and their welfare benefits permanently cancelled. That would scatter the rats. Just dreaming. Obama’s government is their sponsor and enabler. Are we headed for civil war.