Bush 3? Conservatives will take a pass on dynasty

To no one’s surprise, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced on Tuesday he would “actively explore” a 2016 run for the White House.

We’ve written about him before. This post, “Another Bush? Thanks, Jeb, but we’ve had enough,” is from March 2013, when he was promoting his soft-on-illegal-immigration book, written to keep him relevant after leaving office.  It’s worth reviewing —- the post, not the book —- the hardcover of which can now be purchased  for less than a buck on Amazon, exactly what it’s worth.

Nothing has changed except Jeb’s lost 15 lbs, attempting to shape up before entering the fray. Just in time to welcome in the New Year, he’s promising to send out 250,000 email releases from his time as governor and gearing up to release an eBook on his governing style to strut his digital hipness.

The eBook and emails could well serve as a calculated distraction from Bush’s financesincluding overseas investments and his work for venture capital firms, which have recently come under scrutiny.

Well aware he holds numerous positions out of step with the conservative base of the Republican party, Bush acknowledges, “I am who I’ve been.” 

Yep. We’ve noticed. 

Who he’s “been” also includes Jeb Bush being a longtime and dedicated supporter of Common Core.

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9 Responses to Bush 3? Conservatives will take a pass on dynasty

  1. John Liberty says:

    Another “establishment” moderate candidate?
    After the Republicans have chosen the likes of Bob Dole vs. a much younger Bill Clinton, then a Bush, then John McCain vs. a much more vibrant but secretive Obama, then a “moderate” Romney vs. an existing Liar-in-Chief liberal spending sociopath Obama … and now they expect us to support another “moderate” … conservative in name only?
    We rode that horse before and he bucked the conservative cause of LIMITED government. Don’t they get the reason over 4 million Republicans didn’t vote for Romney ???????

  2. State Delegate says:

    I was listening to Mike Gallagher this morning and he was grousing about the fact that conservatives engage in what he called “a circular firing squad,” going after “their own,” who are not conservative enough. He said Democrats never do that. Gallagher’s point was that “we have to win.” I resolved not to listen to that submissive blather again. If we don’t hold the RINOs accountable, we end up with the likes of Boehner, McConnell, McCain and Flake. I commend SRAZ for staying the course. Giving in and giving up are synonymous in the political realm.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      That kind of thinking is exactly what gave us the losing GOP presidential candidates John Liberty mentions. Dole, McCain and their ilk exemplify why we must shake the Karl Rove establishment mantle and move toward a Ted Cruz type of candidate. We have to stand for something or we stand for nothing. Acquiescing to the Chamber of Commerce exploitive illegal alien employers is not in the interest of the American work force. I’ve stopped voting for state and local candidates who take gladly the CofC endorsements and all-important funding. When I get their emails telling of their Chamber “supporters” they go right on my “do not vote for” list.

  3. ZOO says:

    It will not be a surprise when Bush gets the nomination. Illegal immigration was the nation’s top issue for 5½ minutes in late summer only because Libtardian states like Maryland and Massachusetts got a CARE package of Central American illegal aliens dropped in the middle of their insane asylums.

    Even Massachusetts-East (Oregon) rose up over drivers licenses for alien invaders. But Arizona (“the toughest state on illegal immigration”) didn’t bat an eye, stayed home, and let the Republican elite install a full blown slate of McCainites to rule the roost – as if they were naïve about the takeover by the Bleached Budweiser Buttinksy.

    The GOP (Guardians Of Piñatas) has mapped out a strategy for 2016 by allowing Adolf Obama to run amok until the next general election thereby triggering the ignorant masses to reach out in total desperation for a Republican – ANY Republican. The EQUAL of two evils is in the driver’s seat.

  4. jon jensen says:

    The bush family has alway been able to attract hispanic voters that give republicans a chance in 2016 when 5,000,000 more minority kids will have turned 18 (voting age) over 2012.

  5. Hagar says:

    This life-long Republican will sit out the election if another Bush is nominated. I too heard Mike Gallagher this morning. Hand gesture to him and all others who expect conservatives to fall in line because they have nowhere else to go.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    Jeb McBush, the faux American AMNESTY-monger (“they come here out of love”) is planning on making $Billions by literally selling the pig-in-a-poke Common Core to the American sheeple.

    Let’s not forget that ol’Jeb the faux conservative, while governor of Florida, hid under his bed in the gov’s mansion so he couldn’t hear the cries and wailing while young Terri Schaivo was being tortured and murdered by the Gestapo of a state judge. At the same time, his faux conservative big brother GW McBush was hiding under his bed in the White House with his hands over his ears. [Sen. Juan McTraitor & Rep. Granny Pelosi never said anything about the torture/murder either]

    The McBush dynasty is a globalist empire, and will enslave US and our kids just like the communists will if they can keep the White Mosque. I say let’s try a conservative patriot for a change, and stay away from RINOS. The old “R” by itself just doesn’t mean a thing anymore.

    God bless America.