In Obamaspeak: a “good heart” = bowing to invaders

Addressing a town-hall meeting of illegals and their supporters in Nashville on Tuesday, Barack Obama boasted that his successor won’t take on what he considers the political risk that reversing his recent executive amnesty action would entail.

“It’s true a future administration might try to reverse some of our policies. But I’ll be honest with you -— the American people basically have a good heart and want to treat people fairly. So any future administration that tried to punish people for doing the right thing, I think, would not have the support of the American people,” Obama claimed. “It’s true, theoretically, a future administration could do something that I think would be very damaging. It’s not likely, politically, that they reverse everything we’ve done.”

Yet even his unconstitutional executive amnesty order normalizing at least five million foreign nationals who showed contempt for our laws and sovereignty is not enough to pacify the illegals. The Tennessean newspaper reports two people balanced on a big commercial trash can full of old tires, holding a fabric sign proclaiming in Spanish, “FALTAN 7 MILLONES,” which translates to 7 million left out.

The report describes one high school student, whose father came to the U.S. as a “migrant.” She was among the invited guests selected to hear Obama’s speech, and described her excitement at being handed the microphone to ask a question. Obama told her voting was a key way to make an impact on issues of higher education and immigration.

“I absolutely think that’s the case,” she agreed.

As far as committed leftist Obama is concerned, that’s actually what it’s all about.

Like an adolescent experiencing a first mad crush, the newspaper giddily gushes over Obama’s return trip to Nashville. Reporter Frank Daniels, III, could get a dose of reality by visiting the border state of Arizona, to gauge the actual costs associated with the realities of illegal immigration. Taxpayer funded benefits including education, medical care, nutritional handouts and the staggering costs related to the criminal justice system might cause him to rethink his genial glee. The green rolling farmlands of Tennessee are a far cry from Arizona’s desert abutting a foreign country that encourages its own citizens to illegally enter, as they drain public resources, spike our crime rate and take our jobs in a still tough economy.

Daniels might begin with considering the impact of sending remittances totaling $21.6 billion back to Mexico —- in 2013 alone —- to bolster its economy. Arizona’s porous border is also a portal for any and all comers, including OTM’s (Law enforcement term for ‘Other Than Mexicans‘) many, including radicalized Muslims, intending to bring harm to our nation.

Our “good heart” has been pushed to its limit.


7 Responses to In Obamaspeak: a “good heart” = bowing to invaders

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Barack Obama arrogantly regards himself as above the U. S. Constitution and even the people who foolishly put him in office. Pandering to illegals is a sure fire plan to destroy the United States. I have never been opposed to immigration. I wouldn’t be here had it not been for my grandparents arriving LEGALLY through Ellis Island. There is, however, a great difference between those who arrive legally and those who sneak in, regard our country as something to be used, fight to teach their children the U.S. is an aggressor nation (as in the Tucson Unified School District‘ Mexican American Studies program), and cost us dearly in countless ways.

    • Tom In Tucson says:

      You’re right on, Matt! America stands at a crossroad. We better take the right path or we will be doomed. Our children and theirs, burdened with insurmountable debt and a continuing influx of uneducated third worlders will not have the same opportunities we have been so fortunate to enjoy. Incidentally, one side of my mother’s family is Hispanic. They are proud American citizens, and have no use for the illegals and their demands.

  2. Anna Gaines says:

    Obama’s heart wouldn’t be so good if the high cost of supporting illegals came out of his own pocket. Any rational person can see the purpose is to fill this country with illiterate, easy to manipulate through emotions people. He has his voters guaranteed now that he’s giving them amnesty regardless of our opposition to the violation of our laws. He’s making his own and Congress is allowing it! Boehner should be removed for cooperating with BO.
    We the people will have to pay for this horrendous injustice by the illegal in the White House.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Many of us are familiar with your story as a school teacher and naturalized American. You are a true patriot and Arizonans are fortunate to have you here with us. I thank you, but know that the thanks are multiplied many times over. You are very much admired.

  3. Blackbeard says:

    Barack Obama and his liberal policies were soundly defeated just last month. This arrogance is his response.

  4. azgary says:

    eh…. Obama is more honest about illegals than the gop/rnc.

    the gop does and wants the same crap, but lies about it, and that is worse.

  5. Jim McAllister says:

    I’ve pinched myself so many times that I am sore from waiting for the pinch that finally awakens me to the fact that obama (lower case “o” intended) is not the President of the United States. If he is, what happened to the checks and balances that would have proven the guy’s ineptitude? Who got paid off to look the other way?

    Scary, isn’t it? However, I’m not worried. He can’t really be happening; the voters surely wouldn’t fall for his liberal nonsense, would they? Excuse me, it’s time to start another round of pinching!