Establishment love-fest signals Ducey’s direction

Doug Ducey hearts McMentor Jon Kyl

The Dan Nowicki article, “Mentor Kyl helps Ducey gain footing,” is a front-pager in the daily. It’s that important. The exchange of worshipful praise between incoming Gov. Doug Ducey and his acknowledged “mentor” former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl is downright blush worthy, akin to inadvertently witnessing a romantic tryst between two lovers.

But this was not inadvertent. In fact, it’s a bold advertisement of what to expect from the Ducey administration. Picture the intended message ricocheting statewide in eye-popping Day-Glo fluorescents.

For every enthusiastic accolade Ducey lobs in Kyl’s direction, there is a return serve. Kyl is quoted as saying he and Ducey think alike. “We’re both conservative,” Kyl fibbed. As for Ducey, he says he hopes to rely on Kyl long past his current stint chairing the governor-elect’s transition team.

Liberal pollster Bruce Merrill says he sees similarities between the two men. Merrill notes that Kyl’s position at the helm of Ducey’s transition team is just one sign of his continuing influence in Arizona politics and policy.

We’ve observed that very trait in 2012 watching in disbelief as Jon Kyl inveigled himself into precinct committeemen elections, as he attempted to oust conservatives from the political posts by sending out these mailers to households in a concerted effort to dilute the grassroots base.

Kyl worked diligently, devoting himself to selling his endorsed slates of RINOs to commandeer the precinct committeemen elections in contested precincts.  These elections are fundamental to the direction of the party since it is the elected precinct committeemen who then elect the intra-party county leadership. Some committeemen are elected as state committeemen and represent their districts at the statewide GOP statutory meeting, electing state party officers.

Reporter Nowicki, whose main assignment is covering John McCain, notes McCain’s admiration for Kyl, as he enthuses “He [Kyl] is respected by one and all, Republican and Democrat,” McCain said of his former Senate colleague. “I wish I were as good a public servant as Jon Kyl. I think he’s a wonderful man.”

There you have it. A warm triad, mutual admiration society—-  and one to watch like a hawk.


14 Responses to Establishment love-fest signals Ducey’s direction

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    This information should be very concerning to all conservatives. We have been played for fools again. Right out of the hatch, we find McCain and Kyl fingerprints all over Doug Ducey.

  2. azgary says:

    things will NEVER change as long as sheep continue to elect lesser of two evils politicians

  3. State Committeeman says:

    McCain, Kyl, Ducey….what a Team!

    Kyl got down into the weeds on the PC elections because of the embarrassing censure of his buddy McCain. It garnered national attention. I wonder how Doug Ducey voted that day. If he opposed the censure, he was definitely in the minority. I was there and saw it play out.

  4. Blackbeard says:

    Since there is no love lost between the McEstablishment and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what could have possessed him to
    come out in support of Doug Ducey?

  5. Kent says:

    I imagine Joe didn’t appreciate Christine Jones cozying up to Paul Babeu. And he knew first hand about Thomas’ unacceptably.

    • Doc says:

      So, why wouldn’t he just stay out of it? THAT endorsement might very well come back to haunt him. When ya’ lay with dogs, yer gonna’ git FLEAS…

  6. Hagar says:

    I held my nose and voted for McDucey. Now I realize that he must have been wearing super strong deodorant (i.e. hiding his true colors) because his stench didn’t penetrate until it’s now too late.

    • Ellsworth says:

      In my estimation, the best qualified candidate by far was Frank Riggs, but he came in dragging bottom with Thomas.

  7. ZOO says:

    This is all fine and good, but it is diversionary at best. The Republican Party just sold America down the river and gave Obama the money to begin issuing legalizing credentials to millions of invaders which will never be revoked, and that is a count down (thank God) to the total demise of the GOP.

    The tired old MCnews is just that, tired and old. As for ‘playing us for fools’, from what I’ve seen here most are fools. Feigning ‘shock’ that Doug Ducey is buried to the Adam’s apple in McCain and Kyl’s respective sphincters is a day late and a dollar short – the primary took place over two months ago. I find it astounding the many here backed a sure loser for the Governor’s primary race, and now are ‘repulsed’ by the actions of the newly elected McCain clone.

    The results of that primary – the showcase of a Republican electorate that is corrupt, ignorant, and lazy – signaled to me that something historically bad was going to come out of D.C. That is why I voted almost entirely Democratic in the general. While none of the Dims I voted for defeated anyone on the CoC slate, I got a jump on the growing resignations of former Republican voters and don’t have to wait a full two years for that retribution.

    My goal in life is now surviving long enough to see Republican candidates finish 3rd in 90% of general elections. There is nobody horrendous enough that the Democrats can run that will top any Republican candidate. Other issues where Republicans are “conservative” and a “better choice” -?- None of that any longer means dog ****.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    And this year, more than ever, the steady stream (flood) of people moving here from California; Washington; Oregon—you know, states that have been ruined by politicians and political correctness.

    Sad part about it, these folks will continue on their ruinous, liberal way. But now they are here.

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    What?? I can’t believe the outcry! McDucey’s RINO connections are no surprise – this is no scoop for the Repugnant. All of the McEstablishment $$upport for McDucey was well-recognized during the primary. Did you really expect him to turn on his McEstablishment handlers after the marriage ceremony? That is not what history teaches US about manipulative, control-freak RINOS – remember McTraitor; remember McKyl; remember Mcflake; remember the AZ4? Why did you expect anything different from McDucey, the RINO pick?

    There was only one true conservative in our primary, a man who had created a loyal, patriotic history by fighting public corruption and the illegal invasion of AZ – the ONLY primary candidate who did not crawl over to suck up to McTraitor for primary support. You threw him under the bus because you were scared of liberals, you were afraid. You felt cozy & comfortable with the slick, coiffed, polished, hi-dollar McEstablishment pick. You thought by showing him love you would get him to change after the honeymoon. And now you feign shock & surprise when he sheds his conservative mask and brings all of his RINO buddies into the house? Well, now we’ve got him for four more years – let’s see if love will change him.

    And now what will you do next month with McGraham? Will you put your blinders & earplugs on again for that election, and then whine for another two years? Hhhhmmmmmm????

    God bless America.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Your guy didn’t connect with the voters, LEO. He came in next to last in the primary election. Consider his political aspirations over and realiize he did it to himself.

      • azgary says:

        the party wouldn’t support him and did all they could to undermine him.
        the fix was in for mcducey from the start and candidates like that is all we will get when people like Robbie graham run things.

        look at who was the nominees statewide, and who was elected establishment lobbyist favorites all, with the possible exception of douglas, but now that she has thrown support to graham the lobbyist shill, I have my doubts about her, I believe she has been cowed. no other reason for her to support somebody who would have rather had a democrat elected than her.

        the azgop apparatus controls everything, which means the rnc/gop/McCain/rove along with the lobbyist money to screw voters.

      • ZOO says:

        It wasn’t the fact that Thomas didn’t win, it was that he received so little support from the electorate. I heard similar observations from liberal spokes mouths on KPNX and Horizon. The left reveled in the fact that “conservatives” in Arizona abandoned Thomas and/or stayed home and played with themselves. That soured me on the Arizona Republican Party – permanently.

        But what was worse is that a Volkswagen full of alleged conservatives still backed Frank Riggs after he attacked Thomas over a jobs report from the Center For Immigration Studies – blurting out a desperate “you can’t talk down to people.”

        SRAZ has had several featured posts citing both the CIS and FAIR statistics. Does that means SRAZ peddles bullsh*t and ‘talks down to people.’ (?) Riggs was a no-name opportunist who didn’t have a prayer and several “conservatives” went for him hook, line, and sinker.

        In my book that boils down to politically ignorant – something you would expect from the low life Democrats. Not only is there little difference between Republican and Democrat politicians, there is scarce difference in savvy between their supporters.