Cuccinelli-led SCF holds Republicans accountable

Conservative group runs ads against amnesty schemers who run under GOP banner

Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General of Virginia, is a bright light on the conservative horizon. He is also the new president of Senate Conservatives Fund, (SCF) the Number One conservative PAC in America.

The group pulls no punches, going after elected Republican imposters. who often collude with Democrats to the detriment of our country. We are on to the deceptively acclaimed term “bi-partisanship” the Dems and RINOs cheer, understanding all too well that we are being sold out —- before the new Republican Senate and House majorities take their oaths in January.

This is what SCF had to say about Arizona Senators Jeff Flake (whom it previously supported) and John McCain. When clicking on the link to McCain, pay particular attention to the descriptive paragraph above the video showing him dispensing his arrogant rudeness toward another senator. Note that McCain’s political designation is referred to as (RINO-Arizona)

On Friday the Senate Conservatives Action (SCA), the super PAC arm of the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), released three new radio ads holding GOP House leaders accountable for voting to fund Barack Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty. These ads will air for one week in the home districts of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). Click on each link to hear the powerful ads.

Over the past week, freedom-loving Americans from across the country pledged to donate over $117,000 to hold these leaders accountable if they voted to fund the president’s amnesty. The three radio ads carry out those pledges.

SCF President Ken Cuccinelli made the following statement:

“Americans asked Republican leaders to defund the president’s unlawful amnesty and pledged to run ads against them if they didn’t. Unfortunately, these leaders didn’t listen so now the grassroots are taking action to hold them accountable. These ads tell their voters what they’ve done and urge them to keep their promises.”

The bold actions of this organization deserve our support.


11 Responses to Cuccinelli-led SCF holds Republicans accountable

  1. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    My question to Mr. Cuccinelli, is really quite simple how did you support Flake previously knowing he was the sponsor of the Strive Act which for most is the twin sister of McCains’ Dream Act, a little late to be against him now, as he’s now a US Senator / Incumbent and all know just how hard it is to Remooove them from office most of Congress is full of them and they’ve been there voting away our Rights and Childrens’ Futures for Yrs. not, where has he been before as well as all the others supporting them.
    God Bless You; Van

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Ken Cuccinelli is the NEW president of the Senate Conservatives Fund. He was not leading the organization when Jeff Flake was running for either the House or Senate. You must have skipped over the second sentence of the post, Van.

  2. LEO IN TSN says:

    Thanks mucho (McTraitor talk) SRA for this gem of an article. Once again you are flirting with Pulitzer Prize Land. This McTraitor video is only a glimpse of his ugly angry self. That is how he always conducts business with conservatives. I thought the libs wanted anti-bullying laws to protect “special” people in all the cities, towns and school districts of America. What about the Senate?? I guess angry stupid bullying is OK in Whorehouse Harry Reid’s house, as long as the “right” people are being bullied by Harry’s friends?

    Also, SRA, would you put up some simple directions for the blind or obstinate McDucey supporters
    [] to be able to use to open the links on McTraitor? They should be able to see their irascible leader in action too, but finding the truth seems to be so darn difficult – help them out.

    By the way, secure borders is not just about keeping out illegal alien criminals who “are coming here out of love.” Why doesn’t someone ask these open-borders pro-amnesty RINOS where all of the methamphetamine and cocaine is coming from that is killing an entire generation of American youth, and destroying their families and friends? And ask it of the AZ4 while you’re at it!

    PS: Ken Cuccinelli is a warrior – the same one the McDucey McEstablishment defeated in his recent run for Virginia Governor, giving that state to the dimocrats rather than to a patriotic conservative. Hhhhmmm, is there a pattern here?

    God bless America.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    On the page “Democrats Speak Out Against Executive Amnesty” I notice Mary Landrieu’s comment.
    Of course I’m glad she was defeated in the recent runoff, but for the Senate Conservatives Fund to put up a comment that includes the often repeated big lie about “our broken immigration system” raises my blood pressure. We need to be clear: OUR IMMIGRATION SYSTEM ISN’T BROKEN. THE WILL TO ENFORCE IT IS!!!

    • azgary says:

      Only ONE candidate worth voting for in 2016, the ONLY one that’s says illegals must be deported, that is Dennis Michael Lynch:
      For the past four years, it has been my contention that illegal immigration is the biggest issue we face as a nation. We do not need immigration reform, we need immigration enforcement.
      Illegal immigration affects every major issue America faces: healthcare costs, education costs, election fraud, crime, terrorism, the spread of infectious diseases, welfare, tax fraud, congestion, jobs… the list is endless. I will put a stop to illegal immigration conclusively.Politicians, especially Presidential candidates, fail to recognize the precise problem. We must cut off the incentive to illegally enter the US. This means we must cut off the job magnet. To do this, we must levy employers who hire illegal aliens, and prosecute repeat offenders. We must commence deportation proceedings immediately
      -Dennis Michael Lynch

  4. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    The only way to remove any of AZ Senators to withhold $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$upport, otherwise it’s all talk and we know what that gets all of us, nothing but we feel better, so still waiting to see a Remove McCain Fund Pac start up.

    • azgary says:

      we will never be able to compete money wise with lobbyist and insiders, we will have to actually vote democrat .
      money and machine rule the azgop, to win in the long term we must be willing to lose in the short, if it is not already too late.

      republican funding of amnesty has pretty much taken away any chance of me EVER voting republican again. they have voted to destroy us, I will not support that

  5. State Delegate says:

    It takes time, but I’ve begun checking out the Senate Conservative Fund’s “Key Vote Index.”

    When the “bill description” is clicked on a wealth of information appears. This is quite a resource. It tells how each member voted and whether or not they stayed true to the conservative values they campaigned on or voted with the Democrats.

    Arizonans, having been deceived by the campaigns of Jon Kyl, Jon McCain and now Jeff Flake, know all too well how they ultimately shake out far left of the promises they made when they ran. They have all lied, especially about the dangerously flagrant open door border policies and amnesty, to get elected. Only Jeff Flake actually admitted his deceit, by grinningly boasting, “I lied,” when he reneged on his term limits pledge while still in the U.S. House.

  6. azgary says:

    There is also a fairly new conservative website, conservative review that has some very good writers called conservative review.

  7. Doc says:

    ……..and now th’ morons did THIS:

    …just when ya’ thought they couldn’t do anything stupider…they give us this li’l Christmas bonus!