Taxpayers on the hook for $2 trillion+ funding Obama’s amnesty

The Heritage Foundation’s expert on welfare and entitlement spending, Robert Rector, reports that illegal aliens who receive amnesty and work permits through Barack Obama’s executive actions will draw $2 trillion over their lifetimes in taxpayer-funded government services. Rector  based the figure on estimates that 4 million* illegal aliens will benefit from the actions and will live an average of 50 years.

“The net cost —- which is total benefits minus total benefits paid in —- of the amnesty recipients I estimate will be around $2 trillion over the course of their lifetime,* Rector told Breitbart News. “What [Obama] is doing is he is putting these 4 million people —- who on average have a 10th grade education —- into the Social Security and Medicare programs.”

In May 2013, Rector estimated the costs of the John McCain and Jeff Flake-led Gang of Eight’s 844-page amnesty bill, S. 744  to be $6.3 trillion. He applied that methodology to Obama’s executive amnesty. Rector looked at how much the average beneficiary would earn in wages over their lifetimes and then calculated how much they would draw in taxpayer benefits.

“Given their expected earnings, from someone who has a 10th grade education, they will draw about three dollars worth of benefits out of those programs over their lifetimes for every dollar they put into them. But the overall cost in outlays will be around a trillion dollars for those programs alone,” Rector said. “The bottom line to understand this is you are taking millions of people with a 10th grade education and giving them access to the largest entitlement and welfare system in the globe.”

Carrying the deceptive title, “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” S.744, clearly an amnesty bill, was approved in the Senate June 27, 2013 by a vote of 68 to 32, with the disappointing support of 14 Republicans. The Republican-led House did not pass the amnesty proposal. Check out the actual roll call vote to see how the individual senators “represented” their constituents.

* Editor’s note: Robert Rector uses 4 million illegal aliens in his cost analysis. Other reports put the number well in excess of 5 million, which would up the ante on the $2 trillion figure. Here on the White House website, the figure is acknowledged as 11 million as Obama sets forth the unenforceable provisions of his unilaterally imposed scheme which bypasses congress as he spits in the eye of the U.S. Constitution.


4 Responses to Taxpayers on the hook for $2 trillion+ funding Obama’s amnesty

  1. East Valley PC says:

    The numbers of illegals and the costs involved are meaningless. Regardless of who utters them, they are all based in lies. Seeing Red AZ is correct in calling the amnesty provisions unenforceable. There is no way of honestly assessing how long an illegal has been here, insisting they learn English or making them pay back taxes. It’s all a joke. Obama’s much peddled transparency was a farce, but the gullible American people bought it hook line and sinker. His objective from the onset of his political career has been to bring down what he considers to be an arrogant United States. By thumbing his nose at our constitution, he is well on his way to accomplishing his goal.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    A trillion her, a trillion there? To paraphrase Republican former senate leader Everett Dirksen “pretty soon we’ll be talking about real money.” In his day, he was talking about millions, which today sounds like chump change.

  3. Tucson Voter says:

    Marxist Barack Obama holds the United States of America, our Constitution and our citizens in disdain. We’ve witnessed his bowing to Muslim royals and tyrannical dictators he’s met with on his worldwide travels. We’ve seen his disregard of the rule of law as he puts illegal aliens above America’s own citizens. He has spent and indebted us into the economic gutter, accumulating more debt during his 6 years in office than ALL other US Presidents combined. Barack Obama is a disgrace as are his policies and cabinet and judicial appointments. Even in the face of GOP nationwide congressional and governor’s office sweeps, he made this disastrous, illegal and aggressive action against our country, even after repeatedly conceding that such a move was illegal.

  4. Rambling Rose says:

    I opened the Bill link and got as far as page ten in the nearly 850 pages, To give an example of what frosts me, is this definition:
    “HIGH RISK BORDER SECTOR.—The term ‘‘high risk border sector’’ means a border sector in which more than 30,000 individuals were apprehended during the most recent fiscal year.”

    How many criminal illegal aliens might fall under that High Risk Border Sector category alone??? We are being turned into a lawless nation by the manipulative chief executive of the USA, who has no problem acting in an illegal manner himself by granting citizenship to invaders who have no allegiance to America and our history.

    What fine upstanding people to provide wth such a grand gift. It makes me sick.