Seeing Red AZ rates a backhanded first place award

Kudos from the Phoenix New Times

blue_ribbonOkay. We can take it.  It’s all in fun, after all.  Or is it? At any rate, the bizarro-world* leftists at the Phoenix New Times tabloid have awarded Seeing Red AZ the “Best Right-Wing Blog, 2014.” We are even credited as a valuable resource “for reporters and researchers.”

They got us right on our view of John McCain, but skewed the facts on nearly everything else, as was doubtless their intent. We missed the issue in which the award was initially given since the publication is not on our regular reading list.  Still, we take a deep bow and emulate director James Cameron, hooting at the academy awards he was “King of the World.” Cameron simply omitted the all-important two words, “blog” and “Arizona.”

Thanks, Phoenix New Times. Perhaps you‘ll learn a thing or two as you venture into that “journey into darkness” with us. Stranger things have happened. Prior to seeing the light, conservative icon Ronald Reagan had once been a Democrat union leader.


* New Times’ description of the mindset of our readers.

10 Responses to Seeing Red AZ rates a backhanded first place award

  1. Villanova says:

    Got a kick of SRAZ’s witty retort to the New Times “journey into darkness” line. President Reagan, who had a great sense of humor, would have appreciated it!

  2. vinoaz says:

    Congratulations! You are truly an enemy of the left. Skewing the facts and outright lying is what they do. The left hates thinking and facts, They rebrand truth as hate speech. They oppose most everything that is wholesome and good. They embrace deviancy and support evil. Liberalism poisons most everything it touches.

  3. azgary says:

    one of the problems we face as traditional americans is the bastardization and destruction of language in this country since we seem to allow the radical left to do the defining.

    seeing red az is NOT a “right wing” blog, and most of the people who frequent the site are not either, we are for the most part not even “severe conservatives”.

    we believe in the republican party platform(too bad the party leadership doesn’t) which is actually very much mainstream American and crosses all races, religions and political parties. Americans generally agree with us. its only when the media defines and paints with a tainted brush and an accusatory “right wing” or “extreme” adjective that they tamper with opinions.

    we are mainstream, we are traditional, we are America.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Good point on the redefining of language, azgary. You’ll notice the radical left now runs from the word “liberal” and has repositioned itself as merely “progressive.” It’s a forward sounding word that belies the underlying Alinsky tactics they embrace. “Progressive” is also a word no true conservative should use, since it is meant to deceive. I’ve stopped watching Bill O’Reilly because he so glibly mouths the left’s redefined language. They are not “progressives.” They are far left ideologues who work hard at concealing their Marxist bent. We need to call them what they actually are, not what they want us to think they are.

  4. Jim McAllister says:

    There is a reason the “New Times” is free. Who would actually pay for it?

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      There’s no accounting for taste. There are still those few fools who subscribe to the Arizona Repugnant. Most of us wouldn’t want its liberal spew even if it were free. We cancelled several years ago and have never looked back. What’s to miss in Montini, Roberts, Valdez….??

  5. Kimball says:

    It sounds to me as if the “bizarro world” Phoenix New Times is more than a tad jealous of the fairly short time success of Seeing Red AZ. Why else “award” the site and rudely castigate it in the same review? SRAZ’s posts go back to June 2007. The counterculture tabloid New Times goes back at least 40 years prior and it’s still a giveaway.

  6. Jim McAllister says:

    I don’t know how the Republic can stand too many more subscription declines. I dumped them a couple weeks ago after 25 years and have had numerous calls from them which I have ignored. Now, they are downsizing again with a 15% dump of employees and a cutback in size of the paper. The Scottsdale section will now be the “East Valley/Scottsdale” section along with other cutbacks.

    Getting the paper from the driveway and reading it over coffee used to be a daily ritual. I even took the afternoon Gazette before it was discontinued many years ago. But the time finally came when I decided that I was not going to pay money ($40/month) to read the liberal crap of people like Roberts, Montini, Valdez, and Benson. I don’t have to and I won’t.

  7. Stephen Lemons says:

    Hey, you’re welcome, SRAZ. Was glad to do it and meant every word. Hopefully, you’ll give this comment a pass. (I know how you feel about dissenting views.)

    BTW, there’s a plaque that goes with the award. If you want it, let me know, and I’ll order it up for you.

    Also, keep in mind, though we are light years away from each other politically, we remain forever bonded by our mutual disdain for those Janus-faced posers John McCain and Andy Thomas.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Stephen Lemons,
      Along with our thanks, we note your sarcasm in stating the Phoenix New Times “meant every word” in issuing the “Best Right-Wing Blog, 2014” award to Seeing Red AZ. We also have a sense of humor which you may be unable to observe blinded as you are by our glaringly zealous Right-Wing views.

      As you can see, the charge of deleting opposing views is bogus. Not only did we appropriately acknowledge the award, but have printed your comment. We have occasionally exercised our discretion in not posting dishonest and vicious comments, but do not routinely delete opposing views.

      As to the plaque, we would enjoy receiving it, but doing so would blow our cover, risking our jobs, which would not be good since our kids have developed this annoying habit of wanting to eat. How about placing it in an inconspicuous brown paper bag and putting it behind the pink oleander on the right side of the ecru men’s room closest to the Northern most part of the lagoon at Encanto Park? That has worked out well for information drops when dealing with McCain operatives who slip us tidbits on the sly.