Bill Montgomery, dead dogs & the Flakes: We got it right the first time

 All felony and misdemeanor charges dropped against Jeff Flake’s son and daughter-in-law. Single fraud charge remains against her parents

In what is being characterized as a “surprise move,” Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has dropped charges of animal cruelty against all four defendants in the deaths of nearly two dozen dogs at the Green Acre boarding kennel. His equivocal press release is filled with legal double talk in an effort to explain away the unexplainable.

It was clear from the June 20 onset, when the dead and dying dogs were found, Bill Montgomery was loath to touch this case. He dillied and dallied, even after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s extensive three-month examination of facts which included veterinarian performed necropsies. The sheriff’s office recommended numerous felony charges of animal neglect and cruelty in connection with horrific abuse of the pets. The dogs died agonizing heat-related suffocation deaths after being crammed in a small laundry room overnight without air-conditioning, food or water.

When found in the morning they were hosed down in a crude attempt to cool them, then callously dumped in a shed and stacked like cordwood by the caretakers. No veterinarian was ever summoned.

But these were not just run-of-the-mill folks. Defendants Austin and Logan Flake, the son and daughter-in-law of U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, were each charged with 21 felony counts and 7 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. Todd and MaLeisa Hughes, Logan Flake‘s parents were also charged.

The politically ambitious Bill Montgomery is cunning but still exhibited raw insensitivity to the grieving pet owners as he provided insight as to his bent during a Sept. 10 press conference. “This isn’t to cheapen or minimize the loss of the pets to the families,” Montgomery said. “But we’re not talking about the deaths of 23 children.” 

On Oct. 15, a Maricopa County Grand Jury indicted both couples. At the time, Montgomery solemnly stated, “Today’s indictment is the result of a thorough review of the extensive investigation into this incident and a decision to seek charges based on objective facts. We now look forward to the next step in seeing that justice is served in this case,” he said.

Then POOF! In a cloud of smoke capable of concealing  dead rabbits in a magician’s top hat (yes, there were also a couple of dead rabbits) the charges magically disappeared. A single count of fraud remains against Todd and MaLeisa Hughes. When the deaths occurred, they were vacationing in Florida, leaving the aptly named Flakes in charge of the pets.

The newspaper, referring to the deaths as a “tragic accident, not a case of intentional cruelty,” prefers to lay blame on their longtime foe, Sheriff Arpaio for having the temerity to recommend charges. Bill Montgomery, who would rather chew on rancid chops than refile this case says, “Our motion to dismiss the charges without prejudice reflects our ethical and professional duty as prosecutors to review information presented to us by the defense and to assess what impact, if any, it has on our case.”

What a load of horse pucky. After reviewing the facts, a Grand Jury found sufficient evidence to indict on multiple charges. But none on the panel have the same political aspirations as Montgomery.

Back in September we prophetically posted “Bill Montgomery: Between a Flake and a hard place.”

We got it right.

22 Responses to Bill Montgomery, dead dogs & the Flakes: We got it right the first time

  1. GOP PC says:

    This is the guy who ran on a platform that included honoring victims’ rights. The unstated qualifier was the victim’s can’t expect honesty when the perps are related to someone Montgomery doesn’t’ want to cross. Political expediency comes first! He has a career to consider.

    • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

      All the voters in AZ have to do is check and see who endorses who and then how powerful is the endorser or the would be office holder and whether the endorsement will lead to later Political Favors and in that lies the answer to most politicians, and remember the voters re elect Incumbents 99% of the time, so it works. God Bless You All & Merry Christmas;
      Van & Jean Van Steenwyk

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    slightly off topic—but regarding Sheriff Joe:

    “A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit brought against Barack Obama by an Arizona police chief who called the U.S. president’s sweeping immigration reforms unconstitutional, saying the plaintiff lacked legal standing in the case.

    Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia denied the demand by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a preliminary injunction to halt the policies.

    Arpaio, who calls himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” filed the case last month, saying Obama had overstepped his powers by bypassing Congress and ordering the changes himself.

    Arpaio’s lawsuit said the reforms, which eased the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants, amounted to an amnesty and would encourage more people to cross the border illegally.

    Beryl’s 33-page decision said Arpaio did not meet the legal requirements to qualify as a person of standing in bringing the case on constitutional grounds.” (linked on 12/24)

  3. Ellsworth says:

    I previously read that the junior Flakes withheld food and water overnight because they didn’t want to clean up feces and urine in the morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the air conditioning was turned way down or off during the night to save money. They probably didn’t think the heat would be so intense, but it was June in the ‘Valley of the Sun.’ No one has accused the Flakes of being geniuses. Still there is the matter of the numerous dead animals that suffered greatly before dying. Austin and Logan are too young to be married and too inexperienced to be given such a responsibility.

  4. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    What do we expect from the Federal Court system other than to protect the Federal Gov. and many times uses the Supremacy Clause to do so. AZ is a Sovereign State and needs to exercise its’ Constitutional Authority by closing our own borders and not giving any state paid for benefits, privileges such as Drivers Licenses to them and see what the fed can really do. However to do this we need a Real Leader and even though we passed Prop 122 we don’t have one in office at present and not sure will have in future to stand against the Federal Gov. made up of both Dems & GOP who favor what AZ has been ordered to do and Fed has no Authority to order AZ to do it other than leaders who follow Federal orders. AZ Citizens must take a stand and see if any in office will stand with US, anyone want to March on the Capital, let me know meet you there.
    God Bless You; Van

  5. MacBeth says:

    Let’s not forget how Bill Montgomery threw Joe Arpaio under the bus as he slavishly begged Supervisor Don Stapley while angling for an appointment to the county attorney’s job. The Phoenix New Times has the audio tape that Stapley secretly made of Montgomery. The words that Montgomery used against the Sheriff were despicable. Stapley, no paragon of virtue himself, should still be commended for exposing the REAL Bill Montgomery.
    The Phoenix New Times has the entire tape, which is a revealing look at Montgomery. His “in confidence” conversation regarding the Sheriff who endorsed him is at the bottom of this link.

    • Anthem Al says:

      Disgusting! I was taught from an early age that the way you conduct yourself when you think no one’s looking is the real measure of your character. Bill Montgomery comes up very short.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    This was no surprise move. It was a Christmas gift the Flake’s will long remember. Watch for Jeff Flake to endorse Montgomery no matter what he runs for. McCain doesn’t seem inclined to willingly vacate the senate which must have Montgomery’s drawers in knots.

  7. American Patriot says:

    Here’s stiff as a board Bill Montgomery obviously reading a script, spinning contrivances and spewing legalize while lyin’ through his teeth. I wouldn’t trust this guy to wash my car.

  8. jon jensen says:

    Since I came here in 1959 it has always been a legal system of mercy and forgiveness for the people on top and law and order for the people on the bottom! I still remember the poor woman who was put in an open pen at perryville prison and begging for a drink of water as she died of heat stroke. Merry Christmas!

  9. Army Of One says:

    This Channel 5 newscast contains some glaring errors, such as renaming Logan Flake “Morgan,” and misspelling the last name of the Flake and Hughes lawyer, but the gist of the pet owners fury is there.

    I wish their lawyer John Schill the best of luck as he attempts to provide representation against the establishment machine. He appears to have an excellent resume:

  10. Stanford says:

    What a bunch of mumble jumble. Montgomery will make a great US Senator.

    BTW, what the hell is “identifying causation“? I’ve only got a MBA, so I didn’t learn to speak lawyereze. My guess is Montgomery means to say ”cause.” If so, why doesn’t he?

  11. Orion says:

    In this news report the lawyer representing the pet owners correctly says that trials are for determining guilt or innocence, it’s up to the jury to decide. Obviously, Bill Montgomery sees himself as above the legal system in issuing this blanket white wash. He has no intent of having this case ever see the light of day. No wonder the distraught pet owners are furious.

  12. Night Owl says:

    Well written post, filled with facts…..which is more than we can ever expect from the elected hoaxsters who go to the mat looking out for one other. My sympathies to the pet owners who are being treated like dirt as Montgomery gives the Flakes and Hugheses a free pass for Christmas.

  13. CD 8 PC says:

    Yesterday’s editorial on the Arizona Repulsive used Montgomery’s politically motivated dropping of charges of the Flakes and Hughes in the kennel deaths to bash Sheriff Joe again. The lousy newspaper is on a mission, going after any and all conservatives. Arpaio is the one they most love to hate.

    When Montgomery runs for higher office, the newspaper will champion him. He’s their kind of Republican—A compliant RINO.

  14. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    My hope for all who disagree with the County Attorney and others in elected office is, the next time they run don’t vote for them, not asking you to vote for the other person either just not for them, as the more votes they get this is the type of service you’ll get, sort of like giving a misbehaving child a candy bar for their actions.
    God Bless All with a Great Christmas; Van & Jean

  15. Doc says:

    It’s a known fact that most grand jurys will indict a “ham sandwich”. That said, the evidence shown the general public by the lamestream media via th’ cat-box liner paper & th’ idiot box, seemed to me to be enuff to send these cruel…uuuhhh…people…to th’ big house for a short but educational visit. but bein’ relatedto a ?senator? has it’s perks. Montgomery is a typical lawyer. How do ya’ tell if a lawyer’s lyin’? His lips are movin’…

  16. East Valley PC says:

    If you have a dog, don’t vote for Bill Montgomery. If you don’t have a dog, but are considering getting one, withhold your vote. If you never wanted a dog, don’t vote for this clown. If you are a dog, he needs you more than you need him. Keep your distance.
    Members of the Flake family and illegal drug cartel criminals are the only ones safe with Bill Montgomery heading the prosecutor’s office. He should be right at home in DC., but he won’t get there with help from me.

  17. Linda Gray says:

    Who knows if this will help at all, but please consider signing this petition demanding that Montgomery reinstate all of the animal cruelty charges against the Flakes and the Hugheses. Takes two seconds and you don’t have to give up a lot of personal info or forfeit your privacy rights. Thanks very much.